Morning Runfessions June 2021


Three months in and I still have runfessions about my Garmin! I’m also coming clean about those early morning runs and my desperate need for a haircut.

I runfess . . .
On a recent early morning hot run, I saw the mama duck and her ducklings again, which I wrote about in that WRD. What I didn’t share? I stopped to take photos and a short video. 

I kept messing up pausing and unpausing my Garmin. That first mile came out to almost an 18 mm pace. I have actually run that slowly — but on steep trails when it was very hot. It doesn’t really matter, but it was a little frustrating and for once not my Garmin’s fault.

Oh yes, and I also did that on a recent hike with Mr. Judy and Bandit.

Waiting & hoping for a walk


I runfess . . .
I struggle with whether to walk Bandit before my run or run first when the heat is on. There was even one day I wasn’t running but I didn’t want to skip my first thing in the morning Yoga. Usually running wins, but I have been getting out there earlier and earlier — but sometimes he gets walked first.

I runfess . . .
There is a certain satisfaction to having 10k+ steps before 8 am. That’s the reward for those early morning runs. The downside is I find that as the Summer wears on, those early mornings begin to wear me out. I ran with USAFit for several years, and we definitely got out there pretty darn early as the Summer went on to accommodate our longer & longer runs. 

I am not missing those 0’dark thirty long runs


On a recent morning there were pine needles all over the driveway. Which is weird, the pines are a fair distance from the driveway.


I runfess . . .
There was a morning recently when a lot of swearing was going on downstairs. Turns out a hornet had gotten into our office, but thankfully Mr. Judy took care of it. Not long after that I put on my shoes to walk Bandit, took a few steps outside, when suddenly there was a stabbing pain in my toe. 

My first thought was there was a hornet in my shoe! I kept feeling that pain! I took my shoe off — it was a single pine needle stabbing into my big toe.

I runfess . . .
When we walk Bandit, I put my hair up into a ponytail and stuff it all under a hat. A while ago as I did this I noticed the hair was falling into my eyes, which was annoying. I would have to sort of shove it back under the hat at my forehead.

It’s a clear sign that I am in desperate need of a haircut, and yet I still haven’t made that appointment. It has nothing to do with COVID; I just haven’t gotten around to it.

The hair also annoys me when I have to move it out of the way when I roll over onto a different side in bed. Yet I enjoy throwing it up in a loose bun and having a long braid. I’m a bit undecided how short I want to go, plus I know when I get it cut she’ll go a little shorter than I want — but seriously, this needs to get done!

Drag yourself out of bed early to run or bounce right out of bed? 

Couldn’t wait to get back to normal hair or embracing some change?

What do you have to runfess from June? Come join us


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25 thoughts on “Morning Runfessions June 2021

  1. Never never could let me hair go. I only missed one monthly appt. my hair thick and layered so
    Have to work so I enjoy my morning routine. Unfortunately it does not include running. I used to jump out of bed to run. Now I mostly join the evening running groups. Monday Wednesday and Friday. I wish they happened all year long. Love them.

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  2. I am also in need of a haircut! But with my wrist injury, pulling it back into a ponytail has been a great option. I wear a hat and tuck it up underneath when I am on the trails, but that is because the flies are attracted to my hair. Ick

    I don’t bounce out of bed, but I do get up when I wake up. I can’t wait for my morning coffee! I like to take my time in the morning.

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    1. I don’t think flies are attracted my hair. Thankfully. But I also don’t like that mass of hair on my neck!

      I like to take my time in the morning but between yoga, walking bandit & running it gets rushed when it’s hot!


  3. I just got a much-needed haircut last week. I did get one last November so I have gone in during the pandemic, but still, I wait too long. Those pine needle stabs can be painful! Better than a hornet though probably. I don’t miss those super early, beat-the-heat long runs either. Ugh.

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  4. I returned to regular haircuts last fall – I tried to be the first appointment of the day and felt pretty comfortable with the salon’s protocols.

    I definitely have to drag myself out of bed, but I’m willing to get out as early as necessary to stay ahead of the heat!

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  5. I went a long time without a haircut and then chopped it in Feb. Its still pretty short for what I’m used to. I’m planning to let it grow out as bit, but I’ll never got that long without a haircut again!

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    1. Once I get a haircut I hope I don’t let it get so long again! Part of my problem is my hairdresser switched salons. I actually tried to get an appointment a while ago but it never went through.


  6. That’s funny, I also let my hair get way too long and it was due to laziness, not Covid. The thing that finally made me go get it cut was my ponytail kept getting caught in my hydration vest during long runs. Ha, i have weird priorities!

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  7. Well, my mornings almost always start early…usually before my alarm LOL It’s what my body knows, and what works for me. Often times, I let Max out in the backyard for a minute when I get up, then either the hubby or I walk him a little later (either the hubby takes him while I’m running, or we do a “family” walk after I return). I am constantly changing my hair, and am currently sporting a pretty “long” look. It’s convenient for the messy buns or high ponytails (which I prefer over the low ones), but can get annoying when sleeping.

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    1. My hair doesn’t change real often. I did come across a photo of me — before we were married — my hair actually looked as long!

      Bandit gets up with me, but he usually goes from one bed to another. He doesn’t usually go out that early, which leaves the bunnies in peace.


  8. I’m usually ready to get up at 5:30, but my alarm goes off at 5:00 😉 Scooby will wait a little while before his morning walk, but I couldn’t do a run first. He starts getting impatient after about 15 min.

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  9. I am not an early bird but in summer I prefer to run at 06.30/07.00 a.m. because of the heat and to take the right time to recover after the effort. On the contrary my running mates make their workout at 06.00 p.m.; I prefer to run alone at that time too many cars and hot weather,

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  10. I can go a few months without getting a haircut. But it sure feels good when I get one. I usually cut 2-3 inches since I want to be able to put it up in a ponytail. For the most part I get out of bed pretty quickly but there are times when I make myself get up.

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