Travel & Winter: Runfessions November 2022

I didn’t think I’d be writing Winter runfessions in November, but apparently Mother Nature had some other ideas. Because after a lovely Indian Summer at the beginning of the month, Mother Nature took a really nasty turn. Speaking of nasty turns, how bout those prices? Yup, that’s a runfession too!

I runfess . . .
While I took a travel size foam roller with me on vacation — actually two (one tiny, one small) — I only used the tiny one before my race. Once in ten days. Maybe I used the other one once, too. I am struggling to get back into my daily foam rolling routine, but so far I guess I do it often enough to keep my body happy.

I may have been giving thumbs up to no gloves in this photo; but they’ve been necessary since) — I’m also quite content with 6 miles. On the trails it almost qualifies as a long run (a bit less than 90 minutes).

I runfess . . .
I am completely and utterly content with my short-er runs.

I runfess . . .
I am once again battling SAD. In fact, that’s probably what all my December Yoga videos on my channel will be about. I’ve been researching Yoga & Depression a lot, I’ve learned a lot — but the proof is always in the pudding: is it helping? I won’t know until January, probably!

It’s a work of process & may look different eventually but it’s easier to remember what the heck I did in a week!

I journalfess . . .
I started up with my journal again last Spring. I’m still going strong. It’s a bullet journal (dotted grid). I’ve really never liked having separate journals for my running and my life. I record my runs — and a bunch of other stuff — in my journal.

Not too long ago I added a simple monthly mood tracker that I really enjoy. Recently I added a weekly activity tracker. So even if I don’t start a weekly run down post until the day of the linkup, I actually know how often I’ve done ST, Pilates, etc. — and have an actual written record of my runs. I’m loving it!

I $$fess . . .
I swear that it is cheaper to eat out every day now vs buying food. I was shocked at how much prices had changed in the ten days we were on vacation.

If you track activities — how to you do it?

If you celebrate, how was your Thanksgiving?

What do you have to runfess from November? Come join us


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21 thoughts on “Travel & Winter: Runfessions November 2022

  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling the SAD so early in the season. My Vitamin D levels tank in the winter and I’ve been supplementing a bit but probably not as much as I should. The struggle is real, since I don’t absorb it that well anymore unless I’m out in the sunshine, which as you well know, we don’t get much of in winter. Ugh.

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    1. I always feel SAD this time of year! I definitely do vit D & light therapy. We’ll see if the other things I’m trying help. Doesn’t matter how much sunshine there is, in Winter, at our latitudes, it’s impossible to get enough vit D.


  2. I am happy to have to train for long races. Then I have to run 8-12 miles. It keeps me out there no matter what.

    No time to record anything but in my blog. But I make sure to post 3x a week. Like anything else I need to be consistent. But that’s me.

    The best part of my thanksgiving was the race. It was fun. It was also nice to see family members. And yes I seem to buy nothing and it’s $200.

    Hope you had a nice day with your mom.

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  3. I’ve been battling SAD since I returned from my trip to California. Last week, I started to feel better–I’m not really sure what turned it around. I hope you feel better too.

    The hubs and I were just talking about how expensive groceries have become! it’s crazy!

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  4. SAD is why I moved to Florida- mine was really, really bad. I’d be interested to hear the things you’re doing to combat it. You definitely live in a difficult area! I hope you feel better soon.
    Right now I have one big planner where I record my workouts and regular life events. It’s working pretty well- I think it would be better if I color-coded it. Maybe i’ll start with a new system in January.

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    1. Mine isn’t a planner, just a plain dotted journal. I just like color. 🙂 I’m thinking of making it circles instead of squares for the activities. Haven’t nailed that yet but like the direction it’s going in.


    1. I don’t use a planner, just a plain dotted journal. Although I’ve tried many planners in the past, too!

      It’s always hard to tell what’s helping during the darkest months. Activity is definitely helpful — but not TOO much activity & finding that balance, for me, isn’t easy. I generally don’t feel well in January so I’m working hard (sort of) to see if I can get through without feeling that way next year!


  5. Grocery prices are insane this was by far the most expensive Thanksgiving dinner ever. Getting outside in the winter months really helps me a lot even if it cold out. Sorry you are feeling down right now

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  6. The snowy tree looks so pretty – maybe because I can enjoy it from afar.

    I don’t think I suffer from SAD but I do need to make an effort to get outside during daylight hours now that my weekday Scooby walks are at dark o’clock. I might only see the sun on weekends!

    I am very aware of grocery prices and every week my husband has to hear me say “I can’t belied X costs $$$ now.” I swear prices on a lot of this have gone up 50%.

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  7. I don’t think I’m affected much by SAD, but it’s no secret how much I detest the cold and dark days of Winter. I got in the habit of getting outside, in some capacity, on the daily – two years ago (Thanksgiving 2020 was my start date). It not only lifts my mood, but the fresh air is SO invigorating (no matter how cold it is, LOL) and it’s definitely empowering to not let the crappy weather keep me inside.

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    1. We had 2 very cold, very windy days last week. I had to break out the ugly down blanket coat (that’s what it looks like). Bandit was happy to walk the first day, but the second day we got a few houses down & he was over it.


  8. Yep, definitely cheaper to eat out although I’ve seen prices creep up there. I have an excel doc but haven’t been as on top of my mileage in years past.
    Winter came this weekend. WTF! Not OK, although layers = more ways not to match

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