I Killed My Carrots!: Runfessions January 2021

Well, there weren’t many running miles in January, and I suppose I should come up with some clever headings for my runfessions, but we’ll just call them that anyway. My brain is fried from all the work I’ve been doing the last few weeks! You might notice a common theme in most of these runfessions — food!

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No money? Thankfully no problem! | Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I runfess . . .
Speaking of a fried brain, right before Christmas I was so proud of myself for getting all my stuff together for my trip down to see my mom the next day. The next morning went very smoothly. Right up until the minute I was driving away on the highway, only to realize I’d left my credit cards, money, and license at home. Thankfully the trip was uneventful, but on one of the highways I drive there’re usually quite a few cops waiting to trap someone.

I runfess . . .
I decided I wanted to have a repeat of the fabulous chocolate peanut butter cupcake I got from a local store on Thanksgiving for New Year’s Eve. That was the one thing they left off our grocery delivery.

I runfess . . .
Then I decided that bagel and lox sounded like a really good idea for New Years’ Day. We got the lox no problem, but bagels were nowhere to be had (for delivery). We tried two different stores but nope. I kind of figured at that point that the universe was speaking to me and telling me I really didn’t need to be indulging in that kind of stuff.

We’ve been mostly having groceries delivered since the start of the Pandemic, but in the last couple of months it’s been harder to get what we want and also difficult to get speedy deliveries. I’m still so grateful that’s an option, I mostly try to roll with the punches.

I runfess . . .
I am still thinking about that cupcake, though. I might just have decided back in December that that should be my dessert for my birthday in a couple of weeks.

I waited patiently so long for you. Then I killed you. 😦

I runfess . . .
My poor carrots. Remember those carrots I was so proud of harvesting right before our snow way back in December? I wrapped them in some paper, left them on the counter . . . and you guessed it, I completely forgot about them. I found them a month later and I was so sad! I killed my carrots!

Any end of the year garden fails? 

How are you celebrating birthdays in the Pandemic?

What do you have to runfess from January? Come join us


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27 thoughts on “I Killed My Carrots!: Runfessions January 2021

  1. Looks like you’re going to have to bake your own cupcake! I runfess that I forget my credit card, DL etc quite often. I don’t carry a purse and just slip those cards into a pocket on the back of my phone. Until I don’t….

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    1. I do think I’ll be able to get a cupcake. Just have to order it early (which is what I did for thanksgiving).

      I rarely carry a purse either. That’s why I have #allthepockets. I’m constantly moving that stuff around though!


  2. I had a nice ceramic bird bath in my garden that I forgot to take in the house. It cracked at the first frost.

    Never have done food delivery. Never. I need to walk down the aisles to decide what I want.

    I went hiking for my birthday. Better than food.

    I eat a bagel everyday. I keep them in the freezer in case I need them. Haven’t had lox in awhile. Usually eat it when in NYC.

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    1. The large pot from my grandmother, which has weathered a lot of winters outside here, completely fell apart this year. It’s just a thing, though.

      Much easier to go hiking on your birthday than mine. Obviously not necessarily impossible to do on mine, but far less inviting especially if there’s a snowstorm.

      I always have a plan for grocery shopping. It can help keep costs down, bu5 I also like to try stuff, so that can drive prices up.


  3. you may have to start baking your own cupcakes and bagels! I have found it is easier to order groceries now than it was in the past. More slots seem to be open. I microwaved something to add to my dinner the other day and forgot to take it out and eat it and then found it the next morning. Ugh gross huh

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    1. I’ve tried baking my own bagels when I used to bake bread a lot. It’s not easy & never got them right!

      We did eventually get some — for Mr. Judy — but by that point the urge had passed & I haven’t eaten any. I just use my ezekiel english muffins instead. 😊

      Yesterday I found a potato that was dissolving. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before! And hope I never do again!


  4. Sorry that the grocery delivery has been hit or miss lately. We can’t really get it here because the timeslots are always booked, so I just make a shopping list on Saturdays and hit the store when they open on Sunday morning to get everything. I figured it’s better to go when there aren’t as many people there.

