Smile and maybe tomorrow . . .: Runfessions July 2022

. . . You’ll see the sun come shining through for you

I just love that song (Charlie Chaplin if you didn’t know)

I runfess . . .
I invested in a couple of pairs of new running shoes during Prime Days. I will usually go through about 4-5 pairs a year and it was time. Nuun, too, because it’s always on a good deal then (along with New Year’s).

I runfess . . .
Note to self: that one Peloton Treadmill Bootcamp really wore me out. I wanted to get in running and ST together but in the end I don’t think it served me well.

Can’t remember if I shared this photo of Bandit on my “meditation bench” outside or not. He’s learned to jump on the other (not pictured) lounge chairs, too. We both enjoy our Summer mornings (and sometimes afternoons) outside.

I runfess . . .
Post run stretching is sometimes suffering with these early morning runs. I eat a light snack about an hour before the run, and then usually I’m coming back so we can walk Bandit before it gets too hot — and then feeding him. By this point I am very hungry and all thoughts of stretching have disappeared.

I runfess . . .
A few people always seem to decide that they don’t want to wear headphones on bike paths and it’s okay to just blare their choice of music for everyone. Not really that big a deal since it’s not like I’m running with them, but I have to runfess I allowed myself a little smile when the girl who did that on last week’s long run almost got mowed down by a biker because she didn’t hear him. She wasn’t even wearing headphones!

I runfess . . .
To end on a higher note, there was an older Asian gentleman walking along the bike path on that same run; he was smiling broadly all the time. He made me smile. Which made running feel easier (at least for a little while). I do make an effort to smile on the run often, but I wish that was just my natural expression like this gentleman!

Do you smile a lot on the run?

How is your running going?

Is July a slow month for you? We rarely seem to do much in July. According to FB Memories, anyway.

What do you have to runfess from July? Come join us


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19 thoughts on “Smile and maybe tomorrow . . .: Runfessions July 2022

  1. I runfess I don’t wear headphones. And I listen to podcasts. Hope it doesn’t bother anyone.

    Post run stretching is ice cream every night. Lol.

    My July is very busy. Working the bar exam. Boating. And hikes on Monday’s and Thursdays. No big trips though. Most of my memories on FB involve running and tennis in the summer.

    I agree. It’s important to smile.

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  2. Another reason why I love my Shokz (used to be called Aftershokz) headphones with bone conduction sound, so I can hear my podcast or music and everything around me at the same time! They’re safe and since no one else can hear them, they don’t bother anyone. My July has been dragging by but in hindsight it feels like it flew by.

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  3. I do wear headphones, but it doesn’t bother me when someone is listening to something without headphones- although it would if I had to run near them for an extended period, I suppose.
    Yes, whenever I see another runner/walker/cyclist on the road I wave and smile- and it makes me realize that up until that point I had been holding a scowl on my face. Why??? I have to learn to smile more.

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    1. I lot of people hate silence, but I actually love it! So it does bother me when people are blaring music — which happens quite a bit.

      LOL about scowling. You are in good company, I’ve noticed many do scowl as they run!


  4. Smiles are indeed contagious! I often do my stretch after showering and eating and not always straight after the run. I am just too sweaty and gross. As lomg as I get it in, I call it a win

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  5. July is a fast month for us since two of the kids have birthdays. I try to smile as often as possible…usually it’s genuine. If I’m feeling blah, though, a smile usually will brighten my mood. After all, think what a smile from a stranger does to us 😉

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    1. I don’t always run with a smile on my face, to be sure — it’s an effort! But I do like to smile at others, and I know when I’m struggling, a smile definitely helps. This guy just seemed so happy, though!


  6. I’m so not a fan of those headphone avoiders. I don’t want to listen to your phone convo, your music, your podcasts and why would you think I would? It’s just rude.

    I always feel better after exchanging a smile with others on the bike path!

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  7. I’ve been catching myself in a scowling expression more than I’d like lately. I do use the smile technique when runs/races get tough. It works like magic to diffuse the stress. The only time I really dislike when people blast their music, etc is during a race when I’m near them for an extended time. Ugh.

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  8. I wear headphones too. I agree with Wendy that I do not want to listen to someone else’s music, conversation, etc. I like July because I work Summer School but it is so much easier. The hours are not long and I still get to relax. I don’t see too many people while out running but when I do I say “hello” and I think I smile too.

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  9. I always smile at others on the paths. It is being polite. Not difficult to do. Now as for trail etiquette, I don’t understand why some runners insist on running side by side 3 across vs single file when passing a fellow runner. But it is what it is.

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