Thank you, Pfizer!: 9/19 – 25 WRD

Yes, I got boosted. All my other shots have been Moderna, and I had horrible reactions to them and ongoing fatigue and sometimes joint pain for weeks afterwards. This time there was just a very slight reaction and I felt relatively back to normal pretty quickly.


I’m joining Kim @ Kimrunsonthefly and Deborah @ Confessionsofamotherrunner — another week of not as much running due to the booster. Did I need to rest as much as I did? Probably not, but better safe than sorry is my motto. After a relatively restful September, things are going to start getting busy around here.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year (Jewish, that is) too!

Workouts update

  • Monday: Yoga (20 min), Dogwalk <== rest day
  • Tuesday: Yoga (35 min), Dogwalk, Booster, PB ST (25 min)
  • Wednesday: Yoga (20 min), Dogwalk, Post Booster rest day
  • Thursday: Yoga (35 min), Dogwalk <== rest day
  • Friday: Yoga (20 min), 4 miles easy
  • Saturday: Yoga (25 min), Dogwalk <== rest day
  • Sunday: Yoga (20 min), 8 mile LSD, maybe ST? Not sure yet, Yoga PM (20 min)

Running Mileage: 12  (-1

PB = Killer B
TM = Treadmill
WU = warmup
CD = cooldown
SB = Stationary Bike

Running Update

Pops of Fall color here & there

Thursday intention: just run easy
That’s exactly what happened. 4 miles easy. I was actually really cold at the beginning and slightly underdressed — and I am okay with that. Fall came in right on cue.

You don’t see this on the road . . . I couldn’t see that she was giving me a peace sign!

Sunday intention: test out different trail shoes
I have two pairs of trail shoes right now. I’ve run in this pair a few times now, but only for the shorter runs. It was time to test them out on a long run. Both shoes are good up to 8 miles anyway. Another cool day, but I was dressed just right for me today. I actually ran into Darlene in my last mile — didn’t stay to chat as I needed to get home so we could grill before the rain (which started right after the steak was done).

A slower second half — I think mainly due to the fact that I kept missing the walk break signal so walked a bit more than intended. It’s all good. I wasn’t planning to get the booster this week at all, but I realized I didn’t want it to interfere with my peak weeks so I got it done and am ever so grateful for such a mild reaction for a change.

I’m taking seeing the horse as a good sign, btw. The only time I’ve ever seen horses on the run have been on the trails at home (different trails) and during my first trail half (had to stop and let a rider go past!).

Favorites of the week
I can’t tell you how I dreaded that booster. Trying to figure out when the right time to have a high fever isn’t exactly easy — but that never happened, thank goodness. My RHR and my stress level did shoot up according to my Garmin — but nowhere near as high as with the previous shots, and came back to fairly normal in a couple of days.

My mom was exposed to COVID when the husband of the couple she eats with got it, but seems to be just fine knock on wood.

Not a favorite, but glad I could be there to support her — a friend in our running group lost her father last weekend. In fact we’d all seen her the day he passed, so obviously it was sudden. Most of us were able to attend the wake. It was the same day as the booster, but practically in my backyard and I was feeling not bad so I was able to go. Mr. Judy even offered to drive me if I wasn’t feeling well, but it was literally 3 miles away.

ICYMI: Let’s get playful while strengthening your low back, opening your side body, and breathing deeply — flow with me here, You can also listen to my Intro to Affirmations here, Playful & Creative Affirmations here, and learn a Humming Bee Breath (and its benefits) here (which we’ll be using in all the practices in September). Every wondered why Yin Yoga doesn’t use Sanskrit names for the postures? I’ll explain here.

Coming up on Friday: Time for some Runfessions!

25 thoughts on “Thank you, Pfizer!: 9/19 – 25 WRD

  1. Interesting! I’ve been putting off getting the booster because I assume it will put me out of commission for a day- but my previous shots were also Moderna. Maybe this one won’t hit me like that. You got the new one, right? Anyway, glad it went so well.
    Your running routes are beautiful!!! I want to run on that trail.

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    1. Yes, this was Pfizer Bivalent and it was easy peasy. Nothing at all like those first three — thank God! Just a bit of tiredness and some head pressure and that was it. Hopefully it’ll be the same for you. You are due a break!

