Running Down a New Normal: Runfessions March 2020


March most definitely did not go out like a lamb. As you can tell, I try to work on my Runfessions throughout the month, and I’d written most of this post before all the craziness really started.

It’s a great time to focus on the things that are good in our life, and these linkups are one of those things! I mean seriously, who would even read this blog without the linkups?

I would tell you . . .
I was rather relieved when it became difficult to visit my mom on her birthday. As much as I wanted to be there for her, I was still getting over something and I was teaching Yoga that morning.

I hated the fact that I couldn’t be there, but I’d struggled with whether or not I should be — I’d been sick, not very sick, but was it the right decision to go where there’s a large number of elderly people?

Update: Obviously now I know it was absolutely the right decision.

I runfess . . .
I was really interested in a Yin Yoga training locally this month. Unfortunately it fell as I was just getting back into running after being sick, and it was 2 full days on the weekend. I’d already missed a long run the week previously. It was forecast to rain the Friday before, and I didn’t feel recovered enough to do a long run in a chilly rain.

Update: that studio is closed, but they are livestreaming classes. The reason I wanted to take the course was to have an in person teaching, though, since my training was online.

I runfess . . .
I was getting pretty excited about going to DE for the half next month. I was researching things to do, we’d made our hotel reservation.

Update: cancelled. I contacted the hotel we made the reservation at on their Website, but I haven’t heard back, so I guess I better call them. I never did call them, but they finally called me to tell me they’d be closing. Hello, check your Website occasionally. Well, I’ll give them a pass considering what’s going on.


I runfess . . .
I have not had a massage in quite a few months. I didn’t get my usual birthday massage. I was, however, rewarded for my ongoing decluttering in my spare room — I came across a Spa Finder gift card for $50! That’s about the size of a tip for a massage (kidding, but not too far off the truth). I was so excited!

Update: Even though I’m fairly certain I didn’t have COVID-19, I’ve been practicing as much social distancing as possible just in case. Which means no massage right now. 😦 Of course the further update is they’re not open.

I would tell you . . .
I bought two new-to-me Brooks running shoes. The first time I wore the they were incredibly comfortable! Yet the next day the sole of my foot felt funny. Not painful, just kind of stretched and achy. I’d bought these shoes because my easy run shoes were about a year old with a lot of miles on them and I didn’t want to experience Plantar Fasciitis. WTF?

It remained that way several days, but eventually felt fine. In that time it occurred to me that I’d gone back to using my Shinttek (you can buy it here and read my review here) after a long hiatus, and that might be the culprit. Sure enough, after my next run, my feet felt fine. Whew!

Update: I’ve continued to run in the shoes and my feet feel completely normal. Thank goodness because I really like them!

Are you turning your thoughts to Fall now? 

Any virtual races you’re excited about (not my cup of tea)?

Do you have more running shoes than you really need now that there are no races?

What do you have to runfess from March? Come join us

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29 thoughts on “Running Down a New Normal: Runfessions March 2020

  1. What good luck with finding the massage gift card! Yeah, it won’t cover a full-body massage but at least it’s a start. Something to look forward to when this is over.
    I am trying to wear out my running shoes one by one so that I am ready to buy new ones in the fall 😉

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  2. Are you turning your thoughts to Fall now? Yes! I want to do a local half.

    Any virtual races you’re excited about (not my cup of tea)? Never done one.

    Do you have more running shoes than you really need now that there are no races? No. I replace as needed. I have never had more than one pair at a time.

    What do you have to runfess from March? I am so tired of the media & politics. I cannot wait for this to pass and see the Presidential Election in my rear view mirror!

    I am going to check out your gadget as I do get shin splits every so often.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t suffer with shin splints, but ShinTekk has helped me with other lower leg problems — ankle problems, feet problems.

      I use a couple of pairs of shoes that I rotate through — more padded for easy runs, less for speed work and long runs. Which is why I don’t just buy one pair at a time. That & it’s so hard to get my favorite running shoes.


  3. My running has only changed because I’m running alone. I’m doing the same miles and will run the half on the scheduled days. I know it’s not the same as a real race but 13.1 is 13.1. Now is not the time to relax and go easy. Unless you are sick or injured.

