What can change in a decade?


People have been talking so much about 2019 being the close of the decade (or 2020 being the start of a new one). Seems they can’t even agree on when a new decade starts.

So What can Change in a Decade?

A whole lot, it turns out!

RIP, boys

Saying Goodbye
There were many losses in the last 10 years: Mr. Judy’s father, my sister’s MIL, 3 furkids (Simba, Chester, Gizmo) –more, of course, but those hit closest to home.

Chester was my velcro dog, always wanting to be held by me or on my lap

My father had brain surgery, my mother had surgery, and we emptied out my childhood home (and I am still going through their stuff, or my mom is giving me stuff to throw out or donate) . . . then we moved my parents to a senior living community.

Hard to believe this photo is from 2017. So much has changed.

Now we’ve moved my Dad into a nursing home. It wasn’t what anyone wanted, but it was just the only option as my Mom could no longer cope with his worsening dementia even with a live in aide.

We welcomed a new furkid, too

In the midst of all those losses, we welcomed a new furkid, Bandit, a senior rescue. It got off to an extremely rocky start, and stayed that way for many months, but with time, love, training, and Nutricalm, Bandit found his forever home in our home — his third. Lola had also had multiple homes when we adopted her, but she was still a puppy. She needed a lot of training too, but at least she got along with humans and our other furkids.

The Big Move
We thought we’d retire in TX, we really did. Retiring in TX would also have meant Mr. Judy retiring from working. So we sold our home of 15 years, we packed up all our belongings (in one moving truck! — which included both our cars in addition to our furniture and stuff), and we made two plane trips to bring the boys (the cats) and the dogs to our new home in New York.

I became a Runner
I still kind of don’t know how it happened, but happen it did. Apparently I had started to experiment a bit with running when we lived in TX, but it wasn’t until I moved to NY that I became a Runner.

But I was never going to be a Racer. Oh no, not me. Not this turtle.

Not sure what this night would bring to me

I became a Racer
Then I ran my first 5k. It didn’t change my life. I ran another 5k, though. I decided a half marathon for my 50th birthday sounded like a good goal; I ran longer and longer races. Then I ran my first half marathon . . . and I was hooked. The dream of running a half marathon in every state was born. I am still far, far away from that goal, but it’s still a goal that motivates me. 

Happy I was already signed up for another in six weeks

I’ve also gone on to race more 5ks, 4 milers, 5 milers, 10ks, 15ks, and an 18 mile race.

Mud & Chocolate Half. Yup, I earned my chocolate with plenty of mud!

I became an occasional Trail Runner/Racer
2017. It feels so long ago. The year of 4 half PRs, including my first trail race (yes, chocolate was involved — as was my shoe coming apart in the last mile or so), my slowest half ever but hey, an automatic PR. Yup, my first trail race was a half marathon — go big or go home, right? 

Running trails with friends on a beautiful night

Since then I’ve done a couple of trail 5ks and one trail 10k. My running buddies were not interested in trails when I was training for my half, but last summer they finally decided trail running was cool, so I had some company on the trails for a change.

I haven’t ruled out a future trail half, but so far I mostly stick to road races.

Local friends do Wineglass

Racing with the Girls
Somehow most of those half marathons (but not all) have involved running friends, bloggers and non bloggers, local and not local. Even when it wasn’t a girls’ trip, somehow almost all our vacations became racecations.

HoHoRuns invited us to her home away from home in FL

Bloggers do UT

UT had me falling in love with hiking again

I remembered how much I love hiking
The racecation to UT reminded me that I really love to hike. Moderate day hikes (like not even all day). I’m always looking for hiking wherever we vacation now — and closer to home, too.

I lost the weight
It was the reason I started to run in the first place, to try to get those last 10 pounds off. At first it didn’t help. Eventually, though, after years of plateauing about 10 pounds above my very reasonable goal weight, I lost those 10 lbs. I’ve kept them off, too. At the moment I maintain my weight without even tracking my food, which is something I never thought would happen.

I used good old Weight Watchers. Going to meetings every week. I’ve been a Lifetime member roughly 30 years Although not attending meetings all that time, definitely often not at my goal weight all that time.

I’ve been maintaining that goal weight for about 6 years now. This last time I realized it wasn’t just about what I eat, but what was eating me. I think that’s the difference from all the other times I gained and lost 40 pounds (and yes, there were multiple times in my life that happened).

I became a Yoga Teacher
Like so many things in my life, I couldn’t tell you exactly when I started practicing Yoga, but I can tell you I’ve been practicing it a long time. I wanted to take my Yoga Teacher Training for a long time, at first I thought for my own knowledge; YTT is expensive!

