Welcome to Go with Yin Yoga

Today I am unveiling my new Website and Blog for Yoga here. It is very much a work in progress, so I appreciate your gentle, constructive criticism. At the moment it’s also a personal site, so there are some things I can’t change — and then there are some things I can change, but I need to figure out how!


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What you’ll find there
I offer several freebies you are free to download and I point you to some of the different sorts of videos I post to my YouTube channel. I’ll continue to post my new videos here — I try to put it all the way at the bottom of the post, because I know not everyone is interested — but I know some people are.

I have also started a new blog. My videos do often target things that are beneficial for runners — and at the end of February I’m taking a myofascial release class — I’m definitely excited to share more videos on that eventually!

In fact, just this week one day one shoulder was really bothering me; I could lift my arm above my shoulder without a fair amount of pain. I didn’t know why, since I haven’t been doing a whole lot, but I did a lot of myofascial release work on it and it was 90% better the next day and perfectly fine now.

Since this new Website is devoted to Yoga, I’ll also be diving into subjects like Yoga philosophy and pranayama — and how both can really help you in life. I will definitely also be posting about how Yoga can help — and hurt! — runners. I have lots of ideas; it’s always a matter of time!

An excerpt from the first blog post
I am writing a whole series on the Yamas and Niyamas, and how that might help you set some goals for this year, if you haven’t already. You don’t have to know what they are — I’ll explain them all.

What if you chose just one thing to concentrate on for all of 2021? How do you think your life would look like at the end of 2021 if you just chose one thing — and stuck to it? If you’re sighing a huge sigh of relief right now, keep reading — because I’m going to make it easy for you.

You can read the full post here.

I appreciate everyone that has subscribed to my channel, to everyone that has liked one of my videos — or left me a comment! I know that Yoga isn’t everybody’s thing, so I also appreciate you tolerating my passion for it.

If you have used my videos and enjoyed them, I’d love to get a testimonial from you I can feature on the Website. Email me here with whatever you feel called on to write and thank you so much for doing so!

Thanks for indulging me!

If Yoga isn’t your thing, but you know someone who might be interested, please pass along the Website — thank you!


24 thoughts on “Welcome to Go with Yin Yoga

    1. Thanks, Coco. I really resisted it because I didn’t want to put in the work — the last couple of weeks have been busy. The sad part is I used to do that for a living — a long, long time ago — and it was still not easy.


  1. This is so exciting, Judy!! I like yoga but do not love it…but that’s all on me for not being disciplined or consistent with practicing it. You’ve inspired me to get more serious with it 🙂

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  2. Congrats on the new website! It looks great! I actually just did some yoga for the first time in at least 6 months. I go through phases with it! I just subscribed to your newsletter and maybe that will inspire me to get on my mat regularly:)

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  3. Love your new site Judy and signed up on FB as well. I love that you are following your passion!

    I would like to incorporate yoga but I never know if I’m doing it correctly – I had this often with Pilates and often felt more frustrated after the class (and still went every week for 1.5 years!!).

    So I’d love to know which video you recommend just to get started?

    I can’t say that yoga isn’t my thing, I just don’t actually know if it is! The few times I’ve done it I really enjoyed it.

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  4. It’s so great to see you rolling forward with your new love! I do love yoga and have been doing it for many years, starting with the birth of my first son. With the ongoing stress of the pandemic, I’ve returned to my old friend and have been doing some gentle routines at home. The breath and the poses have been helping me a lot. Looking forward to seeing you grow!

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    1. I’ve been practicing a long time too. It took me years — even after a regular practice— to get up the nerve to take my YTT. Putting myself out there on YouTube definitely wasn’t easy either

      So happy you’re finding relief in Yoga again!


    1. Thanks, Jen! Bandit sometimes likes to be with me, but I have a Yoga room & he doesn’t seem to like to stay in there. Lola was a lot more likely to get in your face but she didn’t really stick around either. The cats would try to lay on me though!


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