Don’t get coffee in my tea: Tea/coffee Date October 2022


I’m joining  Coco and Deborah and sharing how I’m making my hot beverages now and a very odd thing I saw in a trail parking lot recently.

It has now become my daily tea kettle

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I don’t know what I was searching for when I stumbled across this collapsible travel tea kettle (Amazon Affiliate link here).

It collapses for travel (handle detaches)

Who knew they made such a thing? I’m in love and using it daily (let me know if you want a review of it). I remember reading a review — the reviwer said they wanted it because even if there’s a Keurig or coffeemaker, they don’t want their tea tasting like coffee — yes! My people!

Before my travel tea kettle I was also in love with my Ibrik; I still use it for my hot chocolate

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you that’s not the only fairly recent hot beverage maker purchase. I think I was looking for something similar when I stumbled across the Ibrik (Amazon Affiliate link here). What’s that, you ask? It’s a Turkish coffee pot. I wanted to stop using the microwave for heating my water for tea. I can also use it for heating my nut milk for hot chocolate — which is what I’m using it for more now that I have the travel tea kettle, LOL!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I had three Julys. No, really! I’ve picked up my journal again, and apparently in both August and September I kept putting in the date with a 7. I didn’t even realize it until I was looking back over this Summer’s entries.

Would you like to have three Julys?

So weird

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you just this week I saw one of the oddest things sort of on the run. This person (never could actually tell the person’s gender) was putting together a weight bench next to their Jeep in the very small parking lot of the trail I was running on. Then they proceeded to start to do crunches and jump rope. All the while wearing a mask and writing in a very large binder (obviously not writing in the binder while jumping rope).

The person were still doing this when I finished my run almost an hour later. Things that make you scratch your head! They never even walked anywhere while I was there. I wondered if maybe they were homeless — but seriously — who drags and then assembles a weight bench by a trail? It was bizarre!

Always ready for a treat

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you animals are so much better at living seasonally than we are. All Summer long Bandit basically refused to eat if we fed him before we went for a walk. It wasn’t always that convenient feeding him later (like if we needed to get on the road), but it doesn’t do much good if he won’t eat.

Now he’s settled back into being happy to eat before our walks — which are generally later as the weather has cooled down. Although just in the last few days he’s been iffy about eating in the morning. The days have been a bit warmer, but the mornings are still quite cool. We did find a tick on him Tuesday. 😦

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen before starting a run?

Seriously, am I just losing my mind that I can’t even write the date properly? 

Any cool Amazon finds recently? 

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29 thoughts on “Don’t get coffee in my tea: Tea/coffee Date October 2022

  1. I see so many odd things on my runs, but no weight benches, lol. That is strange.

    I have found 2 ticks on Cocoa this summer–the last one was quite engorged and left a big scar on her neck. Good thing she got the Lyme vaccine!

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  2. No answers to your questions. But that was weird.

    Just use my Keurig for coffee. Yes I’m lazy in the morning. We even brought one to Maine for everyone to use. Only have one cup a day so no need to warm anything.

    I try to stay away from Amazon. Too tempting lol.

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  3. I have not found any new gadgets to buy lately! I do seem to buy something on amazon daily though bc they are still out of a lot of things at the grocery. Interesting about the tea tasting like coffee that makes sense

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    1. My husband seems to buy stuff from Amazon daily too, and not grocery items. 🙂 I always seem to need more stuff before a trip. My weakness is books — you can get used books for really great prices sometimes!


  4. My MIL is the same way about coffee in her tea. 😉

    Sometimes when I run through my neighborhood school parking lot at dark o’clock in the morning there’s a personal trainer (I presume) leading someone through a workout in the parking lot — using jump rope, free weights, etc. It started during the pandemic, but has continued. I figure they don’t pay fofr a gym. That doesn’t explain what you saw though.

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  5. That is very strange about the person with the weight bench. I see people do strange things all the time but then I promptly forget about it within 10 minutes.
    I agree with not mixing coffee and tea. The couple of times I’ve used a coffee maker in the room to make hot water for tea, it’s tasted like coffee, which I don’t drink and the tea was terrible of course.
    I found these cute little containers on Amazon for my daughter’s lunch. There’s a pig, chick, and cow and they’re small so you can’t put much in them but she loves to put honey and salt in her water for better absorption so they’re perfect for that, plus I’ll add chocolate chips or chocolate espresso beans in the bigger one and it’s a nice little treat for her.

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    1. For many years I’ve just used a heating coil when we don’t have a microwave. This will be a car trip so easier to #bringallthethings.

      Aww, those containers sound so cute! I actually have some small containers — I like to bring sea salt with me I bring the single use honey packs when I travel. Every time I’ve actually brought even small containers of honey it makes a mess!


  6. I would LOVE to have three Julys!!!! It’s no secret I love the heat of summer 🙂 Although I don’t drink hot tea very often, I definitely wouldn’t want it tasting like coffee either. I tried making a chai latte in a hotel room once (using the hot water from a coffee maker & one of my own Kcups) and I nearly gagged.

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  7. Yes, having your tea taste like coffee is not good! I’ve encountered that issue when making tea in a hotel room. If I traveled more I would definitely be buying that teakettle- but since I’m always home these days I just boil my water on the stove.
    Ha ha, I have no explanation for the mysterious parking lot athlete! I guess I could see setting up your weight bench in a park to do a workout (although it would still be kind of strange) but in a parking lot? Why???

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    1. Even though the whole incident with parking lot weight bench person was just completely bizarre, I think the thing that made it really strange was that they wore a mask the entire time. Outside! Even I am not that careful!


  8. Ok that’s a weird sighting! I was considering removing Ozzy’s flea/tick collar. You just answered that question for me. I guess it does have to officially freeze for that season to be over. I think I’d take three Julys!

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  9. I am suuuper super intrigued by the tea kettle!! Definitely wouldn’t mind a review–it looks so convenient to use! 😀 Amazon makes things way too convenient so I proably need to stay away but…we’ll see how that goes. My most recent buy = terra cotta pots and potting soil for some upcoming plants I’m gonna try to grow!

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    1. Well , since most of the bloggers are coffee drinkers. This travel kettle will automatically shut off when the water’s boiled, but will continue to come on to keep it at that temp. The one drawback is you can’t set the temp — I don’t actually like my tea piping hot! Some people thought it was too small, but I can heat water for several cups & just refill my teacup as I’m ready. Fix it & forget it! It’s also dual voltage. I definitely recommend it!

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  10. I’d rather have three Octobers.
    I am a coffee drinker, but I’m with you on separate vessels. Because if I want tea, I want tea. Not coffee tea. See also, hot chocolate tea. I have an electric kettle that solves most dramas, but hot chocolate is still hard to make

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