The ABCs of Motivation


Motivation comes and motivation goes. Sometimes we’re super focused and dedicated, and other times we just want to pull the covers over our heads. That’s normal!

If you find your motivation slipping, though, and you really want to get it back, just turn to the alphabet.

Always have a Goal
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with running for fun, but if you do find yourself in a rut, a goal can help you find your running mojo again. Especially if it’s a goal for someone else. I’m not sure why we tend to work harder for someone else, and more easily blow things off when it’s just us, but we do!

backlit dawn foggy friendship
Be Kind to Yourself | Photo by Helena Lopes on

Be Kind to Yourself
Kindness can take many forms:

  • Cutting a bad run short
  • Taking that rest day
  • Not worrying about pace
  • Skipping a long run when you’re burnt out
  • Running with friends

There’s nothing wrong with cutting yourself a little slack when you’re just not feeling it. Cutting back might just be the answer to finding your mojo again.

Compare Yourself only to Yourself
The comparison game never ends well. Running may come easily to some people, but you can bet there’s another area of their life they’re struggling with. You can’t change your age, or your body type — even your energy level on any given day!

When all else fails . . .

. . . Reward Yourself!

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing — that’s why we recommend it daily. — Zig Ziglar

Final thoughts
I almost said Consistency for “C”. If you are consistent, then fitness becomes a habit. It’s like driving home. You turn the same way you always do — even sometimes when you meant to take a different route!

You may lose your motivation from time to time, but an ingrained habit can be hard to break.

Can you think of other ABCs for motivation?

What keeps you motivated? 

What’s your number one, never fails motivation tip? 


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30 thoughts on “The ABCs of Motivation

  1. Oh, this is a brilliant game, Judy! I love your motivation goals. Here are mine:

    A – Adopt a running tribe (the virtual running bloggers!)
    B – Believe in your goals (reaching my annual goal of 2’600km)
    C – Create a habit (your last point – an ingrained habit is hard to break).

    In tough times, I think having a virtual running tribe is the no. 1 motivator for me.

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      1. True. I like my DIY arm sleeves. It lets me wear tanks most of the time even in the spring and fall and calf sleeves to prolong the skirt season. I HATE being warm when I run.

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  2. These are always great things to remember…I have to work on being kind to myself. And sometimes comparing yourself to yourself can actually make things harder if you’re trying to build yourself back from a long running drought.

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  3. A-Action on the daily….whether it’s a walk, run, strength work, ab/core work, etc.. I try to do some form of activity every day.
    B-Biking for the win! Currently, the bike is my main go-to, and I’m so grateful!
    C-Compare/criticize NOT! We all have different goals, life styles, stamina, and energy levels. There’s absolutely nothing to be gained by comparing yourself to others, or criticizing what others may (or may not) be doing.

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  4. Great approach with the A,B,Cs… and great points! Here are some more…

    Always show up, doesn’t matter if you do 10 minutes or a marathon.
    Be grateful that you GET to run.
    Cheer each other on.

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  5. Love it!
    Awareness- be aware of your body and don’t ignore aches and pains that don’t quickly go away
    Beauty- don’t forget to take in and appreciate the beauty of nature around you when you’re outside
    Capable- you are capable of so much more than you realize

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  6. This is great. I am very rarely kind to myself (I was raised by “tiger women” lol), but it makes a difference.

    I am more of a consistency person. Like you said, if it’s habit, you are more likely to do it.

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  7. This sums it up. Consistency for me has been the biggest. I find that I actually always have a reason not to get out and run – tired from work, just not feeling it, too hot. But staying consistent (and let me add a D – Disciplined!) really helps to get me out even if the motivation is not there. And very rarely do I regret going out. In fact, I usually come back wondering why I resisted it in the first place!

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    1. I won’t lie, as was obvious, I really struggled with running this summer. I often didn’t feel great after a run — I’m sure it was a variety of things that caused that. Now that the weather is slowly moving into cooler (and there’s less bugs) it’s more rewarding for me to run again!


    1. Buddies are great, but can be kind of hard right now! For me, anyway, I’m really not comfortable with running in a group. Maybe not even with someone, although I do get together with a friend to walk, but we’re both masked — I haven’t been running masked.


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