We Can Rebuild Her: Runfessions February 2021


I slowly and steadily eased back into running and strength training in February. Some of that strength training was the never ending shoveling. We were actually quite lucky, no monster storms in February, but there was snow often. It seemed as though it always fell on a running day, so I was often shoveling after running. 

Oh the weather outside was frightening! Often.

I runfess . . .
I am definitely not minding that my runs are short and sweet right now. Or that they can be whatever I want — slow & steady, a little bit of speed work, run/walk. It’s all good.

I runfess . . .
I had one half that was supposed to have been June 2020, and not surprisingly that was canceled. I never signed up for the 2021 race, but it was no big surprise when I heard from Laurie @ MeditationsinMotion that that, too, was canceled; we were hoping to meet up at the race in 2020! I wasn’t planning on running it this year either. If I’m very lucky, by that point I’ll be vaccinated but who knows? 

I runfess . . .
I am glad that my Achilles finally seems to be healed. Some days it seems a little tight when I first get up, but I do some SMR (self myofascial release) and it seems fine the rest of the day — whether I’m running or not. Returning to running hasn’t seemed to bother it. Now the hamstring that’s forever cranky . . . still cranky. That’s been on and off a long time, much longer than my Achilles; it’s one of those aches that isn’t bad but just won’t seem to go away. I’ve been working on that, too, though and it does seem better.

I used half all purpose & half wheat flour. Mr. Judy likes white bread so he doesn’t ask for this much. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing!

I runfess . . .
When I was sick in January and not very hungry, I went through an entire loaf of Trader Joe’s sourdough bread in about a week. By myself. I don’t usually eat a lot of bread. Although I runfess that sourdough loaf I baked has been disappearing pretty quickly too, although after 2 weeks and both of us eating it there’s still a little left.

I runfess . . .
Some people are #runningallthemiles in the Pandemic. Me? I’m taking #allthecourses. Winter is definitely a good time to be learning new things! Because I am definitely looking forward to getting out in Spring and doing some short hikes again. Even though I know it’ll be muddy.

Are you running more or less than usual right now? 

Are you old enough to know what TV show I’m referring to in the title of this blog?

What do you have to runfess from February? Come join us


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34 thoughts on “We Can Rebuild Her: Runfessions February 2021

  1. Definitely run more. I have more time with all social activities cancelled.

    I teach online classes so I would not take any. And when would I? And I’d rather be running or walking outside. I do it every night now. But that’s me!

    There are a lot hikes that are really pretty in winter. I am glad I get out there with my yaks. I’m over my fear of falling. There are fewer people than spring if that’s what you’re worried about.

    I’m a lot older than you remember?

    Hope your hamstring heals.


  2. This entire year, heck in 2020 too. my runs have been short and sweet. In February I still have short, sweet runs, but I do them every day. I assure you I will not stick with that though. I’m just not into distance right now and that’s ok. That bread looks wonderful! Glad your achilles is feeling better!

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    1. The Achilles is really pretty good, knock on wood, even with more miles. Hamstring is still a literal PITA but not too bad.

      Nutrition courses are always fun! To me, anyway. I would love to become a health coach. Someday, maybe.


  3. We have been getting a lot of snow here too, Judy. Ugh!!! I am ready for it to all melt away. By this time, we usually see some snow flowers poking up. This year, still too much snow. This week has been milder, though. A few days in the 50s are on tap for this weekend too. Come ON spring!

    That sourdough bread looks so good! I have a loaf of cinnamon raisin (no sugar) about to go in the oven right now! I am a sucker for bread.

    I am hoping to finally run the Mt. Hood race in 2022. We have not canceled our flights that we booked for this year. If we get out vaccines, we may still go out to Oregon and visit our son and DIL who live out there. We may as well. We have so many airline credits we need to use!

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    1. We don’t start seeing flowers til almost May, usually. Warmer today, the birds are singing, spring is creeping in!

      We never signed up for Mt. Hood this year. Mr. Judy hasn’t seen his mom in a long time. I’m not quite sure when we’ll manage it. He should start his vaccines next month but I’m still not eligible. As I was just saying to a friend it’s one time it seems like you’re penalized for being fit!