      I haven’t explored too many of the side trails off of the main trail yet (because they’re much narrower and more technical and I don’t really need that right now).

      Of course in a few months I won’t be able to run trails at all . . . even with Yaktrax or something similar I just don’t do that once the snow & ice take over.


  2. I got Moderna and had less of a reaction than with Pfizer. It has nothing to do with which one you got so I am told. I did ask friends who are doctors and nurses.

    I don’t consider Vischer Ferry a trail. It’s technically a towpath so I wear my normal running shoes. But whatever works for you. We’re all different.

    I see a horse every time I am there. I think it’s the same one. lol


  3. I’m glad your mom is fine after her exposure to Covid. I took Mom to get the newest booster on Tuesday and she didn’t have a reaction either (she’s had no reaction to any of her Covid shots). Luckily, same with me, I’ve had all Pfizer shots so far and pretty much zero reactions.

    We see horses regularly on both the W&OD Trail and the gravel roads in western Loudoun. There were to fox hunts going on yesterday during our ride. 🙂

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    1. You are very lucky to have zero reaction! Although I do truly wonder how many people actually have a reaction but just don’t feel it. My RHR elevates after a vaccine/ booster. I don’t necessarily feel that, but it’s definitely a fairly big difference. I’m just happy I could get on with my life this time!

      I often run on the trail during the week, which may be why I don’t see horses often. But again, we’re suburbia!

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  4. Glad to hear your reaction to the booster was not bad at all this time around. I runfess I’ve had the J&J vaccine and the Moderna booster and felt nothing from either. Go figure. Fingers crossed your mom totally dodged that Covid bullet. How fun to see a horse on the trail!

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  5. Glad to hear you did well after your booster. I’ve had 4 Pfizer vaccines and reacted to the last 2, so I think it’s all just random. Since I recently had covid, I don’t need a booster for a couple of months. I swear, I feel like I’m wearing a superman cape.

    I never see horses on my trails but I see horse apples all the time, so I know they’re out there sometimes, ewwww.

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    1. Some parts of these are trails are a little narrow,; I saw the horse on one of the wider parts. She said they ride there in the Fall because they can get 9 miles, so that means she’s riding through the narrower parts, too. But it’s not as narrow as singletrack, not the main path.


  6. I’m glad you didn’t have a bad reaction to the booster. I got my second Moderna booster last week and my only side-effect was a sore arm, but it was pretty sore for a few days. I’m glad your Mom didn’t get covid. It’s still worrisome imho.

    I haven’t seen any wild animals on my runs lately — and that’s a good thing with Scooby.

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    1. Bandit almost never reacts to squirrels or chipmunks. He used to chase the rabbits in the backyard but I only saw one once this summer (in our yard, that is).

      Oh, my arm was sore. That’s always a given. No fever — that was the main difference. I think it was the second vaccine — I got up, went to the bathroom, and literally had to lay down on the bathroom floor afterwards.


  7. Glad to hear the booster was relatively uneventful (in comparison to the other shots). I had Moderna for the first two shots, and Pfizer for the booster and had nasty side effects from all three of them, LOL. Thankfully, I can postpone the next booster for a few months (but I may elect to skip it).

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  8. Glad you were OK with your booster. It’s apparently time for them here, but while Mr Liz the 50yo diabetic has been called up and booked in, me the 50yo non-diabetic has to wait till they get to me – and they’re on over-65s at the moment!

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    1. I’m sorry you couldn’t get the booster yet. Personally I’m still not big on them, but since we have some travel plans I figured I would do it. Here it isn’t as hard as wit was to get the original vaccines.


  9. I have stuck with Pfizer for all of my shots, including my booster on Saturday, and have always had the same reaction (sore arm for 48 hours and tiredness). My last booster was in December (never qualified for the second booster) so I was well overdue, lol. I feel lucky that my reaction has been mild as I know others that have had way more of a reaction with either Moderna or Pfizer.

    I am glad that your mom is feeling fine despite being exposed to Covid.

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  10. I’m still surprised my parents haven’t gotten COVID yet. Seems like everyone I know has had it (oops, except for my son!). I’m glad the Pfizer shot worked better for you. I’ve had so many shots lately I keep forgetting if I had the booster, and which one it was (#1, #2??). So many shots this past year.


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