Peloton & Treadmills: Runfessions May 2022

I runfess . . .
I originally was thinking about another 5k in in May. Then it got suddenly hot (and the day the race was run would potentially have thunderstorms as a cold front was supposed to come through). Then COVID started surging again, and I decided it just wasn’t a race I wanted to run right now.

I runfess . . .
After a hiatus from treadmill running, I came back to it a few times when circumstances forced me to run in the middle of the day on hot days. I can definitely say I love having a functioning treadmill again!

I runfess . . .
As usual I take care of one niggle and another one pops up. My ankle seems fine for the present, and suddenly there’s an ache down my right leg. Sciatica? It’s not pain. It doesn’t hurt when I run, and it doesn’t hurt any more after I run. It does seem to hurt after sitting (piriformis?).

I thought for sure when I had to go to my mom’s before our vacation, with no stops for hiking/walking, it would be very painful. It wasn’t and now it seems to have resolved on its own (fingers crossed).

No running — as I often do on vacation, I traded running for hiking — not a bad deal, eh?

I runfess . . .
I made the decision not to run on our vacation. I do like a break a few times a year. The road my friends live off of is not great for running (no shoulder at all). I have a Peloton streak of almost half a year going, though, and I guess I better hop on that stationary bike soon to keep it from dying.

It’s the perfect mat hanger!

I runfess . . .
I have a Yoga mat hanging off of my treadmill. Wait, you don’t? I bought this as a birthday present to myself; it’s half foam, half rug, and I really like it. They sell a dowel to hang it from, but it was enough $$ as it was. Once I got it, rolled it out — and looked over at the treadmill, I realized that it was the perfect place to hang the mat (because I practice in that room in the mornings).

What do you do to stay active on vacation if you don’t run?

If you are enjoying a holiday weekend, do you have special plans? Since we just got back from vacation, we don’t have anything planned at all.

What do you have to runfess from May? Come join us


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16 thoughts on “Peloton & Treadmills: Runfessions May 2022

  1. Always run on vacation but sometimes have to drive to run. I like hiking but it takes more time and planning.

    No treadmill runs yet though I have a 12 week gym membership. You can beat the heat if you run early or late.

    I have a 10 mile race on Sunday… lots of weeding to be done at home and hopefully go on our boat.

    ME is pretty… can’t wait to go on our race-cation in Oct.

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  2. My weekend plans may involve a long bike ride with friends 😉 And, then I have all sorts of flowers to plant (that didn’t get done last weekend in the rain. Some of us usually meet up at the cemetery on Memorial Day for a silent run through the paths there, so that’s on the roster as well.

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  3. I love to hike on vacation and just stay active in general by walking if I can’t hike, swimming, biking, SUP.
    I’m sick (COVID) so no plans for me this long weekend! I’m fine, really, with barely any symptoms so yay for the vaccine!

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  4. I love to hike on vacation–we did a little of that when we were in Alabama. My hubs is not a fan, so like I said, a little bit, lol.

    We’re going to the lake this weekend–hitting the farmer’s market in Madison, hoping to get some skiing in and a run on the IAT–segment TBD!

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  5. We often go hiking on vacation — or biking. You could always do a stretch class for your Peloton dot. I bet some would target your piriformis, but it sounds like that is better already — yay!

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  6. I do get little niggles from time to time and stretching seems to help. Well, you know I love to stay active while traveling in any way that I can

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  7. Glad the niggle resolved itself! No big plans here but since Thing 1 will be in OR for her 21st birthday, we’ve been celebrating that and the festivities will continue!

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