The Cookie Monster . . .: Runfessions December 2019


. . . and #allthechocolate too! Actually, I haven’t done too badly with holiday eating. Yet. Why does all the sugar, carb laden food have to come out just when I’m at my weakest due to the cold and almost nonexistent sunshine? I runfess I’m actually glad I don’t have to attend #alltheholidayparties.

One thing does not look like the other. At least it was a left & right shoe — and I realized my mistake before I laced up.

I runfess . . .
It’s no secret that I am often misplacing things: my carkeys, my phone, my running clothes. The phone is a constant struggle for me because I’m not a power user when it comes to my phone. I’ve been pretty good with the keys since I’ve had a long stretch at home, although I’ll probably be on the road a lot again with my Dad in a nursing home.

Last week I couldn’t find the leggings I wanted to wear for a very cold long run. Anywhere. They’re thick, they’re fleece lined, I knew they were here somewhere . . . it was driving me crazy.

I did eventually remember where I’d put them, and yup, surprise! There they were. Not sure they were the right choice, even with the fleece my butt was frozen!

I runfess . . .
One morning in the beginning of December I woke up expecting rain to start soon — but it was going to hold off a few hours. I managed to hit the road by 7:30; the fact that it was a little warmer made it easier to motivate myself outside. I wasn’t expecting to run outside that day, though, and I swear those miles felt loooong.

Breakfast of Champions

I runfess . . .
I fueled that unexpected run with the last two leftover cookies from our holiday party after Last Run (read about that race here). Hey, they didn’t have any flour, they had oats, they had nuts. Okay, they also had a whole lot of chocolate . . .

I runfess . . .
I further runfess that after that run, after walking the dogs immediately post run (one of my favorite ways to cool down), after eating my planned protein bar and feeding the dogs . . . I proceeded to chow down on a few Len & Larry’s protein cookies (the small ones, not the humongous ones).

#thestruggleisreal when it comes to the Cookie Monster in Winter

I runfess . . .
I also grabbed a few Little Secrets chocolate peanut butter candies before my run on Wednesday of the same week. After eating a  sensible breakfast, of course. These are like PB M&Ms, but with natural food coloring and less sugar. Which doesn’t mean no sugar. I took far less than a serving, but still. I blame the short December days!

Is healthy eating getting away from you this holiday season? 

Have the miles felt super long to you lately?

What was the last running item you misplaced?

What do you have to runfess from December? Come join us


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24 thoughts on “The Cookie Monster . . .: Runfessions December 2019

  1. Haha! Fueling a run with cookies is something I do too! And sometimes post-run as well. And I just discovered that my husband has eaten our best cookies last night. So there you are, unhealthy eating habits are in full swing in our house.
    Looking forward to January, when all is over and done with. 😉

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  2. My hubby ate all the holiday cookies I brought home.

    But not the ones at work. I ate all those.

    Holiday parties are a good thing. They only come once a year. I love my friends.

    Unfortunately my foot is not letting work off the extra eating.

    My running clothes are separated in different drawers in 3 different bedrooms. Yes 3. I’m losing my work clothes though.

    Always wear a skirt over my leggings to keep my butt warm. I think we’re supposed to have sun tomorrow and not cold. Yay.

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    1. I oddly enough find that I have trouble (sometimes) stopping at half of the Len & Larry’s big cookies, but I do agree the soft ones are more my jam. Still, I also have a tendency to not pay attention to how many of the smaller ones I’m eating because I just ran x number of miles. . . .


  3. I runfess I think those cookies sound like ideal running fuel. I regularly cannot locate the leggings I want, even though they are hanging in (sort of) plain sight. I’ll never admit to having too many though.

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  4. I’m forever mislaying running kit – including one clever move where I’d put my fleece-lined leggings in my tops drawer because I thought they were my fleece-lined top! I’ve had some chocolate in Christmas gifts but am managing to eke it out, and took the tiniest bit of cake at the in-laws, thinking of my good cholesterol results! But there’s nice things and I will eat them.

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  5. I’d say oatmeal cookies are probably not all that different from many “protein bars” out there and they must have tasted a lot better. One of my fave sayings is that it does not matter too much what you eat between Thanksgiving and New Year’s but what you eat between new year’s and Thanksgiving that really matters. Life is short enjoy the cookies!

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  6. I posted a recipe on my IG earlier this month for protein cookies–I love them way more than Len and Larry’s. You know what? Sometimes you gotta have sweets. Everything in moderation!

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  7. I’m definitely a cookie monster. At least I have more restraint than I used too — I’ve gotten choosier with how I “spend” my calories. I can’t stand it when I misplace something. I want to tear the house up to find it, but that just makes it harder to find!

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    1. I have more restraint too, but it can still trip me up, which is why I rarely have the good stuff at home. Oddly enough I have oodles of chocolate and I can just have a few pieces here & there & I’m good.

      Cookies, brownies . . . they can still call my name. We went to a party last night, and I had one chocolate chip cookie, half of a cocunut chocolate chip cookie, and a tiny sliver of a chocolate PB bar.

      Of course I had a sliver of the brownie I’d backed to bring at lunch too. But I did my long run yesterday too. 🙂


  8. I have been OD’ing on my chai lattes. The ones I drink now are much lower in sugar & calories than in previous years, but still. My water intake has been pathetic while in vacation…. ugh. At least I’m not in denial, right?

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  9. Last Christmas when I got home from my mom’s house I couldn’t find my SPIbelt so I ordered a new one. I’d looked everywhere here at my house and even had my mom look for it at her place. Anyway, this fall when I pulled out my winter gloves, there it was tucked away with them, not with my running accessories where it should have been. I’m sure I looked in there last year when it came up missing, but I must have somehow missed it.

    And yes, the sweets struggle is real in my house, too.

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  10. The sweets have been a big problem for me too! I’ve finally stopped running and am now just getting ready for delivering this baby! I do wish I could enjoy this warmer running weather though!

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