8 Ways I Recovered from My Longest Runs Ever


While my longest long runs were definitely a bit of a struggle, I recovered from them really well.

I am joining the Friday Five 2.0 from Fairytales & Fitness and Rachel @ Running on Happy and sharing eight, not five, things I did to recover properly. Most taken from my own posts on recovery!


Walk it in
I try to always end my runs so that I have at least a quarter mile walk back to my car — if not longer. 17 miles was no exception. I probably walked about a half mile until I got back to the car.

Stretch it out
I am not as good at post run stretching as I am about dynamic warmups, but I made it a point to do a brief stretch after both my 15 and 17 milers, and even used my Original Worm (Amazon Affiliate link) immediately after the 17 miler to quickly roll out the achy areas.

Immediately After: a Protein Bar
Luckily I have protein bars that I enjoy. And even though long runs can sometimes rob me of my appetite — as does humidity — and I got socked with humidity for both my 15 and 17 milers — I was able to eat a protein bar immediately afterward.

Change & legs sort of up the wall
I will runfess that I didn’t shower immediately after those runs. I was too tired. Of course I did eventually shower because I was also pretty darn disgusting! But I had to get out of those damp running clothes the moment I got home. In reality I could’ve gotten out of them in the bathroom at the park, but I just wanted to get home.

Then I laid down on the bed with the dogs, and elevated my feet up the bookcase headboard of our bed. Not quite legs up the wall, which I did do later, but helpful all the same.

After I’ve recovered a bit more, it’s time for some water + Nuun.

Protein + Carbs + Indulgence

Grazing & indulging the rest of the day
I never really experienced true runger after either of those longer runs, so I guess I did a good job at getting in what I needed. On the day I ran long, I tended to kind of graze all day, definitely trying to emphasize protein to help along recovery. But there were definitely treats, too; and not the healthy kind, either.

Keeping my legs happy with my ShinTekk

ShinTekk + foam roll
My body seemed to really miss the ShinTekk while I was on vacation. It actually ended up being almost 2 weeks away — I think that’s part of why my shins were so darn sore after my half. I knew I needed to get right back at it when I got home.

And of course somewhere in there there was foam rolling. My body was practically begging for it.

Recovery yoga

Namaste & Good Night
Right before bed I did Christine Felstead’s Yoga for Runners (Amazon Affiliate link) Foundation segment. I don’t follow it exactly as she leads it — I throw in some lunges and some pigeon instead of the tadasana, and a little bit of toe yoga, too. But I really like that it ends with legs up the wall.

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40 thoughts on “8 Ways I Recovered from My Longest Runs Ever

  1. Oooh, I used to do Christine Felstead’s yoga for runners! I had forgotten about that. It’s challenging but I like that you can do individual sequences if you don’t have time for the whole thing.

    For refueling (especially after boot camp) I’ve been using Tailwind Recover in chocolate. It’s so yummy!

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  2. I don’t remember it’s been so long. Lol

    I try to bring or buy chocolate milk.

    I always wear compression socks during long runs especially in a half. My legs have not been sore ever after because of it I think.

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    1. I also try to keep moving rather than going home and sitting or lying down. I plan to do my grocery shopping and all my errands (even if I am tired.) I actually actually have more energy if I do.

      never do yoga after.

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      1. Oh, I do go home and lay down. 🙂 Just not immediately afterward.

        After a 12 miler I had the energy to do some grocery shopping — after 15-17 miles, nope. I’m sure if I did it all the time my body would adapt to it just like it’s adapted to training for a half. Very much doubt I’ll be doing this again though!


  3. I’ve been doing way more stretching after my workouts recently and I noticed that to makes me feel less sore, which I’m always thankful for, haha.

    After a long run I usually graze for the rest of the day as well. I don’t necessary want a huge meal, but I love snacking throughout the rest of the day.

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    1. At least this summer, I’m finding I don’t generally have rungries. In fact the opposite — having difficulty eating enough (some days). Not that that has moved the scale in the right direction! I think it’s just the heat.


    1. I highly recommend the Shin Tekk. Normally my shins don’t even bother me, but it just makes my legs feel better over all when I use it after a run.

      We all have our strengths — you’re much better at the cross training than I am!


  4. I like the Yoga for Runners idea. It sounds interesting.

    I finished a long run yesterday that did not go well. I was also too tired to shower immediately after the run. All I wanted to do was eat and drink, but eventually, I got up enough energy to go sit in the shower (yes, we have a bench in our shower!)

    Your training for the 18.12 sounds like it is right on track. I hope you like the race. I might do it next year.

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    1. This week has been simply miserable for running. I did not enjoy any of my runs. At all. I have a race tomorrow (10k), but it looks like it will be the coolest day we’ve had in like 6 weeks — not sure about the humidity though!

      I very much doubt I would tackle the 18.12 again next year. Of course if I don’t, no doubt they’ll have great weather in August, so your’e welcome.

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    1. Well, I think legs up the wall & the foam rolling helped me not to have to use ice packs. 🙂 I would be sore the day of — especially after that first longer run — but fine the next day. I was really surprised!

      Well, of course, there’s also the fact that I’m not running them fast, either!


  5. I think you covered everything! These are all really good tips. It’s been awhile since I’ve run really long. This weekend I am doing ten miles on the trail, so I hope I feel beat after that! You know, the good kind of beat. 🙂

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  6. I don’t usually shower immediately after returning home from a long (hot & humid) run…heck, I’m still sweating for a good 30 minutes LOL I usually take a walk around my block where I live when I finish (it’s a half mile loop)

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  7. I usually would rather not move for the rest of the day after a long run, but a little walking and/or yoga definitely make a difference! I wear compression socks after a run if I think about. And sometimes calf sleeves during races, but not socks.

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  8. I can’t decide if toe yoga looks frightening or wonderful. Great tips. I missed my foam roller after downhill 3.5 miles, made up for it today once home. sushi is my treat and what I’m usually craving. I think it’s protein and salt

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    1. Oh, those are just toe socks. Toe yoga is where you sit back on your heels with your toes underneath you — I actually really hate it but it is really good for you.

      I am totally with you on the sushi. But I also like a sweet treat — unfortunately!


  9. Great recovery ideas! I am training for the 18.12 Challenge as well and it has not been such a good training season this year for me. One thing that I just love though, is doing my long run at a local state park and taking a swim in the lake after the run. Heavenly treat!!!! Yes!

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    1. Oh, swimming right after a long run probably feels amazing — although I have to admit I’m not sure I’d even want to do that. And I love to swim!

      Where do you live? I don’t know anyone who’s doing the race! Have you done it before?


      1. This will be my 5th year in a row now, but it is a new course this year. Previously the course went from Watertown to Sackets Harbor, now start and finish in Sackets. I really enjoy the area and the community support. I actually live about 4 hours away in PA. and use this race as part of my training for an October marathon in Scranton.
        You should try the after long run swim, especially if you enjoy the water. I find it to be very enjoyable and soothing on the legs and the spirit.

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      2. This is my first (and maybe only!) year — and it’s also the longest race I’ve ever done. Training has definitely not been fun with the weather this summer. 😦

        We’re staying in Sacket’s Harbor, so I should be able to walk to the start.


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