    The tough part is that there will be too many races rescheduled for the fall. I already registered for Aug Sept and Oct. and next Feb.

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    1. I totally disagree with now not being the time to go easy — and you knew I would. I’m not saying you shouldn’t exercise, of course you should.

      Everyone is stressed right now. Stress is hard on our immune system. Exercising hard is also hard on our immune system. Exercising hard when there’s no reason to — during a time of great stress — it’s just not good for our mental or physical strength.

      Again, I’m not at all saying not to exercise. Exercise, done wisely, can help alleviate stress.


      1. We usually disagree but that’s ok.

        I don’t really train hard…I don’t go after PRs, If they happen, they happen. I run for fun and to be with my friends.

        I think we need to keep what we can normal and if that is running unofficial virtual races so be it. It is more stressful to be holding back and just running short distances. The longer you run, the more time you are out in the open air rather than working out in your home.

        End of my rant. So many virtual races out there. I know many runners do agree with me.

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    1. My YouTube Channel is I have a playlist of Yin Videos, Yin is my passion. Only 5 so far.

      Actually, I have been hard at work collaborating with several teachers to do a 21 day yoga challenge. Most of that isn’t yin (but I slipped a little in), but several of mine will be directed at runners. We’re getting close . . . really hoping to have it ready in the next couple of weeks.


  4. I know I have a Spa Finder GC here too. Of course everything is closed. Oh well. Glad the Brooks ended up working for you. That is one brand my feet do not like, and I’ve tried repeatedly. I’m definitely not thinking of fall. Summer, yes. Can’t wait to get our outdoor space opened up and of course the garden.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I can’t wait for some warmth. Although I’d like some Spring before Summer.

      Brooks have always worked well for me, but not all models of Brooks. And I was just guessing whether or not these would — luckily both did.

      I don’t usually grow from seed. I don’t really have anywhere to start them here (no basement). And of course garden stores are closed. Not sure if there’ll be a garden this summer.


  5. Just think how great it will feel when you finally get to use that massage card! I have to re-evaluate my whole fall schedule w the new dates of other races. Fingers crossed my Wine Glass Half in October is still on. I am a Brooks Glycerin fan I really like the cushioning.

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    1. The Glycerins are actually one model I didn’t like — they were too heavy for me.

      I have no plan, except for one half end of June, and I’v prepared for the worst but still hoping for the best.


  6. Sorry your DE half was canceled, Judy. Are they rescheduling or did you get a refund? Maybe it will be done virtually. I have been loving your yin yoga videos. I wrote about them in my version of Runfessions. I hope that’s OK!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for mentioning my videos! Not only is it ok, I appreciate it greatly.

      To be clear, I never signed up for the DE half. We were waiting to for the dust to settle on my Dad’s burial (not sure it has now, even though we have a date, due to current events), then waiting to see how I felt.

      I don’t think it would have been the right time for me anyway, even if times had been normal.

      Some time away from home would’ve been really, really nice though!

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  7. I talked briefly about fate in my post, and it looks it may have intervened with your trip to see your mom (which didn’t happen, but was a good thing to pass on given what happened shortly after). I’m not a fan of virtuals, either, but they are a great option given our circumstances. I just got word the Fight for Air Climb will not be rescheduled now, and they are encouraging all of us to Climb virtually this Sunday. I’d already planned to do that, but it’s a buzzkill knowing the real Climb won’t happen after all.

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  8. I can barely get my thoughts set on tomorrow let alone the fall LOL! I’m a mess!

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, but you definitely made the right choice by implementing your own social distancing. We are doing the same thing with my parents, and we miss them soooo much.

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  9. Score on the gift card- now if only you can actually use it! I recently got some gift cards for my birthday but they’re just going to have to sit in the drawer for a while until I can go shopping once again.

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  10. I’m finally running down the miles on my training and NYC half shoes. The newest models of the 1080s don’t work well for me so I’ll make them my cross trainers and toss he old cross trainers. It’s going to be hard to toss my marathon shoes when the time comes. Glad your new shoes are OK in the end.

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