Yoga 911: Tea/coffee Date March 2023


I’m joining  Coco and Deborah and definitely still enjoying my hot cocoas. This blog is going to the birds! Figuratively and literally!

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If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’ll get right to it and tell you about my Yoga 911. I was practicing crow pose and was putting my phone on a selfie stick to film myself (not to teach, just to be able to see what I need to do). You know I film all the time with my ipad on a tripod, but I hadn’t thought about the side buttons on my phone.

So the phone both took a screen shot and triggered a call to 911 at the same time — by the time I got rid of the screen shot it was already calling 911. Talk about embarrassing. Did I mention this was at about 6 am and I was in my pjs?

They said they might send someone to check up on me, after I’d explained what happened, but thankfully they didn’t. I also had to wake Mr. Judy up early because I didn’t think he’d be pleased being awakened by a cop pounding on the door and Bandit barking. None of that happened.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you the next time I was practicing crow pose I face planted big time. Unlike falls in running, it all happened quickly. I’ll be honest — that was really scary, and I was sore for a while, but I’m okay.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
. . . and speaking of crows, I’d tell you early one morning (after the Yoga 911 incident) I heard some knocking, but it didn’t sound like it was coming from the front door. Turned out it was a crow picking through our gutter in the back, trying to find nesting material.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you despite seeing Robins in NJ in January, we’ve yet to see one up here. One of my recent FB memories was I’d seen my first Robin & first bulbs coming up at this time of year last year. I did see the first bulbs coming up this week — right before our Wintry mix storm but those bulbs can be hardy!

It smelled as good as it looked!

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you about the mystery bulb. We’d taken the amaryllis bulb I gave my mom back after it finished blooming last year. Mr. Judy found it in the garage and planted it for me. As it started to come up and form, I was scratching my head. It very clearly wasn’t an Amaryllis.

At first I couldn’t figure out where the heck the mystery bulb came from, but now I have vague memories of bringing my mom a basket of bulbs at some other time.

Enjoying your bulbs?

Any close encounters with 911? I’ve only ever had to call it once for real for my mom.

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31 thoughts on “Yoga 911: Tea/coffee Date March 2023

  1. I wear a Apple Watch and if you press the button on the side it calls 911. It happened with a shopping bag on my wrist when I was working in Rochester. They called my husband and were very nasty when I explained it was an accident.

    Lots of birds outside. They don’t know what’s coming tonight.

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  2. Ok that’s kind of funny about the 911 call-not the part about you falling while doing crow. I have always thought I would fall right on face in crow. I know I have the strength to do it but it’s always scared me. My parents slept through their burglar alarm a few weeks ago and the company called me. They sent the police anyway bc my parents would not answer their calls. They were just sound asleep and never heard it. Yes, my dad did answer the door in his pj’s to straighten it all out!

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    1. OMG, HOW could anyone sleep through that? We had a security system when we lived in Austin & set it off a few times (we only have a short amount of time to get out once it’s armed, and to disarm it coming back in) — that thing could wake the dead.

      I use a pillow in front of my face (usually) when I practice crow. It’s really not so much about strength. Anyway, I was trying something different that day — luckily still had a blanket on my mat — but yeah, don’t think I’ll try that again (but will keep working on crow).

      The 911 thing is funny after the fact. 🙂


  3. LOL on the 911 call. Around where we live, they will call you first before sending someone out. Probably all the butt dials they get.

    I saw so many robins out on my run on Wednesday!!! It made me so happy!

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    1. Well, there’s quite a bit more to the story about texts, etc. but it was long enough as it was! I think they actually tried to send someone (a car drove around our dead end) but for whatever reason couldn’t pinpoint our house. Makes you feel safe, huh?

      That’s great that you saw so many Robins. Maybe we’ll get some after this next big storm!


  4. I love all of the spring flowers coming up. Yours is beautiful! The closest I’ve come to an accidental 911 call is activating the emergency contact on my Garmin. That happened twice and both times I was staging a photo and must have triggered something strange on my watch, but it gives you a bit of time to turn it off before it actually makes the call.

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    1. Normally I am able to turn off the SOS feature — I’ve triggered it many times by mistake while trying to take photos — but the screen capture slowed me down!

      To be clear, we don’t have any outdoor bulbs blooming yet. That bulb is indoors — it smelled amazing though!

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  5. Well, I’m glad the paramedics weren’t breaking down your door! That’s a funny story. I’ve never called 911- either for real or accidentally. But I have a client who’s a 911 operator and she tells me about all the crazy calls they get. Like I remember at the start of the pandemic they would get calls from people reporting that other people weren’t wearing masks. Not a 911 emergency!
    Glad you’re okay after the yoga fall. Some of those poses are treacherous.

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  6. No signs of bulb action here, nor have I seen any robins yet. We have had the weather (or at least the temps) for some of the spring activity to come to life. Wow, that’s funny on the 911 call! Sounds like something I’d do (but I haven’t…yet).

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  7. I just saw my first Robins earlier this week which seems a little later than usual for us, too.

    LOL on the 911 call. Thankfully, you got through to them and the police/first responders never showed up.

    I love hyacinths, and agree, they have a fabulous fragrance.

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  8. Love your post! Just recently Mike was trying to use the flashlight on his phone (in the dark) and inadvertently pushed the emergency button. He told me about it and we didn’t think much of it until I saw a police officer walking up our driveway! I explained what had happened and he was very understanding and polite but still asked to see Mike in person. Actually, it was reassuring that law enforcement takes these signals seriously. And we are now sure to be extra cautious on our phones!

    I am excited to start to be hearing more birds in the mornings when I’m out walking with the dogs.

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    1. Too funny! Yeah, I’m sort of glad & not glad about the fact they didn’t really try harder to make sure I was okay.

      While we haven’t seen Robins, there is a lot more birdsong now! Thanks for turning me on to the Merlin app. I really love it (even though didn’t use it much in winter).


  9. Oh gosh how embarrassing calling 911 by accident. My friend did that awhile back and they actually still came to check up on everything even though he said it was a mistake. Some of those yoga poses are no joke. I am still trying to perfect bird in the basket…..very challenging.

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  10. I may have called accidentally once. Otherwise, it’s all be legit reasons. We don’t have a ton of crows, but that’s a lot of crow-incidences.

    I just registered for alpaca yoga! I can’t wait. I will see if they will appreciate my crow.

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  11. how on earth did it dial 911???

    I triggered the emergency call on my garmin twice last month. it calls your emergency contacts. one being Ron who was practically standing next to me. the other being my dad who was likely sleeping because of our 8 hour time difference and it was like 10am my time… oops.

    lots of crows… wonder if it means something!

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    1. If you press the top buttons on each side it’s triggers a SOS. Usually I can just cancel it — done that many times — but because it also took a screenshot I just couldn’t get to cancel in time.

      LOL at Ron, not so much for your Dad.


  12. Oh, wow on the accidental 911 call. We called once for real when my son had croup — I thought he was choking.

    Ugh on the crow face-plant. I’ve almost done that before in some variation of hurdlers pose. At least I wasn’t too far off the ground to begin with!

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    1. I know croup is terrible sounding! The face planting wasn’t so bad really, and I’d already done that with no harm a few times. But this time I heard my neck go crunch! Just sore for a few days thankfully.


  13. I’ve never had a 911 encounter like that wow! I’ve only had close calls with the security alarm going off and getting a call from the company. I’m sorry you had that fall – I don’t even attempt to do crow anymore, my wrists can’t handle it!

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