Travel Edition: Runfessions May 2021


Do you find it difficult to travel again after a long time with travel? This period was one of the longest time with absolutely no travel in my entire life. Some of it due to the Pandemic, and some of it due to helping out with my Dad in the last few months of his life. It was the perfect storm, unfortunately!

I runfess . . .
I had some trouble tracking down my travel stuff when packing for our trip to Long Island. There was a time I was half living at my parents, and I pretty much had things down to a science. It’s been 2+ years since I had to use various packing cubes, etc. Not to mention reorganizing a lot of my space in that time!

I runfess . . .
I brought running shoes and clothes with me to Long Island. I never felt like running. Plus it warmed up much more than they predicted that last day we were there, and I would have been very warm in the clothes I brought. We did plenty of walking. 


Warm clothing takes up space! Doesn’t look warm, right? Well, it wasn’t!

I runfess . . .
You might get a laugh from this: I took my largest, expendable suitcase with me, although I did not have to expand it. Technically it fits in an overhead, but the long way. Mr. Judy couldn’t understand why. He was like: seriously? Yes!

The weather was cold to warming, which required a couple of sweaters. I dragged a pair of boots with me (although these ultimately didn’t go in the suitcase) because, burial (and maybe rain, although thankfully it ended before the burial). Lastly I packed running shoes and clothes — which, of course, I ended up not wearing — hat, sunglasses — you know that stuff is bulky!

Again, #sorrynotsorry. We were driving. Why not bring what I needed? I also brought a travel Yoga mat and Yoga blocks, by the way, which I used every day.

I runfess . . .
Running has been going well lately. I still have no real goals, I don’t really push myself all that much, but for much of the Spring it was a struggle. I really do blame the COVID vaccines! For a while the cooler weather was great for running, but even as it’s warmed up, it’s still been going pretty well.


I runfess . . .
My Garmin is at it again. In a run last week, when I went to check my steps after my run, my watch told me to turn on tracking to show that activity. I know I did not turn it off, because it was tracking steps just fine before I left the house. After my 3 mile run and a half mile cool down walk it showed me something like 755 steps. 

For some mysterious reason my Garmin decided it didn’t need to track my steps from that run and walk. It was the first, and so far last, time this has happened.

Have you had trouble finding things you haven’t used since the Pandemic began? 

Do you travel light even if you’re driving?

What do you have to runfess from May? Come join us


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35 thoughts on “Travel Edition: Runfessions May 2021

  1. We used to travel all the time, but after Grayson was born we only went on a couple trips before the pandemic hit. Its going to be tough to figure it all out whenever I do travel again!

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    1. We’ll be traveling with Bandit on this next trip. Although we do a lot of day trips with him, it’s only the second time we’ve stayed somewhere with him.

      Just imagine how exciting it will be to see new places through Grayson’s eyes!


  2. On my recent trip to see Holly, there were some major glitches which I’m going to share in next week’s coffee talk post. Fortunately, everything went wrong on the first day, so I was able to enjoy the rest of my trip! Packing and stuff on my end weren’t an issue since we’ve been going to Wisconsin so much.

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    1. I’m sorry you had travel glitches, but glad you were still able to enjoy your girl’s weekend.

      Still not allowed to stay at my moms & there’d been no travel for years! I was definitely rusty.


  3. Ha ha ha, I never pack light (especially if we’re driving LOL). I am good at mixing and matching my tops and bottoms, but I’m always paranoid about being cold so the bulky items always come along. Even in the summer, when we drive to the hubby’s hometown (extreme NW Iowa), it’s always colder there, so “summer clothing” usually needs an extra layer (or two). I’m on board with blaming the COVID vax for a lot of things fitness-related. It definitely did a number on me (it’s been two weeks, and my nose is STILL a gunky mess…but less gunky, finally).

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  4. While we haven’t taken big vacations during the pandemic, we have made a couple of trips to Atlanta and of course our month in FL so packing has been pretty routine. Love that lighthouse pic!

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  5. As you know I traveled during the pandemic.

    And I traveled weekly when I worked.

    I’m pretty good with packing light and having what I need.

    I’ve learned that running is important so I pack those clothes for all weather conditions. Most of my suitcase is usually running related lol.

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    1. Until the last couple of years I went back & forth, staying over often, to my parents. So I had it down to a science. Now of course we’re not allowed to stay over. I hope maybe they’ll change that soon because sometimes it makes life a whole lot easier!


      1. Depends on the distance I guess. I do drive that distance sometimes to hike but I make sure that I do a longer hike.

        For me, it’s all about having the right stuff for running and weather is so changeable , as you know,

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  6. I definitely bring more when we are driving — why not? That said, once since I didn’t grab my usual bag of “travel size” toiletries I ended up without a toothbrush. At least there was a drug store near our hotel …. Sorry your Garmin is acting up. That’s really frustrating.

