Dogs & Tech: Tea/coffee Date May 2023


I’m joining  Coco and Deborah and actually have been drinking smoothies a bit more these days with the warmer weather (well, warmer weather when I originally wrote this pose — although it’s going to get warmer as this week goes on). My neighborhood continues to go to the dogs, and an upgrade gone well.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I wanted to sign up with Insight Timer to teach Yoga, but we needed faster Internet. Our provider wouldn’t budge on their price, so we decided to switch providers. I had ported over a lot of emails from that address to my gmail account (I did not have a gmail account when we moved here, now I have three, LOL!).

Some of my important emails (Apple, Amazon, Garmin) still went to the local provider, because you know that stuff is never easy. It wasn’t. So much back and forth and back and forth and putting in codes (which they barely give you time to do!) but I think it’s all working now.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you so far signing on with a different ISP was the best decision. It actually lowered the price a bit (for the first two years). So that makes Mr. Judy happy.

Then I’d tell you a simple 30 minute video would generally take at least 90 minutes to upload — and sometimes much more time than that. Now it takes 5 minutes. We couldn’t change profiles while the video was uploading, so that was also aggravating to Mr. Judy, but most of the time he was a good sport about it.

So it makes Mr. Judy happy and it makes my life easier, too. I am just amazed at how fast the videos upload now! You still have a long wait for YouTube to process the video, but you can switch profiles while that’s going on. It’s been a win-win.

Should this be my next Garmin? The Vivoactive is less expensive. Is the Venu worth the extra $$?

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you one morning my Garmin went simply nuts. It kept starting a run — and I had it locked so it was impossible for me to start it! Shut that down, locked it again, and it kept doing it, while I was practicing Yoga. Very annoying (it buzzes for my run/walk intervals). I shut it off and turned it back on and thankfully it worked okay on the run. It’s only 4 years old, but it might be time for a new one (I’m thinking Prime Day in July maybe).

While we were away on vacation it also kept starting activities while it was locked . . .

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d ask you if you’ve been having trouble with off leash dogs in your neighborhood? It used to be a rare occurrence for us, but suddenly there’s the incidence below (but he’s a cutie), a while back Mr. Judy tried to corral a neighbor’s loose dog (the dog wasn’t having it), and on the day we switched our ISP, another neighbor’s dog got loose.

If we were enjoying tea/coffee . . .
I’d tell you I came close to hitting neighbor’s dog at the end of April. Remember the super cute puppy at the end of our block? I came home from grocery shopping one day, came around the blind curve, and there he was, trotting down the road. Did I mention how small this dog is?

Luckily he’s also super friendly and already loves me, but also super wiggly. I was able to pick him up (and just barely hold onto the wiggle worm) and bring him back to his home. I feel as though God put me in the right place that day.

Have you upgraded any tech lately that made your life easier?

Garmin Vivoactive (which I currently have) vs Venu? Anyone got pros & cons for the 2 models?

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24 thoughts on “Dogs & Tech: Tea/coffee Date May 2023

  1. Off leash dogs always make me nervous! Wow 90 min to upload a video? Glad you got the upgrade on your service it must be life changing over there. I did not care for the touch screen of the Venu and kept hitting it when I didn’t ‘t mean to. That may not bother you though.

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  2. Technology can be frustrating for sure!
    I am so glad you were able to take the small dog home. I am curious why he was outside unsupervised to begin with. I never understand people who don’t know their dogs are missing! But of course mine are glued to my hip…lol

    Have a great weekend Judy!

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    1. She had taken him out to do his business, apparently off leash — they don’t have a fence. Dogs can be sneaky, but this tiny dog should never be off leash. I could so easily have run him over. 😦


    1. Well, it’s not like I babysat it, LOL! Sometimes it could take hours — and some of the videos much longer.

      Interesting on the Venu. I’ve been using the Vivoactive for about 8 years now & it is a touchscreen.


  3. I know that Garmin’s “should” last longer, but four years sounds just about right, and you’re probably due for a new one. And nice job on the tech update- that will make your life much easier!
    We don’t have much of a problem with dogs offleash around here. I’m worried about your little puppy neighbor! I hope he doesn’t get hit by someone else- sounds like his owners aren’t too concerned about it.

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  4. I am NOT a fan of offleash dogs, either. My town is pretty liberal (due to the large college community/staff/faculty), and I see A LOT of people walking their dogs with leash in hand, but the dog is free from it. So frustrating! I mean, we do have vehicles, and a lot of drivers are not very attentive…

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  5. We have tons of dogs where I live but fortunately they’re all on leashes or at dog parks and people are really good about that. You just never know what to expect with a dog wandering around, plus I would worry about it getting hit by a car since there’s a busy road not far from my house.
    Hooray to faster internet! It sounds like it was worth the hassle to switch.

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    1. Yes, we just got back a couple of days ago & I was really impressed by the well behaved dogs! But I don’t care how well trained your dogs are, all it takes is a split second. And this dog is not yet well trained (although they are at least trying).

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  6. Regarding the Garmin, you could do what I did and look on Ebay. I scored a Garmin Forerunner 55 for $100, which is more than half the price of the new one. It works great!

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  7. You’re lucky you have a choice of ISPs — we don’t but luckily ours is OK.

    Ugh on the Garmin — have you called customer service? They are very helpful and might have tips for you. Mine wasn’t charging and they suggested I swap the connections with rubbing alcohol (to clean them) and it worked!

    Unleashed dogs stress me out with Scooby, but usually he’s calm even if they are not. I do think it’s rude and inconsiderate when it’s on purpose.

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    1. Actually there are only two ISOs that service our neighborhood!

      Thanks for the tip on Garmin tech support. I was talking to a friend yesterday who happened to buy the same Garmin at the same time as I did & she’s having some of the same problems. Heck, even one of our standalone GOSs for the cars (our cars don’t have GPS) has been going wonky lately. They don’t seem to be built to last forever.


  8. We use Spdctrum. It’s expensive but don’t have time to switch things over.

    My Garmin 235 fits my needs too. But my needs are minimal.

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    1. We had Spectrum, but when we asked them if they could offer a lower rate they emphatically said no. So we switched. And then when we called to cancel spectrum suddenly they said they could offer something. However we only use it for internet — we don’t have cable.


  9. Mr PugRunner is constantly switching around our providers. He needs certain things for work, so I let him handle it.

    I bet it feels good to be more efficient.

    I am more worried about the 8 foot alligator on the loose in my neighborhood. We have them, but this one is pretty big and has started moving between bodies of water during the day. It’s a little unnerving.

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    1. Oh no on the alligator! That would definitely be disturbing. My MIL recently had a bear near her condo (although she didn’t see it). Can’t tell you how many times I’ve run there when we visit!


  10. Ahh, time saved is always a plus + the fact that it’s less expensive is even better!

    Off leash dogs do make me nervous when I’m walking Tofu since he’s still somewhat skittish (he usually wants to be every dog’s friend so it’s usually not an issue but sometimes he gets a lil too friendly and doesn’t listen to social cues ._. ).

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