6 Favorites of 2020


2020 started with the death of my father, and ended (well, on Halloween) with death of Lola. There was a lot of loss for many dear friends in 2020, too. As hard as 2020 was, it definitely wasn’t all bad and I try to always look for the silver linings.

My rainbow hunt
Remember my challenge to you to look for the colors of the rainbow on the run? Since I spent a lot of time running in my own neighborhood, that was a nice distraction.

Exploring Olana Fall into Winter. Excited to see what it looks like in Spring!

My many visits to Olana
Olana is the halfway point on my trips to visit my mom, and for a long time I wasn’t allowed in her apartment, so the fact that the very clean bathrooms are open year round was a huge plus for me. I just find it a very soothing place to walk around.

The house is built atop a big hill, so it’s quite the workout to walk around there, too. I enjoyed watching the scenery change as the seasons changed — I’m looking forward to seeing what it looks like in the Spring!

Finding new places to walk & run

New walking/running routes
I found some new places to run. I fell in love with short hikes at one of my old places I run. Maybe I’ll find even more places to run in 2021!

No vacations? Time to explore locally!

“Family” hikes
Both Lola and Bandit love exploring new places, and I know how much I will miss Lola as we begin to explore routes old and new — she was mostly such a happy dog. She hated car rides, but she loved going places — just like a woman! The Pandemic might just have been the nudge Mr. Judy needed to get out and about a little more.

A peaceful transfer of office
I never would have thought that that was something we would ever have to worry about in this country, but I am so grateful that there is a new administration. They have a very difficult job ahead on so many fronts, but for the first time in a long time, I am hopeful for this country’s future.

I just have to mention, too: a female vice president of color! I wasn’t crazy about Biden as a candidate — a lot had to do with his age — but now I’m coming to see that his experience and Kamala’s fresher take on things might just be the right combination we need at this point in time.

My family is healthy, knock on wood
With my sister working at Old Navy, my brother making trips back and forth to take his son to college and sometimes still working in an office, my mom living through a few COVID outbreaks where she lives — I am so happy that my family has remained healthy. That wasn’t the case for so many, and some dear friends lost loved ones — human, furkids, to COVID and other things. My heart goes out to all that have lost loved ones.

My father, a year later, is still not buried due to COVID. I don’t know when that will happen, and my mom now thinks she no longer wants to make the trip – their plot is a long drive from here, but it’s where my brother (who died before I was born) and my Dad’s parents are buried, and other relatives, too. I have promised my mother that he will get buried.

Could you come up with six favorites for 2020? I didn’t think I would be able to at first!

What was good about 2020 that surprised you? 

What is your favorite memory of 2020? 


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31 thoughts on “6 Favorites of 2020

  1. I remember the rainbow challenge! That was great fun!
    One of my favourites in 2020 is the same as you: hiking and discovering beautiful places closer to home. Olana looks like an amazing place! That house on the hill looks like somewhere in the UK.

    I hope you get to bury your Dad soon. Will your siblings be helping you with that?

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    1. That was one of the problems with burying him (he was cremated, though) — my brother lives on the west coast & I know he’ll want to be there. At this rate I’m not sure it’ll happen this year either! Definitely not for a while. It gets even more awkward if my sister moves to FL!

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  2. I did your rainbow challenge. So thanks for the distraction.

    I found there were many more positives than 6.

    Mostly running more (1000 miles) and exploring over 70 new trails.

    My favorite was of course my trips to NH and Bermuda.

    Hoping 2021 has more happy memories.

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  3. I wrote a very similar post last week, as you know. True, 2020 was laden with a lot of heartache and stress, for all of us in some capacity. But, like you pointed out, there was plenty of good things, too. Also like you, I choose to focus on the silver linings… It does a mind, body, and spirit far more good than dwelling on the other stuff.

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  4. It’s so hard to find the good in such a tumultuous year but you have done so beautifully. I also like that Mr Judy did a lot more walking this year! One favourite for me would be that I finally got to work from home after years and years of begging to do so. Like you another one would be that my family remained healthy.

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  5. I love how you found the silver linings in a year with a lot of sadness and loss. I remember that rainbow challenge. So much fun! It happened at the perfect time of year too – just when the world was waking up after a bleak winter. I was relieved at the peaceful transfer of power when it finally happened to. I cried while watching the inauguration on television, which surprised me. Here’s to a better 2021!

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  6. Healthy loved ones has been a big highlight. I loved your rainbow scavenger hunts – it gave me something to do on some of my runs and walks and helped pass time. I’m so glad you had so many great visits with your mom ❤

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  7. What a melancholy and yet beautiful year for you! Those losses are hard to take. But your pictures are gorgeous and getting out in nature was so important! A female VP is definitely on my ‘favorites” list as well!!!

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  8. 2020 was certainly a tough year and I’m so sorry for your losses. Getting to explore the great outdoors was definitely one of my highlights, especially with my little girl who seems to enjoy it as much as we do! I’m also looking forward to the spring and getting back to running on a training plan!

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  9. Healthy loved ones is a huge highlight! I’m so grateful my family has remained healthy, especially my father-in-law who recovered from cancer in 2019 yet had to go into the office in 2020. Watching my baby grow into a toddler was a highlight of 2020 for me!

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  10. I’m glad your family is healthy but so sad that your father is still awaiting burial. Definitely one of the downsides of the pandemic.

    I also wasn’t a Biden fan at first but my concerns, especially about his age, have diminished over time. I think he’s doing great for his first week in office! He did have a lot to clean up.

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    1. Well, my Dad was cremated. We did have a memorial service. Usually by now we’d do the unveiling (of the headstone), though.

      OTOH, my FIL passed 8 years ago. His urn is still in my MIL’s condo!

      Biden inherited a huge mess. My sister & I were just discussing it. Apparently neither of our husbands like it when we rant about a certain someone.


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