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    1. The Garmin glitches aren’t really that bad. Not bad enough to get a new one. But thanks!

      My husband is always like “you’re bringing what”. After a few times of taking less when we drove & really regretting it — like the one half that was supposed to be cool but wasn’t & I was stuck with the warmer outfit I’d brought — I’ve learned to tune him out. 😊


  7. I felt a little off my packing game this weekend as we headed to Chicago to visit our daughter. The weather is kind of all over the place and I also had to pack running gear. My husband is always “amazed” by how much I pack for a weekend away!

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  8. I’m sure I’m completely out of packing practice – haven’t been on a trip since everything shut down last March. I’ll get to test my skills this summer. But one thing will hold true – I’m never a light packer, especially if we’re driving.

    My Garmin has been acting very wacky as well. I’m wondering if it’s reaching the end of its lifecycle. How old is your watch?

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    1. My Garmin is only 2 years old, I think. They usually last 4 years for me.

      It had been even longer for me having to pack for a trip! Before I started to run I could sometimes pack light. He doesn’t really get what running adds!


  9. I tend to over pack because I never know for sure what I am going to want to wear. I’m pretty good with mixing and matching though. And there’s shoes…
    I feel like my Garmin is misreading my pace. Either that or I am way slower than I thought. Lol

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  10. We traveled by car out to Colorado a few times during the pandemic but didn’t fly. We are flying again for the first time in almost 2 years next month. I have to remember all the flight tricks I learned all over again.

    Glad your running is going well. Bill and I spent our Mt. Hood vouchers on a race out in California this November. I am hoping the altitude is not a problem for me, but I am looking forward to the trip.

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  11. I’m kind of nervous for when I actually do start to travel again, especially by plane. Luckily I was able to keep my suitcase and all my packing cubes together so I don’t think packing will be an issue, but the actual “art” of traveling will probably be stressful.

    Like Michelle, I’m never a light packer when driving somewhere since I feel like I have more “real estate” for items, lol. But I’m a super efficient packer when traveling by plane or train.

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    1. I have more than one suitcase — small one, big one, backpack — so the packing cubes were in those, but which one? And the charger one was in a kitchen cabinet. I guess I thought I’d need it to go to my mom at some point but I never did.

      Haven’t traveled by plane in a long, long time!


  12. I haven’t traveled in so long, I’m not even sure where my suitcase is. I’ve never succeeded in packing light! And if I’m driving… forget it! Oh, and cold weather clothes are definitely bulky… that part definitely wasn’t your fault!

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  13. I’d have been the same on the trip Judy! If we are driving pretty much everything I want to take + bonus items get packed in the car. And Ron is the same – always get the side eye from him. Then suddenly he needs a foam roller while we are away and I’m like “Here you can use THE ONE I BROUGHT WITH US” and he has to eat his words (thoughts?) HA!

    and not so much travel items since covid, I can’t find stuff since we moved. And it’s very annoying at times. Nope we are still not that organised.


    1. Oh, it takes forever to find stuff when you move — or whenever you reorganize (which I’ve done some of during the Pandemic).

      Mr. Judy doesn’t use a foam roller or anything related to running and I swear his suitcase is a magician’s suitcase because he just seems to pull so much out of there & yet it’s not bulging like mine, LOL!


  14. I always overpack, but more so when I am driving. Like you said, you might as well take everything you think you may need. Usually over half of what I take never sees the light of day until I get back home. LOL

    I have had Garmin reset some of my settings too. Never turned off my steps tracking, but will turn on the “move” alert, which inevitably goes off when the kids are sleeping at daycare. Fortunately, it hasn’t woken anyone up yet.

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    1. I may take a lot, but I usually use most of it. It was really unusual for me to take running gear & not use it, but of course it was my dad’s burial so not exactly usual anyway.

      I like the move reminder! Sometimes the steps gets taken off my data screen, but that was a first. Not really important, though. Just annoying.

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  15. I did a lot of cleaning and organizing so I had all my travel stuff ready to go.

    Sometimes, I pack nothing and sometimes, I pack like I’ll never see another store again. There is no in between

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  16. I am definitely rusty with travel, I can’t even imagine how weird it will be when I get back on a plane for the first time since COVID. If I start packing early enough, then I’ll have too much stuff, but if I’m last minute (which is too often) I always forget something important!

    Glad to hear your running is going well! It seems like a lot of people have been having Garmin issues but knock on wood, no glitches over here!

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