What to do with Coconut Water: Tea/coffee Date August 2022


I’m joining  Coco and Deborah and sharing more wildlife as seen on the run, as well as stuff heard on the run lately. And another lost keys story!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you on one long run recently I heard some interesting conversations. Let’s start off with a bang, shall we? There was the group of elderly gentlemen, where one was regaling the rest with his recent visit to the ER. Turns out he had a tear in his colon.

One of his buddies responded “oh, sh#%”! Not sure if that pun was intended but it was kind of funny.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you next I eavesdropped on some older women’s conversation. In that one they were musing about the things they should have done when they were younger. One said travel more. I made sure to repeat that conversation to Mr. Judy (actually, I repeated both to him).

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you that earlier in the week I was playing Waffle — I don’t do Wordle, but Mr. Judy introduced me to Waffle, another word game, and I enjoy it. I tried Wordle. It seems too hard. Although Waffle is kind of four Wordles . . .

Anyway I had just been regaling Mr. Judy with all the cool birds I’d seen on my run, a bunch of great Blue Herons, and one great white Heron/Egret (apparently they can go by either name). Egret was one of the words in Waffle that day. Can’t make that stuff up!

I did sit down to take some photos here; did I lose my keys?

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you almost forgot to tell you my most recent lost keys story! I stopped or a short hike/walk on the way to my mom last week. I bring both keys — the master, and the valet (the second master was lost a few years ago). You know, in case I lock myself out. The keys were in the same pocket. I kept checking to make sure they were in the unzippered pocket, but when I got to my moms, only the master key was there.

I searched the car. I actually stopped and tried to retrace my steps, even though I knew my chances of finding it were small — but I kept picturing myself finding it; nope, no luck.

I told Mr. Judy when I got home. At least it wasn’t the master key. He went, looked in the car, and immediately found it. I was just grateful that we were back to two keys for the car!

The trick is hiding it; like I’ve hidden the messy table

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I figured out how to make coconut water palatable. Use it in a fruit smoothie. You won’t taste it at all (depending on how much you use). My fruit smoothies have been really simple — basically strawberries and/or blueberries, one date, a handful of parsley (no, you can’t taste that either & it’s great for detoxification). Sometimes I throw in some shredded coconut and cacao nibs, too. Add the coconut water and plain water in equal amounts and blend.

Heard anything interesting on the run lately?

Do you hide stuff in your smoothies? 

What have you thought you lost recently – but found? 

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23 thoughts on “What to do with Coconut Water: Tea/coffee Date August 2022

  1. Wait, you take both car keys with you? We keep spares at home. Once I locked my keys in the car at union station in DC, and had to take a taxi home and back to grab the key.

    I think coconut water tastes like sweaty socks. Is the nutritional value worth the hassle?

    Thanks for joining us for … tea. 😉

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    1. I am 90 miles away from home, so if I misplace a key, I’m SOL. And I’ve definitely misplaced keys! Where my mom lives is way out in the boonies, too. When it’s cooler it’s not a problem, they’re always in a zippered pocket but this skirt didn’t have one.

      It’s not at all hard to put coconut water in a smoothie (since I’m making it anyway) and yes, to me, the nutritional value is worth it. Not to mention that I had a few bottles to use. 🙂

      After Summer I won’t be doing that though, I won’t need electrolytes so badly!


  2. Why do you take both keys with you? I don’t think I can lock my car if the keys are in it but I have not tried! LOL. I lose clothes sometimes and look all around and then randomly find them. It is funny the things you hear people talk about. I agree with the travel! Life is short take the trip

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    1. Ah, travel can be tricky when you’re caregiving, though. That’s part of the problem.

      I take both keys because I’m almost 2 hours away from home so if I did lose one, I’m really SOL. It would either mean my husband having to drive at least 3 hours just to bring me a key or paying hundreds of $$ to someone, assuming I could actually find someone to come out to the middle of nowhere!

      I only take one key if it’s just in town, but I don’t drive his car in town and we have 3 keys for my car. After 22 years. 🙂


  3. Never bought coconut water so I’m good and I am NOT a fan of smoothies.

    You were part of my key adventure. In a zippered compartment but now somewhere on the streets of NYC. I never carry two (my hubby carries the other one just in case) and a new one cost $300.

    I do all my long runs with friends so we are the one chatting loudly… lol

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  4. That’s why travel when you’re younger is so important. I know so many people who said they’d travel when they retire and then they get sick or their spouse does or one of their parents gets sick or dies and on and on.
    I thought I had lost my running armband. I looked everywhere it could possibly be then my daughter told me she accidentally took mine (they’re the same brand) and she told me where it was. I was literally ready to go and buy a new one just when she told me.

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    1. I think you’ve just described my life! In all fairness right up until the Pandemic we were traveling, but yes, lots of familial caretaking for a long time now.

      That’s great that your daughter had your armband or at least great that she realized it before you bought a new one. Love synchronicity at work. 🙂

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  5. I did a lot of traveling when I was younger… which is why I have a thirteen-year-old kid at the advanced age of 56! But I’m glad I had my adventures.
    Your smoothie sounds delicious! I actually like coconut water.

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  6. I ran with coconut water many years ago. It was gross when it got warm. I do use it to make popsicles. I dissolve an electrolyte tablet in it and add fruit. Those are yummy. Glad you found your key!

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  7. Just last weekend, I brushed my teeth Friday night (in the RV), and when I looked for my toothbrush and toothpaste the next morning (before our RAGBRAI ride), I couldn’t find it anywhere. I didn’t have much for overnight gear, and a pretty small bag, but those two items were MIA. I had to (secretly) use the hubby’s toothbrush (I know, EWWW, but I was desperate). When we got home, later that afternoon, and I dumped out my bag…there the lost items were.

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  8. We lost our spare key for my car and it’s always nerve-wracking when we can’t find mine. Because you know who can’t seem to put the key back where it’s supposed to go… and I wonder who lost his spare key…

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  9. Um. Nice overheard story? haha!

    I suppose traveling more AND making sure we have good colon health could both be worth something? How does one tear a colon? wait. maybe you don’t need to answer that haha!

    I haven’t heard of Waffle but I gave up on Wordle after a couple of months. Sometimes hard, sometimes ok but I guess I just got bored.

    VERY lucky about the lost key!

    I do use coconut water in protein shakes and smoothies too. Ron loves to drink it when he’s thirsty. I kindly reminded him that water can help with that. He doesn’t like water because it’s “boring”. Haha. I do love my quirky guy.

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  10. Those two conversations you overheard were great. Speaking of traveling, we’ve got two getaways coming up, one to the beach and the other to Acadia National Park and I’m just hoping my mom doesn’t need something while we’re away.

    I’m not a coconut water fan (meaning I don’t like the taste), but my husband likes it.

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  11. I have one key for my car and I get really nervous about it because I do not want to lose it. I should go to the dealer and buy a spare. I actually like coconut water. My mother does too. She likes the one with the coconut pieces.

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