10 Most Viewed Posts in 2021


I started to work on a “top 10 videos of 2021” video for my YouTube channel, so decided it would be fun to have a look at the top 10 posts on this blog. Only it’s a personal blog, with no plugins, so not so easy to see the most viewed posts from just 2021. Feel free to let me know if you know a way — I searched a bit but didn’t really want to devote that much time to it. Remember, personal site not business site.

You can, look at your Stats and that will give you a list of your most viewed posts this year. It just so happens that many of my most viewed posts (but not all) on that list are quite old!

10: 5 Simple Tips to Sail Through the Holidays
There actually was another Weekly Rundown Post here — and my home page is not surprisingly my most viewed page — this was the runner up for #10. Which surprised me a little considering it’s a recent post. Read the post here.

9:  How I Defeated Achilles Tendonitis
I suppose this should read how I mostly defeated Achilles Tendonitis. It still aches (like a 1 on a scale of 10) once in a while. I noted it didn’t ache at all last week when I mostly didn’t run — although it felt okay after I ran my long-er run after not running for a week. I’ve had a lot of aches like that over the years, and usually at some point they do just disappear completely. Read the post here.

8:  What to Say to a Slow Runner . . .
This post was written in 2018, but I got a very nice comment on it this year! Yes, speed is relative, but things can be different in the BOTP. Read the post here.

7:  Waterfall Chasing
It seems slightly odd that a Weekly Run Down post ended up in my top 10 viewed list this year, but there ya go. Maybe everyone just loves a waterfall! Read the post here.

6:  Brash: Ok or Not Ok?
Another blast from the past that oddly got more views this year than it did when first published in 2018. Read the post here.

5:  5 Tips to Sail Through Your First Colonscopy
We’re all different ages here, but apparently this ended up being a popular post. You’re welcome. Read the post here.

4:  Fearless: A Good Thing or a Bad Thing?
This post goes all the way back to 2016! It was gaining momentum through 2019, and now the views are dropping, but still enough to land it midway in my most viewed posts of 2021 (not sure what that says about my writing in 2021!). Read the post here.

3:  About Me
I haven’t looked at that page since I first wrote it — I guess it’s really time for an update. I waffled a bit whether or not to include non running posts, but I just decided to go with it. Read my About Page here.

2:  Danette May 30 Day Challenge
Another golden oldie (from 2017) that probably also needs an update, has something to do with fitness but not so much running, but because of the large Danette May group perennially gets a lot of views. I still love Danette May, by the way! Read this post here.

Drumroll, my most viewed post of 2021 was:

1:  I Tried It: Peloton Road to 5k
Thanks, Peloton peeps. This post was written in December of 2020, but it’s been gaining momentum all of 2021.  Read this post here.

Final Thoughts
Interesting to see that roughly half the most popular posts are relatively old, while one that’s very recent made the list! It’s a mixed bag, to be sure, but kind of fun to see what people are looking at.

Have you ever looked to see what your most popular post are?
Do you ever compile a list of your favorite posts from the last year?
Are you still looking back at 2021 or forward to 2022?


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49 thoughts on “10 Most Viewed Posts in 2021

  1. I find some of my old posts are still terribly popular on both my blogs – my first post on my professional blog about how to sort out a problem with comments in Word still gets hundreds of hits a year, and several older ones on my reading and running blog do (I suspect some are on set texts). I get spikes in my marathon race reports when the same marathon runs again!

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  2. What an interesting list, Judy!
    I haven’t checked my most popular posts yet, I will need to do that.
    I do get random likes for particular posts which are inexplicable to me. For example, a post I did on “My 5 favourite workouts”. Even a year later, obscure fitness companies like that post. It must pop up in a specific WordPress search.

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  3. It’s fun to look at stats! Do you have Google Analytics installed on your blog? You can search results for a given period of time. I haven’t looked at my posts for 2021 yet. My most popular post of all time is the one I wrote on self-defense weapons for runners. No surprise there. I keep updating it to keep it relevant. The other one is titled the magic eight ball, which makes no sense to me. I guess it’s the title, but I’m sure people who read it are disappointed!

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      1. Since none of us are professionals, running is on the back burner for us all. I just focus on it for my blog. Much more time is spent on work, family and friends.

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  4. It’s always interesting to see what gets the most attention. I get random notifications on “old” posts from time-to-time, which are always nice surprises. If nothing else, the peeps reading those (and taking the time to leave a comment) will probably browse around and read another post (or several).

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  5. How interesting! It does make sense that your Peloton post was popular since I’m sure many people are searching for info prior to purchases. It’s always interesting to see what drives traffic to your blog!

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  6. Hmmm, these are some varied posts! I’ve read some of them, now I’m curious to read the others. It’s interesting to see what people are interested in, right? Did you have any posts you thought would be popular, but weren’t?

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    1. Between Yoga videos, thinking about the Yoga blog (but not writing anything for it) and blog posts — seriously, I often don’t even remember what I’ve done!

      I think I’ve been more surprised by some posts being popular when I didn’t expect them to be — like the colonoscopy posts.

      I usually use whatever is going on in my life, so it’s nice when that’s something people actually want to read.


  7. I wrote my “Walked into a Bar” post seven years ago and it gets about 20 hits a day. Meanwhile, some brand new posts are lucky to get 20 hits on the day they’re published. I would think your colonoscopy post would be popular for those nervously having their first one done.

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  8. Interesting list. I think it’s important to know what are the most popular topics to discuss with our friends.
    I haven’t checked my most popular posts yet but now I’m curious and I will do that.

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  9. My most popular posts are older ones. I used to have much more success on Pinterest before it changed a couple years ago, so I have some pins on there that did really well and still bring traffic to my blog. The newer posts are slower to get traction.

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  10. i love to go back and look at blog stats but I have to admit that i haven’t done that in months – oops!
    Thanks for providing that list – I enjoyed going back and re-reading some of the posts.

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  11. What a fun idea. I need to see what my most popular posts were this year! A lot of my old posts stay popular, especially my health-related ones. My colonoscopy post still gets traction as does the posts I wrote about my intraductal papilloma and excisional biopsy (that one still gets me personal emails from women facing the same thing).

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  12. It’s fun to look back! I used to share my most popular posts a few years ago, it’s always funny when the post you really wanted to blow up gets no attention while a random post does much better! The popular post plugin on WordPress is pretty good as I can see on an ongoing basis what people are enjoying.

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