Does your body type dictate what you do?


I have to admit I’ve never given much thought to my body type and the various careers I’ve had. Part of my YTT (yoga teacher training) is an overview on Ayurveda. I’m very obviously not an expert, but for those who wonder A-yur-what?, it’s an ancient Indian healing science that considers the mind and body, or, in other words, Indian Holistic medicine (treating the whole body and mind).

Those who have a passing acquaintance with Ayurveda know that there are three body types. Everyone has some of each body type, which is called a Dosha, and often times you have one that is predominant. There are many online quizzes to determine your Dosha. Sahara Rose, author of Eat Feel Fresh (I recommend it!) and the Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda (Amazon Affiliate links) has a free Dosha quiz here.

Fairytales and Fitness

People who are predominantly Vata have lots of energy and tend to be very creative. They are easily distracted and have a hard time sticking with one idea. They tend to be very thin and sometimes are so busy they forget to eat.

People who are predominantly Pitta are natural born leaders. They tend to be very organized, hard working, have a clear vision, and are competitive. They tend to have medium build and can put on muscle easily.

Even at a healthy weight I have a round face and a curvy body that puts weight on easily. Kapha!

People who are predominantly Kapha tend to be very grounded, very patient, and like to work with their hands on very detailed projects. They make good teachers, and healers. They tend to put on weight easily and have round faces.

Why does your Dosha matter?
I was listening to a podcast here (scroll down to No. 42) as part of my YTT, and one of the things I picked up on was that your Dosha could actually effect your purpose in life. I heard this after I wrote my post on finding your purpose (read it here) — I found it fascinating! It may be a little too woo-woo for you, and that’s okay.

In fact, if you go against your predominant Dosha, you could end up feeling very unhappy and dissatisfied with your job.

To be clear, we all have some Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in us. My explanation of the three Doshas are broad generaliztions only. Usually one or two Doshas in an individual is more predominant than the others. We are born with a certain balance of the three Doshas, but that balance can get imbalanced due to our diet, where we live, how we exercise, and our thoughts.

Sometimes you can tell what a person’s predominant Dosha is just by looking at their body. I am curvy, I have a roundish face, have thick, curly hair, and gain weight easily. Yes, I’m predominantly Kapha. Of course, a person can be overweight and still be Vata — they’ve just been effected by their environment.

I have felt drawn to help other women to find their power, to embrace exercise and healthy eating, to share yoga — I suppose you could say I am a healer. Isn’t it fascinating that that is right in line with my predominant Dosha? It is to me, anyway.

Think about body types when it comes to running. Any body type can run, to be sure. Think about what body types look like “natural runners” to you. I know there are people I meet and think yup, she looks like a runner. Most people who don’t know me don’t connect running to me. Are you doing the shorter race? Is this your first? Are you picking up the packet for someone else?

Which Dosha do you think is predominant in  you?

Which Dosha makes you think of a runner?

What sort of work are you drawn to?

14 thoughts on “Does your body type dictate what you do?

  1. Great post! I used the free quiz to figure out what I was. Mentally, I’m predominately Pitta, and physically, I’m split between Pitta and Kapha, although, I think the description of Pitta was more accurate for me. I’ve always felt like a bigger runner. When I was younger, it bothered me a lot and I was always counting calories and trying to change my shape but would fall into binge/guilt cycles. Thankfully, I’m not like that anymore, and I’ve embraced the life-long health attitude. I’m thankful for what my body can do. But, to answer your runner body question, I see thinner, leaner people and think they “look like runners,” and I don’t fall into that category.

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  2. Career-wise, I am a Kapha. I’ve been a teacher my whole life – over 40 years and still am one.

    Personality-wise I am a Pitta. I am very organized and all my friends expect me to lead them – chose the place, time, activity, etc.

    Physically, I am a Vata – always been thin, active and a big multi-tasker.

    There you go, I’m a hybrid which I think is probably very common

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    1. You are very definitely Pitta. 😊 Yes, everyone has all three, but usually one or two are predominant — it’s very unusual to have all three balanced.

      Another fascinating part of it is that certain times of the day are linked to certain doshas, but that didn’t really play into my post.


  3. I’ve pondered this for years. I think I’m a Pitta with a recessive Kapha. I’m a much better strength trainer than I’ll ever be a runner. I attribute any running success I’ve had to mental tenacity…and lots of muscle. Ha!

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    1. Well muscle is definitely important — I think mental tenacity trumps pretty much everything. Sometimes I have it, sometimes I don’t.

      No question about my body, but the mind is a different creature!


  4. How awesome that you feel the need to help other women find their power. We need more teachers like you, Judy. I think I ma mostly Vata, even though I was a teacher. I think my students would have called me pretty soft-hearted. And I NEVER forget to eat! 🙂

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    1. Well, what I want to do and what I actually will be able to do . . . two different things. I know it will definitely take me a while to get my bearings AND I actually still have to pass everything! I didn’t think it would be easy, but it’s way harder than I thought.

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