Running Hacks Make Running a Little Smoother

bRunning Hacks

We all have them: those little hacks that makes running just a little easier. I shared one — one that I didn’t come up with, but a former fellow blogger did — last week here in my post on the benefits of running in your own neighborhood. I’ve got a few more to share!

Warm up inside when it’s cold outside
I suppose it’s the wrong time of year to share this one in the Northern Hemisphere, but it took me years before I had the aha! moment that I could simply warm up inside when it’s cold outside (another benefit to running in your own neighborhood — obviously doesn’t work so well when you’re meeting people elsewhere).

This shoelace hack never fails me!

Keep those laces tied!
I have shared this before, but no one ever seems to pick it up. Take your tied laces and push them under one of the places your laces cross on your running shoes. No more worries about laces coming undone during a race/run. I think it’s happened to me once in eleven years of running.

Freeze your water
It is the right time of year for this one, in fact, I wish I’d done this last Saturday! The night before a run/race, fill your water bottles about half full. Place in freezer. Right before your run, fill the bottle the rest of the way. Voila! Cold water for a much longer time.

Foam roll before you run
Want to make foam rolling a habit? Do it as part of your warm up. Because that is actually one of its purposes: to get the blood flowing to your muscles and get you warmed up. Bonus: it ensures you’ll do it. Wait til post run, and you’re much more likely to skip it.

Hack Your Smoothies

Love your post run smoothies?
You can make them up ahead of time, too. You have two choices: freeze the ingredients (except the liquid) — then just throw the ingredients and your liquid in the blender and instant smoothie.

You can also simply make up the smoothie ahead of time. Your choice whether to have it just waiting for you in the fridge, or freezing the entire smoothie. If you make up the smoothie a few days ahead of time, just realize it’s going to oxidize.

There are two downsides to freezing the entire smoothie ahead of time:

  1. It will change the texture of the smoothie (it will get a bit more watery as the ingredients defrost)
  2. It will be harder to blend

Basically anything you know you won’t want to do post run, make sure to do it pre-run!

What are some of your favorite running hacks? 

Do you enjoy a post run smoothie?  What’s your favorite mixture?

What makes running more streamlined for you? 


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26 thoughts on “Running Hacks Make Running a Little Smoother

  1. Great tips!
    Freezing the water ahead of time is a good one! I used to put ice cubes in my bottle when I was in Florida, but your version would stay cooler for longer.
    I will try that lace-trick on my next run!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The obvious.

    I put it on my calendar. And on my blog. So they are planned.

    My clothes are laid out on the floor by my bed. I put them on before I even go downstairs to have coffee.

    On some of my shoes, the laces are too short to do what you suggest. So I double knot them. Many runners use lock laces.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Again, I’m not saying you need to try it — but trust me, if you can tie your shoes, you will not find shoes you can’t do this with. It can be on the crossed laces directly below the tie — I’ve done it with Mizunos. My Newtons can be short, but if you have loops, you can do it.

        Just sayin’ so anyone who is interested in trying it realizes that they can.


  3. I have always double-knotted my laces for running. The problem, if one would even classify it as such, is that it’s such a habit, I sometimes accidentally do it for “just” walking or strength training LOL

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  4. I buy these individual packs of frozen fruit/veggies made for smoothies. I just dump in a bag, add some form of liquid, blend it and it’s ready. Yes, it’s more expensive but I appreciate the convenience of it after a long run so I save these for post-long runs only.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, sometimes we just need that convenience, even if it’s more expensive. Which is why we’re still doing grocery deliveries (and I go to stores maybe once a month, because we can’t always get what we want/need).

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  5. I use Lock Laces, which have eliminated all the issues I’ve had with my laces. And I’ve done the frozen water bottle before. I’m always amazed at how fast it thaws.

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  6. I like foam rolling before I run, although I sometimes find that I rush through it. I’ve been making smoothies lately and I make extra so I have it for the next day. I put it in a jar with a lid so I can shake it up. Its not as good as the first day, but so much easier than making one every day.

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  7. I love the one about freezing the water since that one comes in handy on my long runs. I like smoothies but usually have one here and there. After a run I want to eat solid food.

    Thank you for linking up with us!

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  8. I’ve started foam rolling prior to running and it’s really been helping me! That and taking salt tabs prior to running- the heat and humidity in the summer makes my legs feel so dead so combining those two things has made a real difference in if I feel good or crappy when I go for a run.

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    1. I rarely remember the frozen towels — I struggle with remembering to freeze my water, too! Luckily I remembered last night. It was a hot one.

      Frozen towels are amazing after a hot run! I’ve even had a few hot races give them out during the race & that was amazing too!


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