Lost & Found: Runfessions June 2020


There isn’t a whole lot going on in my neck of the woods, so my runfessions aren’t earth shattering. Finding things, losing things, the heat and the things I should do but don’t always are rounding out June’s Runfessions.

Hiding in plain sight

I runfess . . .
Those missing capris were hiding in plain sight. Sort of. As I gathered up Winter jackets to give them one final wash before putting them away, suddenly the capris made an appearance. Now if I could just locate the missing pj bottoms and the top that Amazon tells me I bought last September . . .

I runfess . . .
I often don’t get around to washing my Winter clothes before either putting them away (or just when it gets warm enough so I no longer need them). Part of my workout mid June was getting that done for a change, I swear! Well, some of it. There’s still more to do, but then it heated up and my desire to complete the task dwindled.

I still need sunscreen under this top!

I runfess . . .
I’m generally really careful about my skin, seeking out shade, wearing sunscreen. I have spent a lot of time running in my long sleeve Cool It Tops from Skirt Sports — they help keep me cooler, and they have some UPF protection. But I runfess I’ve skipped the sunscreen when I wear them — not so good (until recently).

I runfess . . .
I was just beginning to think about running at the park. I’m not sure I’m up for the bike paths yet, since they’re so narrow. The paths in the park are narrow, too, but then there’s the whole park you can step over to if need be.

Except now it’s so hot that I need to get out super early and even though the park isn’t far, that’s another 20 minutes (or so) added in the morning when I have to walk/feed the dogs. Mr. Judy does often walk the dogs when I’m out running early, but he isn’t as enthusiastic about feeding them. Although he does that for me when I’m going out early to run my long runs — as I did today!.

Do you give your Winter clothes one last wash before putting them away for the season? 

What do you skip before a run because you’re low on time — even though you know it’s important?

Is heat interfering with your running?

What do you have to runfess from June? Come join us


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26 thoughts on “Lost & Found: Runfessions June 2020

  1. The reason I hate to run before work is that I don’t have time to drive to run. So I have to deal with the heat later in the day.

    There are worse things. I’m healthy.

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      1. True. I prefer to run in the morning. My body prefers it. But I have to work. And you I’d rather no run in the dark at 5 am.

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  2. I do wash (some of) my winter coats throughout the winter while I am wearing them and at some point I should throw all my hats and gloves in the wash before next winter.
    I’ve been into a routine with the puppies here, where I have to manage, my own runs, and then walking each of them individually. So far it’s going well.

    Yay for finding those capris! I remember when you said you lost them.

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  3. Ah, you found the capris! I knew you would! 😄
    I runfess that after a big purging exercise 4 years ago I don’t own many clothes anymore. So all seasons fit in one built-in cupboard. For both of us! 😄

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  4. I’m glad that you found the capris! I usually wash my Winter clothes one last time before putting them away for the season but I usually have to wash them again once I take them back out when the weather gets cold.

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    1. I definitely do not wash anything at the start of a season (until I’ve worn them, that is). Although sometimes things do get mysterious stains. I’m pretty sure I don’t put them away that way!


  5. I didnt pack away my winter running clothes. For my regular clothes, I dont wash them before putting them away. I figure I will wash them when I take them out!

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  6. I’m still looking for a sock that disappeared in the dryer months ago. It has to be in a sheet or something…hate when that happens. It’s always the favorites that disappear. Glad you found the capris!

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  7. I do wash my winter stuff before putting it away. I’ve got a windbreaker vest that I only wore once in early spring that I’ve been keeping out in case I’ll wear it again, but I should just wash it and put it away. So glad you found your capris!

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    1. I washed my two vests (they’re not windbreakers, though, they’re heavier). They’re still hanging up in the laundry room. I’m a bit afraid if I put them away, I’ll need them & won’t be able to find them, given my track record.

      I’m still working on the whole decluttering thing . . .


  8. Yes, I do wash my winter stuff before putting it away and that’s why my gloves and headbands/ear warmers are still in their baskets on the counter in the laundry room… because I’m too lazy to sort them and wash them. LOL

    I’m glad you found your missing capris! It took me forever, but I finally found my missing National Parks Passport. Go us!

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    1. I had a mountain of laundry to fold up this morning.

      Glad you found your National Parks Passport! We’re almost to the age where we can get in for free. I just might have come up with a goal to visit as many National Parks as we can (some day). I think we’ve been to 13 so far. At least, I think I have.

      Haven’t made it to Shenadoah, and I’ve wanted to for ages!

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  9. I laundryfess that I still have one of my winter jackets on the “bench” by the back door…I’ve been meaning to wash it and stash it back in the closet…but, well…it hasn’t happened. Maybe this weekend 😉 All the gloves/headbands/hats are ready for next winter, though.

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  10. I thnk I’m one of the few people that don’t pack their winter stuff away! I did wash my winter coat before hanging it up in the closet one last time.

    I found a $20 in my gym bag this week when I went back there for the first time since the pandemic!

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  11. Ha! So glad you found your capris again, Judy. I sometimes skip stretching before/after a run, I admit. I know I should do it…I just sometimes want to get the run done. I always seem to think I can get more done in a certain amount of time than I actually can. I have been sleeping poorly and find it hard to get up at the crack of dawn like I should to run before it gets too hot.

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    1. I’m usually pretty good about stretching before a run, but have definitely been known to skip it afterwards.

      My sleep hasn’t been great the last 2 weeks for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately for me, that actually means getting up earlier than normal. But not necessarily getting out earlier!


  12. I love finding stuff – especially if it’s a dollar or twenty in a long forgotten pocket! I am definitely not a hot weather runner or an early morning runner, so most of my runs have been walks in the late afternoon. I’m just starting to venture out with regards to running with people and on local trails – although the pandemic numbers are going up again in my area so maybe I’ll have to just continue running at home.

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    1. Luckily the numbers are not going up here (yet) but it seems as though it’s closing in on us. I plan to keep ruining solo. I miss my friends, but I’m also not comfortable with a group that big getting together.

      I used to run on the treadmill when it got this hot — but I’ve just made a really effort to get all my runs done outside, and for me, that means early runs! But not sunrise runs. 🙂


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