Summer running had me a blast . . .


Or did I?

Yes, I enjoyed the race, but the temperature . . . just look at my face!

There’s so much to love about summer running:

  • Longer days, making it easier to squeeze in early or late runs
  • Warmer temps, which means less clothes
  • The feeling of moving freely because of fewer layers
  • Sunshine!!!!
  • Clear trails — at least clear of snow and ice

So what do we have to complain about when it comes to summer running?

  • As much, if not more laundry — all those sweaty running clothes
  • Humidity that makes every run feel like a battle
  • Heat from all that sunshine beating down on you
  • Feeling like you’re running through an African Savannah because of overgrown grass
  • Slower paces because of the heat and humidity
  • Stinging eyes from all that sweat
  • Frizzy (frightening) hair
  • Heat cramps
  • BUGS! Gnats may not bite, but they still drive me insane

So what’s a runner to do?
Accept the things we cannot change: the heat, the humidity, the bugs (anyone know a non-DEET spray that actually works?). Remember that all too soon trails will be buried under snow and ice and we’ll be buried under a gazillion layers again.

Enjoy those unicorn runs when it’s the right temperature and low humidity. Remember all those o’dark thirty runs and enjoy the extra light. Adjust your expectations and accept that you’ll probably run slower (but faster in the Fall). Explore new places to run. Try a new type of cross training (kayaking, anyone?). Jump in a pool after your run (oh, how I wish I had that option!).




This week I am also joining up with Running on Happy, Suzlyfe, Crazy Running Girl, and Coach Debbie Runs each week for the Coaches’ Corner linkup

coachescornerTalk to me:

Do you love to hate summer running?

Or do you just love running in the summer?

Which season do you think creates the most laundry?


33 thoughts on “Summer running had me a blast . . .

    1. I think I’d love summer even more if I had a pool like you! Although it barely gets warm enough to swim in one up here — you almost never see people in their pools & oh how I’m tempted sometimes!


  1. I only hate summer running for the heat, (hahahaha), but otherwise I prefer it… less laundry/layers… although, I do like wearing a long sleeve to protect my arms. BTW, your shoulders look great and well defined in that picture!

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    1. Awww, thanks, Paula! It was all that Iron Strength workouts. Which is another good one — I did the abbreviated ones and they’re only about 20ish minutes.

      I do like my shoulders. We won’t talk about the underarms!

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  2. I love summer. But have we had it yet??? I haven’t even gone swimming in the lake.

    I love the selection of races every weekend. I also love not training for anything so I can skip runs without guilt.

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  3. I don’t mind summer running, but this is the first summer that I am training in!! My normal summer running would keep me at 3-5 miles per run and then go longer in September.

    Have you tried essential oils for bug repellant?? I know Doterra has TerraShield, but Lemongrass seems to keep them off of me.



  4. I think if I lived somewhere really snowy I may not be as excited for winter…we got our fair share of snow the last few years and it really screws the fun time of the year for me.
    I am hoping that means we may a typical mild winter this year and I can run joyously 🙂
    haha, my ponytail was so snarled this morning i had to soak conditioner on it for a long time before I could get the tie out!
    Stinging eyes are the worst.

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    1. Believe me, if you don’t like snow, you wouldn’t enjoy living up here. VA can definitely get some big storms though — sometimes it misses us & hits you.

      Oddly, for all it’s frizziness, my hair doesn’t snarl TOO much.


    1. I like summer — but not running in it. It sucks that you can’t run in your favorite season, but that just gives you more time to enjoy it in other ways, right? I know you’re a glass half full gal!


    1. I really like summer. The sunshine (just not while running), the longer days, the freedom of far less clothes . . . I just don’t like summer running much!

      Unless we have a somewhat cool, not humid summer. Which is not this summer!


  5. LOL, your summer running pros list is shorter than the cons…I feel the same way! Still, it’s a necessary evil – and you reminded me that the darn gnats are so annoying!

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    1. The gnats really do just drive me insane. They shouldn’t, since they don’t sting or bite, but they do!

      And yes, there’s a reason that cons list is longer! But I like summer (as I’ve repeatedly said). Just not summer running.


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