5 Things You Need in Your Trunk in the Summer

Sometimes the right things in my trunk have really saved the day for my running


I’m linking up with My First 5K and MoreRunning With Attitude, Runs with PugsZenaida and Run Laugh Eat Pie for Fit Five Friday. Today I’m sharing 5 things you should have in your trunk. Or at least somewhere in your car!

1: Sunglasses
My sunglasses are not in my trunk, but they are in the front of my car since I wear them while driving. You just never know when your glasses will break.

2: Mobile foam roller
I know most people aren’t rolling before a run, but if you do — and you drive to where you run — this is great for a quick warmup. I keep the stick in my trunk year round (Amazon Affiliate link here) and also highly recommend the Original Worm (Amazon Affiliate link here).

3: Chargers
I turn my iphone completely off at night, so it usually has plenty of charge in the morning. If you’re driving somewhere to run, though, nothing worse than having a phone with power in the single digits! Truthfully I think my phone is more important than my Garmin — even if I never run without my Garmin! Just in case. You never know.

4: Sunscreen & Bug Spray
As much as I try to be organized the night before, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten the bug spray because I’m in the a rush before my run. Yes, I do keep a small bottle in my trunk at all times. 

5: Toilet Paper/Hand wipes
I actually don’t have toilet paper in my trunk, I confess. Even if you don’t have bathroom issues, though, you never know when a public facility will be out. I got into the habit of having hand wipes in my care during the Pandemic (and it seems like every pocket, too) — they can really come in handy in bathrooms, too.

Other things you may want to keep stashed in your trunk:

  • Extra socks (never know when your feet might get wet)
  • Extra Hair ties (again, never know when one might break)
  • Hat/visor (in case that 20% chance of rain is pouring on  your route)
  • Comfortable shoes to change into
  • Cooling towels/gaitors (see my review of ChillPal Gaiter here)
  • Extra water — ever had a water bottle almost completely leak on the way to a run? Yup, I have!
  • Extra running shoes — in case you weren’t going to run but decide you want to
  • Several post run snacks — I like to have a variety to choose from depending on how I feel, although I don’t keep them in the trunk all the time, I runfess — I use a messenger bag for those sorts of things.

Final Thoughts
A well stocked trunk can really be a savior, and what I have in my trunk changes with the seasons.

What’s in your trunk? 

Anything that has in there been a life savior?


10 thoughts on “5 Things You Need in Your Trunk in the Summer

  1. My oofos. I like to take my shoes off as soon as I’m done running.

    I still have a chair and blanket in my trunk from hanging out after the run. The chair is still used.

    Otherwise just bug spray, extra Gels and dry shirt, jacket.

    Also in my handbag which is locked in my trunk: Bandaids, pain reliever and extra contacts.

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    1. My trunk already has enough things in it there’s no room for a chair. So I just get it when I need it.

      I don’t even use a handbag any more, although sometimes transferring stuff means between pockets misplacing it.


  2. In my trunk: a blanket, many reusable bags, a first aid kit, bug spray, and a charger for the car battery. It gets too hot to keep a water bottle or sunscreen in the car, but those would be great to keep on hand if it wasn’t so hot.

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  3. Wow, you are PREPARED! I have to say that I never am driving somewhere and spontaneously decide to run- my runs are always pretty well planned out. But if I do drive somewhere to run I always feel like I’m packing for a cross country trip. Maybe I should just keep some basic supplies in my trunk. Toilet paper would be good for me, ha ha.

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    1. Actually the shoes in my trunk are screw shoes for winter. Which obviously you don’t need (and neither do I right now). Sometimes I get somewhere in winter & I need them.

      I recently forgot to put on bug spray before a run — which is why I now have bug spray in my trunk.


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