Top 6 List of 2021

I haven’t raced in a long time, and for a variety of reasons, my mileage was pretty low in 2021. So could I find six things to love about running in 2021?

Shorter runs
I know there are runners that love that long run, and I’m not saying that I hate it, but it’s so much easier to fit in a short run — and still get other things accomplished in your life.

My chocolate oatmeal
I have made chocolate oatmeal a variety of ways over the years, but this is my current favorite and it’s super simple. I put some chocolate ghee into my mini crockpot. Then I sprinkle some spices over the ghee, usually cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, and very small sprinkle of chipotle powder. I add my oats, some water and plug it in so that the oats can cook overnight.

In the morning the ghee has melted and I stir everything to mix it altogether and add in some chocolate chips, too.

Ghee, by the way, is simply clarified butter (like you’d dip your lobster meat into). It has the dairy (which can be mucous forming) removed and is said to have many health benefits, too. Chocolate ghee is made with ghee, date syrup, and cacao. Dates are a wonderful energy source for runners!

This isn’t an everyday breakfast for me; it tends to be what I have on my long-er runs.

The Saucony Endorphin Speeds
I now have fast shoes and slow shoes. Well I did before, too, my Newtons were my fast shoes — but I can’t justify the price when I’m not racing. I do love that burst of speed I get from the appropriately named Endorphin Speeds — it’s magic!

I just keep running. Maybe not like Forrest Gump . . .

Knowing I’m a “real” runner
Actually, I always pondered if I’d continue to run if I didn’t race — even though I raced far less often than some of my running friends (and far more often than others). Sometimes I wonder about things like that. 2021 answered that question — I didn’t race, but I’m still running.

A happier Achilles Tendon
It still aches sometimes . . . but I’ve had other things like that where it seemed like it would never go away and then one day I realized it was gone. Even when it aches, though (and that’s not all the time) — I would rate it maybe a 1-3.

Even in a mild Winter, there are days that it would be dangerous to run outside

My Treadmill
You knew it was coming, right? I get it, you may hate the treadmill and think that running outside is just far superior. We are all different, so you do you, and I’ll be over here not fretting about the weather (sometimes), and still doing most of my nice, short runs outdoors.

Final Thoughts
Even in a year with little travel and no racing I was still able to find six great things related to running. There’s always bliss there if you look for it (especially when you’re eating chocolate oatmeal).


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25 thoughts on “Top 6 List of 2021

  1. I do agree. You don’t have to race to be a runner. Although racing is my favorite part of the sport. I know I could not give it up.

    I eat chocolate oatmeal too. My favorite is from the dollar store. I’m sure it’s not healthy but hey it’s tastes good and is cheap.

    I knew you’d love the treadmill. Unfortunately with this freezing weather you don’t warm up out there unless you run long.

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  2. Yes! I agree with you and Darlene – you don’t have to race to be a runner. I love to race, but I can understand that not every runner likes it.

    Yay for a happy Achilles tendon! I think most people who have had Achilles issues learn to be very careful about it. It taught me to listen to my body! 🙂

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  3. Yes, you’re definitely a runner and I totally agree about the treadmill – it’s so convenient for when there is inclement weather. I wish I had space for one (I hop on the bike on bad weather days).

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  4. If I lived in an area with true winter weather, I’d be on my treadmill twice as much! Going outside and risking a fall isn’t cool. I agree about short runs too. It’s nice to get a quick run in and not have the prep and post recovery take up a lot of time!

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    1. You do miss being outside, though. Or at least I do. Some much more than me, although usually I get outside just to walk Bandit — except there are days and days in the Winter when he doesn’t get walked — not because of us, because it wouldn’t be good for him.

      While I love having a treadmill, I’m not sure I’d go so far to say that I love the treadmill. I certainly don’t hate it, and am very grateful to have a functioning one again.

      Although funny story, we bought the old one when we lived in TX! So I could walk in the Summer without getting heatstroke. 🙂


  5. The chocolate oatmeal really sounds yummy! You know my thoughts on the treadmill, LOL. I am glad Milly did come back to life, though. It had been almost an entire year since her & I last spent any time together.

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  6. You are a runner even if you haven’t raced lately. If you weren’t a real runner you wouldn’t have bought a treadmill to keep training when outside it’s too cold!
    In the past I had shoes for the races and shoes for the workouts, now as I’m slower, no more.

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  7. That is interesting about the chocolate ghee. I’ve never heard of it nor used it. I like your simple recipe. I mean, making oatmeal shouldn’t difficult, right? Interesting too about the chipotle powder. I make s smoothie with oatmeal but I am getting tired of it. Need to try your recipe. 🙂

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