    Your poor carrots!

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    1. This week delivery has been better. Usually I just make sure to plan ahead. I placed an order Wednesday morning & with a snowstorm predicted for the afternoon I was prepared for having to wait til the next day but they actually got it out earlier than the said they would & NO substitutions!


  5. Oh, no! Your poor carrots!!! Now you will just have to grow some more.

    I think that cupcake sounds like a great idea for your birthday dessert. Are you a Valentine’s Day baby? Did I remember that right?

    Bill stopped and got some really good bagels at a bagel bakery yesterday. This morning we had bagels with cream cheese, lox, and capers. Just the way I like them. Supermarket bagels just aren’t the same! Hope you can find some soon.

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    1. I’ve already looked up the planting date for this year. 😊 I was kind of crushed I let that happen, though!

      Wow, Laurie, you have a good memory. Yes, Valentines.

      We did eventually get bagels but the urge had passed for me by then. I use an ezekiel English muffin & while it’s definitely not a bagel, it satisfies me. I’ve taken to eating that (with lox) once a week now. I really do love lox!


  6. The hubby put together a nice dinner party for my birthday last year (mid-March), then Covid hit the fan a few days later, so he got nothing (April 1) for his. Looks like we’re both celebrating with just each other this year. Oh, those carrots! That looks like something I’d do! I got all the way to the grocery store, on a Friday, after work…only to discover I’d left my purse in my work desk. I had to immediately rush back, before the last person left, because I don’t have a key to the building.

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    1. That’s too bad about your husband’s birthday last year! My husband celebrated his 60th & I worked hard to make it special. Although I’m the one using his present, LOL (the infrared heater). I truly chose it for him! He’s happy it’s getting so much use.

      Glad you were able to get back to work before it was locked up, Kim! Although frankly I rarely need my credit cards (or license) these days.


  7. Oh no, those poor carrots. I hope you can get that chocolate peanut butter cupcake for your birthday.

    We did curbside pickup the first two months of the pandemic, but I’ve been going to the grocery store and Costco since. These days I place an order for my mom for curbside and then my uncle or one of my cousins pick it up for her. It’s working out great.

    Have a great weekend, Judy!

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    1. We’ve found delivery usually works well — aside from the tip, it doesn’t cost more. But you do have to be flexible and realize you’re not always going to get what you want!

      For a while it worked really well, and then around the holidays not so much (understandable), but it’s still kinda hit or miss.

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  8. Here’s a tip for you, Take a picture of your drivers license and keep it on your phone! People don’t usually leave their house without their phone! Or better yet, make a photo copy of your license and keep it in your car somewhere!
    I’m sorry about your carrots. I don’t know anyone personally that has ever grown carrots in their garden. That is something to be proud of!

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    1. That’s a good tip, Meranda! I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with the credit cards on my phone, but the DL is probably a good idea.

      The carrots were easy to grow, actually. But like Marcia said, the took a LONG time. My bad. 😦


  9. Oh no those poor carrots! I freak out if I leave the house without my purse/wallet. It doesn’t happy often and luckily the police has not stopped me at all. I celebrated my birthday a few months ago and to me it was just like a normal birthday. It was very relaxing.

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    1. Yeah, I don’t often leave that money and license at home either. It’s so much driving, though, even though I wasn’t that far from home when I realized it, I just couldn’t bear to go back! Thankfully it all turned out fine in the end.

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  10. LOL on your carrots. I would notice something like that on my kitchen counters, but LOL at Deborah leaving something in the microwave. I’ve forgotten my wallet a few times but have credit cards loaded on my phone — and I am pretty obsessive about making sure I have that with me.

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    1. They were wrapped in a paper towel — my kitchen is better than it used to be but I’m no Martha Stewart!

      I listen to audiobooks on the way to my mom so I’d notice a missing phone quicker! Although I’m usually not on my phone that much in reality.


  11. Oh I’m sorry about those carrots! They take so long to grow too. You definitely need to treat yourself to one of those cupcakes. How could they forget that off your order? Most important thing!

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