  4. I am gradually running more…and you know why LOL It feels good to be adding days (and extra miles, here and there) with no pressure. Well, there is a 10K next weekend, but the course got relocated (I believe it’s on a trail, in a park) so there will be no self-induced “racing,” per se. I do have a half marathon in late April, but that’s still a virtual format at the moment (it may change to in-person, if the conditions allow), and I’m not concerned since that’s almost two months out.

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    1. Running with little pressure has been freeing — although sometimes I still run when I’m not 100% sure I should — just tired some days but no options due to life. So far so good though! It’s amazing how good just a bit above freezing can feel, right?


  5. The Bionic Woman!!! Seems like I’m the first one to guess it- apparently I’m the only one old enough so far! Either that or I just watched a lot of TV.
    Glad you’re successfully “rebuilding” yourself! Hamstrings can take a long time to heal… stick with it.

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    1. I think no one else wanted to comment I’m quite sure some others knew what I was referring to! Thanks for playing along. 😊

      This has been kind of an on again/off again thing that’s rarely that bad. But I always take even little niggles seriously!


    1. Obviously I’m on board with TJ’s sourdough bread, but usually it lasts for a much longer time. I also love that the ingredients are really clean! It’s probably cheaper than making it myself, LOL!


  6. I did watch the Bionic Woman, but couldn’t think of it. That shows you how old I really am! LOL

    I’m glad your Achilles is doing good and your feeling better. That bread looks delicious. Hope you have less snow in March – or at least that it falls on non-running days.

    Obviously, I’m running (not running) a lot less than usual. Less than a week before I can start again!

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    1. Wow, very excited for you! Today was the first day I got up and my Achilles felt completely normal. I stretched my “long run” to 5 miles yesterday, too.

      Of course it doesn’t mean it will stay that way, but I’m very grateful!

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  7. Overall I think I’ve run more during the pandemic, but I think its partly because before it I was still coming back postpartum and before pregnancy I had some long injuries. Glad your achilles is feeling better and hopefully your hamstring will improve too!

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    1. That hamstring has been bothering me a long time, but it’s the sort of thing that isn’t that bad, and sometimes doesn’t bother me.

      That’s great that you’ve been able to run more AND stay injury free!


  8. I was flying up until a month ago. Last year was my highest mileage in years. Then February came with snow and cold and the return of my anxiety. I’m also having SI joint issues because why not? I haven’t commented on that on the blog, but I will. Hopefully, things will get better.

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  9. I did a lot of courses last summer. We were staying home, it was really hot, and I managed to rack up twice the amount of CEUs that I need to renew my personal training certification which isn’t even due until this coming October.

    My running has stayed steady through this past year. Which is a good thing because again, thanks to the pandemic, I wasn’t doing much other movement and managed to put on a few pounds. I’m sure it would have been more if I wasn’t running.

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    1. We, of course, are the opposite — best to take courses in the dead of Winter. 🙂

      I am hovering a little higher than I like weight wise, but as is probably evident, I’m fairly vigilant about that. Comes from having had lost 40 lbs multiple times in my past — not something I care to do again!

      Now, if my mom would get the message not to send us sweets . . . actually she’s been pretty good, knowing how hard I have to work to maintain, but for some reason took it into her head to send us a bunch recenlty.


  10. Oh, I could destroy a loaf of bread in less than a week for sure! My husband watches a lot of old shows, including the Bionic Woman — cue the sound effect I can’t even describe! I’m forcing myself to meet my mileage goal, but maxing out at 6 mile “long” runs.

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  11. I’m definitely not running #allthemiles! Even though we are in a pandemic, but life responsibilities have not changed, there is still work, house, dogs, etc. Lol. I dont have any more free time than I did before. But that’s okay because I’m still getting some miles in when I can! I am looking forward to summer though because I’ll have much more time on my hands…hopefully! Have a good weekend Judy!

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  12. I put in a lot of miles in 2020 because I was training for Boston but since I’ve been doing mostly 4 mile runs.
    I love bread. I could probably live on bread alone. That loaf looks yummy.

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  13. I was injured much of 2020 and wasn’t running; however, had I been, I’m sure that my running would have remained the same other than not running in any races.

    Your bread looks yummy! We don’t eat much bread anymore, but I certainly enjoy it when we do.

    I’m quite a bit older than you, but I have no idea what TV show you’re referring to in your title.

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