A Half on the Down-LO: Runfessions October 2022

I’m taking a page from Cari @ Travelingwithcari‘s playbook, and revealing why I’ve been running trails and running longer lately. Yes, I’m planning to run my second trail half marathon. I started to run on the trails in this nature preserve during the Pandemic, but it wasn’t until I was regularly training here this Summer that I found a lot of peace at this preserve. I think I was very lucky because while it was a hot Summer, it was also a dry Summer — so I wasn’t as bothered by bugs as I often am in Summer running.

My first trail half. Hoping I don’t look this muddy at the end of the second I’ve — I might be wearing the same gaiters, though.

I runfess . . .
I’ll just lead with the biggest runfession: did you notice I’ve been training for a half marathon without actually mentioning it? Partly because I wasn’t even sure it would happen. Heck in today’s world, anything goes.

Yes, that is the bladder from my hydration vest in a pasta pot. It works quite well to let it dry out without getting dirty!

I runfess . . .
I actually really like my hydration vest. I can carry plenty of water — and ID, money, fuel, a heat blanket, keys, etc. Yet I try as hard as possible not to use it during training. Even though it’s easier. Filling it, emptying it, it sometimes chafes my running top (but so far not me, thankfully).

Excuse the blurry photo — huddled together at the start. So cold — and yup, rain through the whole race.

I runfess . . .
It’s been 4 years since I ran a coolcold Fall half marathon — although I don’t yet know if this half will be cool, it will fall in Fall. That last one? It was the Nor’easter on Cape Cod (above, at the start). I sincerely hope it’s not a repeat of that! I think I deserve some good weather, don’t you?

I runfess . . .
I’ve been working Amazon hard. I keep thinking of little things I need — hey, it’s been a while since I’ve run a half marathon — did you hear? I try to group things together as much as possible, but then my mom would need stuff too.

I runfess . . .
My running has been slow, but surprisingly strong. Training has gone well. I certainly wasn’t able to train the way I wanted to — a couple of weeks just two runs: the last time that happened was my FL half (also due to parent drama), which was a major breakthrough for me. I do not expect that a breakthrough at this half; FL was after years of training, while this half is after years of scaled back running. I am as ready as I’m going to be!

How has your running gone this Fall?

What are looking forward to this Fall?

What do you have to runfess from October? Come join us


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21 thoughts on “A Half on the Down-LO: Runfessions October 2022

  1. Good luck your half. I was not surprised. lol.

    Hope you have good weather. It may even be sunny and warm.

    We’ve had a nice fall here. So my running has been great. I post everything.

    Looking to long runs and brunches with running friends and of course many races.

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  2. yes, I figured you were training for a half. That is exciting! Hope you have great weather and a fabulous time out there. I wish I could get into trail running

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  3. I hope your half goes well!! My “training” took a scaled-back turn in recent weeks…and I actually was alright with that. I didn’t have any grandiose hopes of a PR anyways, so transferring to the 5K from the half (two weeks ago) was a no-brainer.

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  4. Hee! Welcome to the master secret squirrel club. I didn’t figure it out until two? weeks ago when you said you just had the recovery run left. You’re going to kick ass. Love the gaiters and can see why you might wear them again.
    Drying a bladder is part of why I don’t think I’ll ever use a hydration vest-also, they’re not allowed in most races here so no po int in getting used to them. I’m so squicky around mold/mildew I’ll always think it’s there

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  5. Hope you have a great race and it isn’t too horribly cold or wet. I just spotted my hydration vest the other day hanging in a closet. I’m not quite sure when the last time was that I even used it. Ha! I do not miss all the bladder cleaning, etc.

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  6. I figured that you were training for a half, but I didn’t figure on a trail half. I hope you enjoy it! Anxious to hear all about it. I don’t use a hydration vest, still using my handheld.

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