Racing Thoughts: Runfessions November 2019


I’m mining my 15k and my 5k for a few November Runfessions today. The Holidays are going to be pretty low key around here. Thanksgiving at my parents Senior Living Community (please God no drama), we celebrate Hannukah, which is not a big deal. So not a whole lot to runfess when it comes to the holidays. I hope wherever you are and whatever you celebrate, you enjoy this time with friends and family.

I runfess . . .
I seriously gave consideration to running another half marathon this year. After training for a 15k, I knew I was pretty much there. I got as far as looking a few up, trying to judge the drive.

I decided that even though I was pretty much trained, the stress of the travel — the potential for crappy weather on that travel — just wasn’t the right thing for me right now. I am both sad that I don’t get to see where I’m at, but thinking maybe my body needs this longer break right now (even though it feels pretty good).

Would I soldier on in pain in a half or DNF?

I runfess . . .
I also wondered after that 15k just what would I have done if it had been a half? The pain started before the halfway mark of a half. It was slowly but surely changing my gait — never a good sign. Would I have had the sense to DNF or would I have been stubborn and finished, risking a real injury?

When the sun is shining it’s easier to get out the door — but we don’t get a lot of sun here

I runfess . . .
I am forever procrastinating on getting out the door once the weather dips down into the 30s (and below). Sometimes it seems really cold in our house — or maybe I just imagine it? Then I step outside and it really isn’t so bad and I kick myself for waiting so long. Although sometimes it really is that cold!

Yup, I ran in these sunglasses one day & didn’t even realize it

I runfess . . .
I got done with a run one day this week, got to the car, and went to take off my running sunglasses to put on my driving sunglasses. Only I’d never actually put on my running sunglasses. I didn’t even realize it!

Well, good to know I can run in those, although kind of scary how bad my short term memory is lately.

My friends didn’t know I was out here running this

I runfess . . .
I kept my 5k last week (read about it here) on the down-lo from my friends. I didn’t tell my running friends beforehand (with one exception). I knew they weren’t interested in running it and sometimes I just want to go and do my own thing, I guess.

Do you procrastinate on getting out the door in Winter? 

Do you only race with friends or do you sometimes go solo?

Ever got back to the car after a run & realized something was odd about your outfit?

What do you have to runfess from November? Come join us


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31 thoughts on “Racing Thoughts: Runfessions November 2019

  1. I’ve run with sunglasses on my head and my face. I think it was a race. Lol

    I know I would have continued in pain. Because I did it with my back in the marathon. My foot hurt Yesterday and I did 2 races yesterday. Very dumb in hindsight.

    I don’t share my racing plans with all my running friends but I do with the Sole Sisters. They’re different to me. And I hope I’d motivate them to come. Nevertheless I do my own thing.

    I can’t procrastinate because I am usually meeting someone to run with. Otherwise maybe.

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      1. It’s been a common occurrence when I work tight shoes and stand a lot. It felt fine during the 26.2 miles and the 15k after. Now it’s still sore…go figure.

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    1. Believe me I’m the poster girl for menopausal short term memory problems. Sometimes I get really worried about it, there is some dementia in my family, although mostly only when people got very, very old (like my Dad).

      However, we bought a new second freezer lately because the one we had was very old and leaking (among other things).

      Mr. Judy looked at some label in the old one after the fact & was very disturbed, thinking it wasn’t as old as we thought it was (like only 4 years old).

      I insisted I was right, that it was about 17 years old. Yup, guess who was right.


  2. That is a nice picture of you with the hat, the sunglasses and the dog!
    I forget things all the time: no contact lenses, no headlamp when running through a dark forest, no water bottle when bike riding, and so on.
    It gets really fun when I need to take running gear to work so I can go running over lunch time: no shorts, no socks, no towel….not a single piece of clothing I didn’t manage to forget. Fortunately I can usually borrow things from other running girls in the locker room.

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  3. I’ve done very little running lately and i could kick myself because the weather has actually been ideal for running and I know come January it will probably be too cold for my liking. But we will see. I say that every year and then i end up saying “That wasn’t so bad”. It is hard for me to get motivated when there isn’t really a race goal, know what I mean?

    Sorry about getting the Friday link up up late. -M

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    1. I know, once you get out there & warmed up it’s usually not really so bad. But getting out there . . . I like to maintain my base, so I’m mostly ok with the motivation (but right now kind of sort of not).

      We went out somewhat early to the movies this morning so I haven’t even had a chance to link up with you yet; sorry!


  4. I don’t agree all the time, but often in winter the first step out the door really is the hardest! LOL on the glasses. Wednesday I was picking up a Rx and realized I’d driven from work with my computer reading glasses on. Yikes! I think it is really hard to DNF a race, especially if it’s a long way to the finish. I’d like to think I’d stop if I was in real pain, but I have pushed through a pretty angry ITB before.

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    1. I once did a half where i had to walk the last 3 miles due to IT pain, and it made running painful for months. So I try to be really mindful of that, but luckily, knock on wood, really pain like that almost never happens for me — and I’d like to keep it that way!


  5. I do some races on my own, but not many. There’s a nearby 5K I might do next weekend…Barb is busy and the hubby doesn’t run much in the cold weather, so I’m on my own if I want to squeak in a holiday race. First world probs LOL

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    1. There’s another 5k I’m considering in a couple of weeks if the weather is decent, but I’m not sure I’ll do that one unless one of my friends (who’s done it with me in the past) wanted to do it, too.


  6. I do sometimes wait for it to warmup, and for morning rush traffic to end, and I runfess sometimes that “wait” gets too long and I run short on running time, which ticks me off. I suspect I’d soldier through and finish a race instead of DNF. Dumb maybe but yeah…stubborn.

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  7. I runfess that I forgot to bring my running sunglasses to Arizona and I am really kicking myself. I find myself squinting as I run in the mornings. I can understand that you kept your 5K on the down-low. Sometimes running by yourself at a race just involves such easy logistics. You can do your own thing on your own schedule. You run a lot of races with friends.

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  8. I race more solo than with friends. It can be hard to get groups together sometimes, and I’m a bit of an introvert anyway.

    I can’t go anywhere without sunglasses, so I have run in fashion sunnies plenty of times. As long as they cut the glare, I make them work.

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  9. I went out for a run with my top inside-out once – and it was a wicking fibre and it was raining, so it carefully wicked all the rain through itself onto my skin! I had to change it in the park, hiding behind my (smaller) friend, but I had a huge breastplate of a running bra on so all OK.

    Hope thanksgiving was drama free and you continue to run whatever you run (I need to do another marathon plan soon!).

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    1. Oh no about the top wicking rain on you! Yikes! I bet you haven’t done that again.

      Another marathon? I though you were done with them?! Off to see what you posted or did I just miss where you announced plans to run a marathon . . .

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      1. Well I have a reserve place for London so I’ve decided I will train up (as I have to) but then plan to run a big circular bus route locally the week after the marathon, then I will do the canal canter marathon in August. All good – all hyperlocal, too!

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