Running Up, Down, and Around the Rain: Runfessions April 2022

I runfess . . .
This actually happened in March, I think, but then I never wrote about it. I didn’t tighten the top on my water bottle completely, and when I got to where I ran, about a quarter of it had leaked out. I was grateful it hadn’t all leaked out or gotten me wet on the run. I’m a runner who needs hydration even on short runs when it’s cold!

I bikefess . . .
I still don’t understand why Peloton doesn’t have more warmups for cycling, but I’ve resorted to using short Low Impact Rides for that purpose. It seems to work.

I runfess . . .
As I started to ramp up my running, that first week was strong — but hard. I couldn’t seem to run anywhere near the pace I wanted to, even though I assure you it wasn’t fast. So color me surprised when I did hill repeats, and the last mile was much faster than that pace I’d been aiming for earlier in the week. I was wearing my “fast” shoes, although I think it had more to do with I walked back down for the hill repeats — so it was a very slow middle mile. Amazing what a little rest even mid run can do for you — had the same experience at my race last week (read about that here).

These are great when it’s no longer Winter but not quite Spring yet either

I runfess . . .
I have a favorite pair of leggings for those in between days, those Spring days that are still cool, but not outright cold. They are quite old — at least 10 years — and I’m not quite sure how much longer they’ll stand up.

They were Athleta’s answer to CR-X tights back in the day, and they’re slightly odd, having these metal strips in the places where CR-X has compression. I didn’t like them much when I first got them, and neither did a lot of people, but now I love them — except for the fact that they have no pockets.

They are getting thinner and thinner, and I will be very sad if I have to retire them.

I runfess . . .
I was all set to start early (for me) one day in April when it was forecast to rain most of the day. I runfess I was prepared to totally skip Yoga! I woke up early enough to practice — and then the forecast rain was AWOL, much to Mr. Judy’s ire, as he’d canceled something he was looking forward to because of it.

The extra time allowed me to relax and do my usual warmup routine. Sometimes you get what you want and what you need!

Do you have a favorite pair of older leggings?

Have you been able to outrun the Spring rain?

What do you have to runfess from April? Come join us


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25 thoughts on “Running Up, Down, and Around the Rain: Runfessions April 2022

  1. I have many older skirt sports capris that never seem to wear out. In fact I’m wearing them today for a long run.

    What about outrunning the wind? More of that in April than March.

    I’m a big proponent of walk breaks. They really help be be faster.

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  2. I truly love that running tights and shorts have pockets on the thighs now– I runfess that I don’t want to wear my old ones anymore! I do have one pair from Lucy that is on its last legs (pun intended). They are so comfy, tho.

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  3. Omg CRX! I’ve totally forgotten I even have a pair. I have CRX shorts as well. Clearly both need to be donated since I can’t even remember the last time I wore them or even where they are for that matter. I do love pockets! I have to say Athleta stuff wears very well. I’ve got some very “vintage” things as well!

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  4. Most of my leggings don’t have pockets — but the vest I wear in cold weather does. I’m so glad most brands do include pockets these days though. I still have compression shorts and leggings but save them for races – which means I rarely wear them.

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  5. I’m also a big fan of the pockets on tights and biking-style shorts these days (though those pockets hit me at a very unflattering place, LOL). I was just telling Barb, on our recent windy Wednesday run, that I will be sad when a certain tank top wears out. I have five of the same style (in five different colors), and I’ve had them for 5-7 years (bought at different times). They fit me perfect, the compression is still strong, and the colors have stayed true.

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  6. I’ve got a couple of “old school” tights that I can’t seem to part with, though I admit I rarely reach for them since they don’t have pockets.

    I did my best to run around as much of the rain as I could this month, but I’m finding less and less flexibility as my work schedule ramps up. Hopefully May will be drier…and less windy!

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  7. Good reminder, during speedwork it really helps to rest enough between intervals so you can (hopefully) hit your paces.
    I do know that feeling of having a beloved and irreplacable piece of clothing, and you think ‘What will I ever do when this wears out?” Somehow a replacement always comes along!
    We need some rain here, and should get it over the weekend. Hopefully not Sunday morning while I’m running- we’ll see.

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  8. I do like the pockets on shorts and tights but don’t run w things in them. You may have noticed I have an activewear obsession of sorts and I am rotating mine a lot. I do have a few vintage pairs including those crx ones that I need to part with. The rain doesn’t really bother me too much and sometimes kind of motivates me

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  9. I also have some leggings I’ve had for several years and love them. It’s nice to have something comfortable like that to run in, go to the gym in or just go for a long walk in that you know will support you and be comfy. The rain we’ve had lately has been torrential so there’s no running in that.

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  10. I won’t wear anything for running without pockets. I have a favorite shirt from a 10 mile race that has seen better days, as a matter of fact my husband said something about it the other day when I wore it. I just can’t part with it though.

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  11. I tunes that I have a favorite pic of leggings and shirt and I hope that they can hang on for a few more years, lol.
    I agree that Peloton needs more warm up content for both the bike and treadmill. Usually I will use a 10 minute warm up walk before a run since they don’t have too many warm up runs.

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  12. I love my Oiselle long rogas for running but also love the pocket joggers because of the pockets. I use them mostly to store my water bottles. I don’t mind the rain too much as long as it isn’t cold. I despise it.

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