Speed FOMO: October 2016 Runfessions


So yeah, we’re now married 31 years, I completed half #13, and my parents are moved into their new apartment. It was a busy month, y’all. Not too busy to scare up a few runfessions (like how I got in a little Halloween theme, there, even though it’s not really my thing).

I’m hooking up with the new Friday Five 2.0  from Fairytales & Fitness and Rachel @ Running on Happy,   and Marcia’s Healthy Slice for Runfessions today.


I runfess . . .
. . . I rook two swimsuits with me to AZ. I never swam.

I don’t travel lightly, but generally I do wear everything I bring with me. For this vacation, I had two carryon suitcases, an insulated food bag, and a relatively large pocketbook.

You have to understand, though, that we were staying in three different cities with three very different climates:

  1. Outside Seattle: high in the 50s
  2. Sedona: high in the 80s
  3. Phoenix: high in the 90s

And we were gone 10 days! I needed to run and I needed my race gear with me. It definitely made things interesting.

So why didn’t I swim? I was scared of getting sunburnt on my back and being in pain for my half. #runnerproblems

I runfess . . .
. . . I had a meditation streak going for more than a month! 41 days, to be exact. Moving my parents broke my streak, but I’m still meditating.

I use the app Calm, which is guided meditations starting at 3 minutes and going up. I almost never do a meditation over 10 minutes, but there were days I was meditating twice a day!

It really helped, too.

I runfess . .  .
. . . if it’s not on the list, it often doesn’t come with me.

Case in point: dropping Bandit off. It’s a half hour drive. I had all sorts of stuff on my to do list. And I got halfway there and realized I’d left his supplement baggies in the refrigerator. So yeah, I had to go back for them.

This was the day before we left.

Added stress, anyone?

I runfess . . . 
. . . I came home from moving my parents and almost immediately went out for a 6 mile run after not having run at all since my half.

Did I warm up? Did I stretch afterwards? No and no.

But I did foam roll and use my ShinTekk.

I runfess . . .
. . . I have speed FOMO. And I’m not even talking about wishing I could run the speeds my running friends run at (even though yes, I have FOMO over that, too).

No, I’m talking about FOMO over all my running friends working with coaches who are getting faster. I am considering it, but in the meantime, I’ll just be reading my social media feeds and feeling my speed FOMO.

Talk to me. Leave a comment or answer a question:

Do you remember items you need if they’re not on a list?

Do you have speed FOMO?

What’s your packing style?

33 thoughts on “Speed FOMO: October 2016 Runfessions

  1. So glad to hear that you got your parents settled, that will be a weight off your mind😊 I used to pack light but never had what I needed, so now I pack what I like. I think I’m pretty low maintenance because I never exceed the luggage limit- even on a budget flight!😆

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    1. Yeah, I’ve run into the whole pack light & not have what I need on more than one occasion. So I’m somewhere in between.

      I’m not sure my parents are “settled” yet, but they’re at least trying. It’s really all we can ask.

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  2. You’ve had so much going on. I hope November brings more CALM to your life (I’ll have to check out that app). You can increase your speed by doing some kind of speed work once a week – fartleks, intervals, etc. Fartleks are a fun way to start,

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  3. I definitely need a list though sometimes I don’t need to look at it to remember stuff. But the act of writing it down kind of cements it in my brain.

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  4. I have done over 100 (?) races, and I still make a list. Each race has different circumstances, climate, etc. I keep thinking I need a “standard race day list,” but I have never actually drafted one. I do have a race day bag at the ready, but there’s always last-minute items I need to add…hence the list.

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  5. Do you ever train by heart rate? That will tell the tale on what kind of speed you have within. I learned to be a light packer while living in Europe. Now I cringe when I see the traveling circus my teenager brings with her.

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  6. That has been a lot of traveling for you lately. I bet you are happy to be home now. I have heard many people benefiting from a running coach, but I still think they are pricey. I guess it’s for you to determine if it’s worth it or not. Regardless of pace, I always think of why I run to begin with and I do it for fun!

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    1. Oh, the travel ain’t over yet! You know, it all seemed like a good idea 6 months ago . . .

      I did runnersconnect one year, but I ended up injured eventually. I have been thinking about a coach. Maybe for the NOLA half.


  7. That is good the meditation helps! Whatever works 🙂
    That was a long trip to pack for and the needs being so different makes it complicated…i am challenged enough just going one place. I usually overpack!! and it is usually work out clothes lol Anytime i get to vacation I typically would work out every day…this one coming up will be different since i’m in taper mode.
    I don’t have “speeed” FOMO although I have been working a little the last on it…
    My speed is not close to what is was and I don’t think it will be back really, but i do hope the extra push makes me stronger on my steady runs, that is really why I do it, just to work on breathing and recovering and not stopping:)

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    1. It was definitely complicated to pack for, but I’ve done trips like that before.

      It really sucks that you’re not able to run at the speeds you want to. I feel you on that one! Except I never had them in the first place.


  8. I too have been feeling a little twinge of envy for those working with running coaches . My luck would have me paying for the coach, working my tail off and not get any faster …I think I am just meant to be a member of the slowsky family 😉🐢

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  9. Ok so in terms of speed, a couple things… first, don’t compare yourself to others. 🙂 But second, working with a coach has helped me immensely. And third, working with a coach has helped my clients immensely. One of my clients PRed a half marathon last spring by 27 minutes simply because I had her doing speedwork. Another one of my clients is gunning for a 5K PR on Sunday. So yes, it does help. Having said that, don’t let it give you FOMO. You do YOU because YOU are amazing no matter your speed. (But, speedwork is kinda fun, so there’s that. 😉 )

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    1. It’s not others speed so much, but the ones who are improving.

      And as I’ve said, I do speedwork. Have been doing it all along. Although granted this last training cycle I didn’t get in as much as I wanted to, but that was mostly beyond my control.

      Remember, peeps, it’s runfessions & supposed to be somewhat tongue in cheek. 😉


  10. I do not pack light at all and still feel like I forget something every time. I hate packing. I haven’t heard of that app Calm and I may check that out. I started meditating a couple of years ago and just never got into it. I was using Headspace and the meditations were getting long and I couldn’t do them for as long as I was supposed to, so I got frustrated. I’m going to check Calm out!

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    1. Some of Calm is free, but to get most of it there’s a monthly fee. Seems the way a lot of apps are going.

      I think it’s well worth the money. Some of the meditations are only 3 or 5 minutes. And some are longer for when you have more time.


  11. Don’t have FOMO if it’s not something you want to do…we’re all running our own races. You know I love my coach and the strength training she has me do has helped me maintain my paces. But she’s not a running coach. I still need to work on endurance. That’s where that HRT comes in. You should invest in a HR monitor. They aren’t that expensive and you might find it helpful.

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    1. I’m not gonna wear a chest strap. I could get a new vivoactive since that now has HRM, but that IS expensive & mine’s only 1 1/2 yrs old.

      Not that I don’t want to work with a coach, necessarily.


  12. I tend to be extremely efficient with my packing as I don’t mind wearing the same thing several days in a row. However, I need to make a list or I WILL forget even the most important things.

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  13. I love guided meditation. I must look into that app. Can I get it on my phone?
    Congratulations on #13. That is amazing. Truly.


  14. That meditation app sounds interesting. Definitely going to have to look into it! I’m playing catch up, so Happy Anniversary! That is quite a feat, 31 years! Oh my good heavens… I just realized… that’s when I graduated from high school. Oooph. And I’ve been known to pack ever-y-thing, including the kitchen sink!! ;D

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