Cutting back: 9/2 – 18 WRD

It was a week filled with errands and appointments for both myself and Mr. Judy. I had planned to go see my mom, but between the weather, her schedule, and ours, there wasn’t really a day available. Not great for my mom but good for me.


I’m joining Kim @ Kimrunsonthefly and Deborah @ Confessionsofamotherrunner, and grateful for a few glorious days to run and a cut back week.

Workouts update

  • Monday: Yoga (20 min), Dogwalk, PB Walking with Weights (30 min)
  • Tuesday: Yoga (30 min), 5 min SB WU, 10 min TM WU, 3ish Tempo TM run, Yoga PM (20 min)
  • Wednesday: Dogwalk, all the Yoga (class + film videos)
  • Thursday: Yoga (20 min), 7 mile LSD, Yoga PM (20 min)
  • Friday: Yoga (30 min), Dogwalk, PB Cardio Toning (25 min)
  • Saturday: Yoga (25 min), Dogwalk, Walk with friends, Peloton Pilates (20 min)
  • Sunday: Yoga (20 min), 3 miles easy including a fartlek, Dogwalk, Peloton Pilates (15 min), Yoga PM (20 min)

Running Mileage: 13  (-2

PB = Killer B
TM = Treadmill
WU = warmup
CD = cooldown
SB = Stationary Bike

Running Update

Tuesday intention: work on endurance + speed
Back for a week 5 tempo, with 3 blocks of 5 minutes at tempo this time. I haven’t done 5 weeks of tempos, I just skipped ahead. Another rainy day on and off. I dropped the tempo pace down, but I was able to finish all three five minutes blocks — even with that short an interval, it still became a mental battle towards the end!

A small algae free spot

Thursday intention: time on feet
Cutting back to 7 miles this week. No weird ankle pain, yippee! 5 Herons sighted. It was fairly consistent, although there was one mile slightly faster and one mile slighter slower. Beautiful weather — I’d say yes please to this weather for a race! It was a cool morning and I worried I’d overdressed, but since the paths are mostly shady, I was quite comfortable with what I chose — if I’d switched to the top I was considering, I would have been cold!

I parked in a different parking lot just so I could take my vest off if I wanted to, but I never needed to (which doesn’t mean I didn’t get sweaty). It does mean that I didn’t get to sit in my favorite place to journal and eat my post run snack and just generally soak up the calm of the river, but better safe than sorry.

Lots of people on the river this morning

Sunday intention: easy + speed
Sleep has been a bit of a challenge off and on for the last few weeks — not getting to sleep, but getting back to sleep after using the bathroom. It was definitely off last night. Luckily just an easy peasy 3 miles with a bit of speed in the middle. Can someone explain to me why that middle mile which was supposed to be the fastest was the slowest?

Haven’t been to the bike path in ages since I’m running trails. OMG it was crowded this Saturday!

Favorites of the week
Walked with a couple of friends yesterday. I had meant to join them last week, too, but then I slept later than usual for me and didn’t even get out to start walking Bandit til 9 am. I slept late this Saturday, too, but the place we were meeting was much closer so I just met up with them after they’d walked a mile or so.

I didn’t really realize how much I needed a break from the back and forth to my mom’s until I got the present of another week at home. Or maybe it’s also the mostly Fall-like weather (or both). I feel guilty, because I know how bored and lonely she feels at times. They’re not even eating in the dining room all the time right now because they don’t have enough staff.

I also got my first chiropractic adjustment since apparently 2019. Remember how those used to appear on my monthly wrapup? Well I finally did it! It was funny — we were chatting at the start of the appointment, and discussing the trail 10k I’d done last month. Guess when my last appointment was? Right after I did that 10k for the first time three years ago!

Life is weird sometimes

ICYMI: Fall is quite literally coming so I have a transformation- themed practice for you today. This practice will strengthen your entire posterior chain — flow with me here, You can also listen to my Intro to Affirmations here, Courage & Transformation Affirmations here, and learn a Humming Bee Breath (and its benefits) here (which we’ll be using in all the practices in September). Every wondered why Yin Yoga doesn’t use Sanskrit names for the postures? I’ll explain here.

Coming up on Friday: Probably still nothing. Right now I’m focusing on getting lots of videos up on the my Channel.

30 thoughts on “Cutting back: 9/2 – 18 WRD

  1. I should my chiro. But probably will wait until something hurts.

    I wish I could sleep in on Saturdays but those long runs are important. And it’s still too warm to start much past 7. But We pick the location based on brunch. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I slept in on Saturday myself – we went to a comedy gig Friday and weren’t in bed till midnight. I woke at 6, had my pill and breakfast, fed the cats, milled around a bit then slept again 8.30-9.30 before going out for a run with friends!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You have such beautiful places to run! And your weather sounds enticing- I’m envious. Glad you got a rest from going to your mom’s. I understand the guilt though- it’s a tough balancing act.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I feel like 2020 and 2021 didn’t even happen! I’m getting all caught up on my appointments this year. I still have to see the ophthalmologist. Then I think I’m done. I even found a new cleaning lady!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow on the coincidence of your latest and last chiro appt. I’ve been thinking my new hip issue might benefit from a chiro, but I’d have to find a new one …

    I’m glad you got a break from having to make the trek to your mom’s. I understand the guilt, but you need to take time to fill your cup too!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. …and I think I’m due for a chiro appointment. I think it’s been a year (it seems like saw him, about a year ago, before a fall race, and I don’t think I’ve been back). I know my lower back has been a bit cranky, and recently I’ve been having some discomfort in my right glute/Piriformis area. I don’t know if the two of those are related, but a little snap, crackle and pop (UGH) couldn’t hurt. Sounds like your week was well-spent, with YOU as your priority 😉

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  7. That’s annoying that you can’t get back to sleep after going to the bathroom during the night.
    I have that too, sometimes, but only when I’m worrying about something.
    I guess with all the issues around your mum there’s enough to worry about!

    That photo with the boat on the river is beautiful! What a great place to run!

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  8. I always feel so much better after a chiropractic adjustment but I know I need to get them more often. Sitting at my desk all day for work doesn’t do me any favors 😦

    I sometimes cannot fall back asleep if I wake up to use the bathroom so I definitely understand your frustration!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I did get a little bit of a break since my Dad was moved from the hospital to a rehab facility but I completely understand how the visits so end up being draining. Our bodies will find one way or another to get us to slow down! Glad you had a little break. That bike trail looks lovely!

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