Enough with Savannah!: Runfessions February 2022

I slowly and cautiously started to rebuild my mileage in February. Definitely nothing crazy; there’s no rush. I think I’ll be ending February with 10 or so more miles than January, which isn’t horrible considering February is a short month. Yet there’s always runfessions to be shared.

I runfess . . .
Not too long ago I almost set out for a run . . . minus my Garmin. It was a very cold morning, and I’d gone back and forth on whether to run that day or wait til the next, warmer morning. I’d pretty much steeled myself to head out into the cold, but I forgot that I was charging the Garmin til the last minute! 

It looks so innocent, doesn’t it?

I runfess . . .
Remember when I decided on a whim to run #allthehills while Darlene was running a hilly half? What was I thinking! My hamstring, the one I’d spent most of 2021 working on, was not at all happy with that. The Maharayan oil (Amazon Affiliate link) really did the trick.

I don’t miss the TX Summers, but man I miss the TX Winters!

I runfess . . .
I have spent many mornings debating whether or not I wanted to run inside or out. I can deal with cold — up to a point, anyway; the wind is often a deal breaker for me. When it cause “feels like negative numbers”.

My birthday was one of those days. The clincher for me was knowing how long it would take to warm up after the run. 

I bikefess . . .
I almost didn’t get on the stationary bike one morning (a non-running day) because it was so insanely windy out I knew I wouldn’t want to spend much time out there, which makes it harder to get in steps. There’s no steps for cycling! I mean seriously, how silly is that? I got on the bike for a quick 20 minute ride.

Stop it with the Savannah photos already! Sure wish I was there.

I runfess . . .
My phone is set to show random photos from the cloud. Except it seems to show only a very small group of them, over and over. A couple in the rotation right now are photos from my last half, in 2019, no doubt because it was around my birthday, which is this month. I runfess that is getting a bit annoying!

How is your running year starting?

Any recent, amusing senior moments?

What do you have to runfess from January? Come join us


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24 thoughts on “Enough with Savannah!: Runfessions February 2022

  1. My running is off to a great start. About 180 so far. But that’s because the cold doesn’t deter me and I’m all about those races.

    My bike is very lonely. Haven’t ridden it since I’m meeting friends frequently to walk and run.

    fB memories keep popping up from beaches in Fla on our coldest days. Annoying.

    So glad today is my rest day. Unfortunately I had to drive to work today.

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  2. Funny how hard it is to get a good picture of hills! You take a picture of the steepest hill and it looks like NOTHING! Glad your hamstring is feeling better.
    It’s been cold in Texas too lately! My son sends frequent weather reports- a couple days ago the windchill was 18. Brr!

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    1. I know that’s cold by TX standards but it’s still almost warm for us, LOL! I’ll never forget there was a wicked ice storm once when my husband was coming home from work travel when we lived in Austin. I think they got to Dallas & couldn’t get the connecting flight & started to drive home — had to stay overnight in Waco, which as you know is only about an hour away from Austin!


  3. The hills can do a number on the hamstrings! I do like when my phone shows me fun memories. We love to travel and we are looking forward to getting back to it this year.

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  4. My phone shows me random pics from “memories,” but they are very random… from different times of the year. There must be a rhyme or reason? I’ve been having self debates about getting outside for short walks on the really cold days. So far, I’ve maintained that outdoor streak, but a few days only get a quick lap around the block (1/2 mile). I’m ready for Summer!!!

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    1. I’ve been trying to figure out the photo algorithm but I really have no clue. I have so many photos yet it seems to show the same ones over & over!

      I don’t miss too many days outside but I definitely do miss some. Had an ice storm at my moms so my outside time will be working on the car so hopefully I can leave tomorrow!


  5. My running is off to a good start compared to last year. My Achilles is finally getting quiet! I always wear my Garmin so chances of forgetting it are slim unless it’s charging ….. My senior moments usually relate to losing my glasses – so cliche!

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  6. Running for me is off to a slow start – keeping the runs short with nothing on the horizon to train for, but hoping to change that soon!

    Yes, Savannah memories given the current weather could get old 😉 I would love to run there at some point but have not been able to get the stars to align.

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  7. Do you really have to warm up after you run outside? I’m always sweating, no matter how cold it is. Sure, parts of me are cold. If I was cold after a run, then I too would rather run inside!

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    1. It’s because I sweat that I have to warm up. After all, the purpose of sweating is to cool us done. Once I’m done running, as the sweat cools, I get very chilled. We’re all different. Trust me I can be chilled for hours afterwards!


  8. My running is not going well this well. Very minimal miles in these two months. I’ve heard so many great things about Savannah. I haven’t been there. I once had a race there and the logistics to get there were horrible along with the race logistics. I ended up not going after all.

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    1. I’m surprised it was so hard to get to Savannah from Chicago! Since we’re not a hub there aren’t a lot of direct flights to anywhere (except the hubs). We didn’t rent a car, either. It’s a very walkable city. I hope you get to run there someday!

      Hold on! Spring is coming!


      1. I couldn’t fly directly from Midway Airport and get to get a flight from OHare. And then there wasn’t a direct flight dither. The logistics to get to the race was also a nightmare. I like races where I can drive or take the train like I do here in Chicago.

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    1. Yeah, hot tub not happening. I bought an infrared patio heater for my husband for his 60th & we never ended up using it on the patio — last summer was SO rainy! Anyway I sit by it inside all Winter long so that’s a huge help. I swear I did NOT buy it for myself but at least it’s getting used.

      The Savannah race was in February. It was actually chilly (but not cold!) when we got there, but unfortunately it hot warm & humid for the race.


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