What I like About My Treadmill: Runfessions January 2022

I am running even less in January (my first point below), but I’m always able to come up with some runfessions. Especially when they’re bolstered by hiking gaffes and senior moments. The treadmill does figure prominently this month, but so do those ever present senior moments!

I runfess . . .
My running was off to a rocky start in 2022. Just like in 2021. I added one goal to my January 2022 goals: run more miles than in January 2021! Although the miles were still low in 2022 goal accomplished.

I runfess . . .
Mr. Judy really wanted to hold out for a better deal on the new treadmill. I knew Winter was coming and I would need that treadmill sooner rather than later. What’s the good of getting it after Winter is over?

I just checked, and my treadmill is still selling for the same amount we paid. I’m glad that Mr. Judy finally caved shortly before Christmas, because we both kept checking around New Years and the price never got any better (and the mercury plummeted and the roads often iced up).

I runfess . . .
I am very happy that I now have a treadmill that will go up and down. My old treadmill had stopped doing that several repairs ago. Mr. Judy always said it was working after a recalibration, but when I ran on it it no longer went up more than 1%. 

Cashew milk tastes better with cashews in it. D’oh!

I cookfess . . .
Since I shared about trying to make my own nut milk (read the post here, although I think I need to update it a bit), I’ve never looked back and never bought nut milk at the store again. I make chocolate cashew milk a couple of times a week for my hot chocolate.

I blenderfess? that one day I was making it and I couldn’t figure out why it was so much darker than normal. Until it occurred to me that I hadn’t added any cashews. I’m glad I figured that out what was wrong!

On the left — to left gloves. Oops.

I hikefess . . .
I headed out to my moms with plans to hike along the way, and it was sort of warm — for December. So I took several different pairs of gloves — or so I thought. I’d brought a pair of fingerless wrist warmers I knitted long ago. I brought  gloves, too, in case I thought the wrist warmers wouldn’t be warm enough. I got there and yeah, it was a bit chillier than expected.

Except the second, warmer gloves? Turns out what I’d brought was from two different gloves. Ok, I thought, I’m the only one here, who cares what I’m wearing? Except it turned out that the mismatching gloves were both for the same hand! Well, it wasn’t as bad as the time I brought two left running shoes to my moms — I still had the wrist warmers, thankfully, but my hands were definitely a bit cold!

How is your running year starting?

Any recent, amusing senior moments?

What do you have to runfess from January? Come join us


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34 thoughts on “What I like About My Treadmill: Runfessions January 2022

  1. I’m glad I didn’t buy a treadmill. I’ve logged more miles this month than ever. Yes it’s been sub zero many times but I survived. Even if I had a tm I know I’d never run double digits on it.

    I bought mittens years ago and they were both for the same hand. I wear them though they fit weirdly. But my favorite are the $1 ones. I wear double. It’s like layering clothes. You can take one off if you get warm.

    Congrats on your purchase and that it has helped to increase your monthly miles.

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      1. Yes about dressing differently. I run hot and hotter when i race. I don’t even wear a vest when I race. Just a shirt or two. (only cold before and after) So no pockets (wear the $1 gloves).

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  2. Glad you are enjoying your new treadmill. Perfect timing indeed. Well, I was looking for my phone the other day to leave the house. My daughter reminded me I was talking to her on it duh

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  3. Your glove situation sounds like something that I would do – I’ve been having those moments a lot lately!

    The new treadmill sounds nice! I’d love one but we just don’t have a good place for one as our basement ceiling is too low. It just gives me more opportunities to enjoy winter running outside!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We don’t have a high ceiling. How low IS your ceiling? Although we also don’t have a basement. It’s actually one thing I really dislike about this house, our previous one had much higher ceilings, but it was also a ranch & this is a raised ranch.


  4. Ha ha… I’m reading Deborah’s comment above… that’s a good one. I feel like I have nothing but senior moments these days! I probably need to slow down and focus more.
    Yes, I’m glad you got the treadmill! You would really be annoyed right now if you were still waiting for it to go on sale.

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  5. Well, better to have two left gloves than two left shoes…right? 😉 One time, I’d taken out the insoles of my shoes but forgot to put them back in. Thing is, I didn’t realize until after I’d done my run. I couldn’t figure out why the shoes felt so weird…

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    1. I guess it’s also a good thing I never change my insoles! I know I should but it’s one of the things I never do.

      And yes, since I had something to wear, it was definitely a much better situatuion than two left shoes — that time I actually tried to put them on but realized nope, that run wasn’t happening.

      The things runners will try!


  6. Glad you are enjoying the treadmill. Running outside is better but it’s not always possible and the treadmill is the right solution!
    Don’t worry about the gloves, I always forget something when I go to run far from home by my car. The last time I forgot to bring the sweatshirt and I couldn’t change my wet clothes.

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  7. Last week I went out for a run with the group I’m mentoring with. My feet felt strange but I wasn’t sure why until I got home and realized I had forgotten to change into my running socks and was running in a pair of old socks that I stopped running in years ago since they don’t fit well and are cheap. They were sliding around during my run, which is why my feet felt strange. I’m lucky I didn’t end up with blisters.

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  8. LOL on the cashewless cashew milk and the two left gloves. sounds frighteningly like something I would do!

    I was pretty sure i managed more this Jan as opposed to last Jan, but I will have doubled it by tomorrow. Mind-boggling that I’ve run so much this month – it’s the most mileage in a month since MAY 2020! No wonder my training feels so hard.

    Glad you got your new treadmill in time to really use it!

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    1. I almost doubled mine but it’s still quite low. I know my endurance is not that great — it’s been a long time since I ran long. Luckily I don’t need to push right now & it frees me up to work on other stuff!

      I’m sure the training will be worth it when you cross that finish line!


  9. Happy to hear you are enjoying your new treadmill!! Hopefully one day I will get one too. There are times when I ask my students if they’ve seen my glasses and they tell me they’re on top of my head. Haha, they’re cute. 🙂

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  10. Very much guilty of two gloves for the same hand. I just rotate them around when it’s too cold to go without.
    Making your own milk. Wow. Not that adventurous, but I also don’t drink enough for it to be worth it.

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