Embracing Fall Running: Runfessions September 2022

Runners who live in cold places often bemoan the arrival of Fall, because that means Winter is not far behind. You know I am no Winter lover, but it’s going to come whether I embrace Fall or not, so why not enjoy all that Fall has to offer up here?

Nowhere near peak but Fall has commenced

I runfess . . .
Yes, I miss the daylight. Yes, I miss hanging out in my backyard on the daily (it’s too cool most days now because it’s so shady — the shade that was a huge plus in the Summer). Fall running is my jam, though — the coolness, the lack of bugs, the slowly emerging pops of color, and the soothing hum of insects (ciccadas?) as I run in the morning.

I runfess . . .
I have barely run in my neighborhood this Summer. It’s either been on the treadmill (a lot of rain in September after a drought all Summer) or on the trails. This is a great thing, because I’ll be running there a lot in the Winter.

I runfess . . .
I haven’t yet broken out the gloves — or a jacket for that fact, but you will find me regularly in capris and a long sleeve top. With a vest. Most of my long sleeve tops have foldable cuffs that can go over your hands — this can kind of act as a glove, although so far I’ve been warm enough that I haven’t had to extend them over my hands.

Brooks Caldera with gaiters. I don’t understand why so few trail runners actually use gaiters. I love mine. These gaiters, which I already owned, just happened to match my shoes.

I runfess . . .
I have two pairs of trail shoes: Brooks Caldera and Topo MT-4. So far I like them both. I went to attach velcro to the Brooks so I could wear my gaiters — only to discover it has a small strip of velcro already on the back of the shoe with a small fabric tab over it. Who knew?

I runfess . . .
I am digging the cool, Fall mornings (varying degrees of coolness). As I already wrote: I can futz around at home a bit more without melting on the run. It’s easier to sleep in general when it’s cooler. What I don’t love? It can be too cool to sit by the water and journal after I run — I really love writing about my run right after it happens!

Missed a feature of some piece of running gear?

What are you loving this Fall?

What do you have to runfess from September? Come join us


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29 thoughts on “Embracing Fall Running: Runfessions September 2022

  1. I also use gaters on my trail shoes but only when it’s super muddy or snowy. If I lived out west and had more dusty trails, I guess I’d use them all the time! And now I know what that velcro tab is for…lol

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    1. So I wasn’t the only one that didn’t realize there was already Velcro there, LOL! If I’m wearing low socks (summer) I wear gaiters to keep all the stuff out of my shoes. The place I trained for my first trail half (different place) had a lot of sand — I’d be dumping all this sand out of my shoes post run. That’s when I discovered gaiters.


  2. I am loving the cooler morning temps. I will stay in a tank and capri as long as possible. I usually go from tank to long sleeve and skip the short sleeve. Why not enjoy fall!?

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  3. Don’t have gaiters even for trails. I usually wear regular shoes unless I need to climb up and down the hills. They work fine for me.

    I’m avoiding long sleeves as long as possible. I wore them one day and regretted it. The day I saw you. I plan on a skirt and tank this weekend no matter how cold.

    I don’t like much about fall except pumpkin donuts and pumpkin latte. Sorry.

    I think we took the same fall photo. I posted mine on FB.

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  4. It’s been in the low 50s in the mornings this week — perfect for running, but for the dark. 😉

    How cool that the shoes already had just what you needed. Those little design details make a difference.

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  5. I’ve never owned a pair of gaiters. Just wearing a crew length sock seems to work for me. I do tend to get more stuff in my shoes when we walk. Not sure what’s up with that. It has to be below freezing before I break out the gloves so I’ve got a little time still…hopefully.

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    1. Still no gloves here; it was low 40s this morning.

      I got a big ole dried flower stuck to my gaiter this morning . . . during the summer I’m wearing no show socks so I definitely appreciate the gaiter with them, although I ran without the gaiters as well.


  6. That’s funny because gloves are the first cold weather gear that I need. I could run in shorts, tank top, hat and gloves and be happy. Of course that’s in Florida… we don’t get quite as cold here as you do! Glad to hear you’re embracing the season.

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  7. Oh, I’ve already been in gloves for a run, and for a couple of bike rides, LOL. This week felt like mid-November rather than late September. Just this week, I noticed I’d left the back pocket unzipped on a windbreaker jacket…and I saw there were instructions and pics on how to fold the jacket up into the pocket itself for easy packing. Duh…I’ve only had that jacket for almost two years!

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  8. I love fall when it’s not raining 😀 but I think this summer was so hot and sticky and then we immediately went to cold and rainy! I do try to embrace and not think about the upcoming winter but it’s hard when our house is so cold and the energy crisis means we really have to be careful how much we turn up the heat! I have already had gloves on (on the bike and once on a run) and am doing layers. It is what it is, so I’m just trying to roll with it.

    I don’t think I have any gear at all with a secret or undiscovered feature!

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  9. I’m loving the fall weather! I just hate that I’m injured and can’t take advantage of running when it’s nice and cool! I keep saying it, but I really want to get into trail running – I’ll have to make sure to pick up some gaiters!

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  10. We skipped fall. What happened to the shoulder seasons? I am excited to wear my capris and tights that I’d missed, although that has only been two days so far. Time to purge some though because I do not have enough room. No more tops for sure

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