Finally I decided to invest in me. I committed to YTT, and I knew that I wanted to teach. We did a specialty Yin Yoga module, and I knew that was what I wanted to teach. I also always knew that I wanted to make my practices meaningful, with mantras, inspiring quotes, meditations.

I started a Youtube Channel
Just squeaked in with that one! I believe that Yoga is so beneficial to everybody, and Youtube is a great way to make it accessible to everybody. I wasn’t going to start it this year, but I had things I wanted to share, so I sucked it up and I got it done.

I started this blog
It’s not my first blog. In fact, I’ve been a WordPress user for a very long time. My first blog was in about 2000, although I’m pretty sure that that one at least started with me just coding in HTML. I’ve had previous blogs about my cats, about graphic design, and a really short lived one about cookbooks.

This blog is the first personal blog I’ve had that really found its audience. My previous professional blog about graphic design did quite well, and I managed a large, thriving community of designers and those interested in design.

A decade can definitely change you!
Thank you for walking (or running) down memory lane with me — if you got to the end, you deserve a prize and I thank you for reading!

I can honestly say that I am a different person than I was ten years ago. Some people like to do the same things, year in and year out. Go to the same places for vacations. Live in the same city you were born in. There’s comfort in that, but despite the fact that change can be stressful, I like to change things up.

Jobs, where I live, hobbies, activities, where I travel to — even where I run! I haven’t really worked at one job more than about 10 years, although my stint at About.com (RIP) was a bit more than 10 years, but not by much

Change is the only thing certain in life. Well, death and taxes, I suppose, but aren’t they just changes after all?

What do you thinkwill change for you in the 20s?

What do you wantto change for you in the 20s?


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36 thoughts on “What can change in a decade?

  1. Hi Judy – that is a very interesting summary of your last 10 years. Isn’t it fascinating where life takes us? Running, racing, Yoga, youtube, a fitness blog, weight loss without tracking… all these things you would never have thought of 10 years ago.
    It’s nice to see that despite some painful changes, you managed to keep a joyful and happy spirit.
    A change I would like to make in 2020 is to invest more time and effort in relationships and to be extra-kind to strangers. My husband is so good at that and I need to learn from him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Running was a big one. If you’d told me even 15 years ago that I’d be racing half marathons, I would’ve laughed in your face! I HATED running!

      Yup, lots of bad things, but lots of good things too — too many to cover!

      Your goals for 2020 are awesome!

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  2. Change is good. But not always.

    I don’t see much change in my life I’d like to be married working running Playing tennis & mah jongg traveling Blogging and living in the same house. And Everyone I know being alive and healthy (except my MIL who is 95.)

    Besides my job, life has been status quo. And if those things continue for 10 more years, life is good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I definitely expect big changes in the 20s, too. Good & bad. I will lose my parents, my dad is not going to live to 100+ (nor my mom, I think).

      We will leave NY at some point. It was always a temporary stay, even though it’s almost 11 years later.

      I expect to continue to run halfs in more states, hopefully teach Yoga more — and there are other things I’d like to explore with time & $$, so we’ll see.


  3. It’s been quite a decade for you! I agree with you about changing things up….not necessarily on a daily basis, but definitely from time to time. Change is good and I think it keeps us learning and growing, and I would also argue it keeps us young 🙂 Happy 2020!!

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  4. Lots of change indeed. This was a fun and sometimes bittersweet walk down memory lane. Dealing with aging parents is tough. We will become empty nesters in the 20s, but also I’m pretty sure we’ll have issues with our parents that we’ll need to contend with. Now where can I go checkout your yoga channel? Congrats on starting it! That is a huge step! Happy New Year Judy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy New Year Marcia! Change is inevitable when you have kids.

      There is a considerable age difference between me & my parents, obviously. They were the babies in their families by a lot, & I’m the baby of my family by a fair amount, too. Not everyone struggles so much with aging. I definitely hope my friends don’t have to go through what Mr. Judy & I have, but alas one of my running friends is.

      You do the best you can & I’m grateful I have siblings.


  5. Oh , I am in the same things year in and year out camp, although I don’t mind an adventure. Love going to the same beach spot because it’s easy. Same employer since 1992 except 2 years clerking for a judge. Same husband/boyfriend for 36 years. …. But I’ve changed a lot despite those anchors!

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  6. Thanks for sharing this with us Judy. Wait, I thought you always lived in NY. How did I miss that you moved from TX to NY? I think one of these days I will sit down and “see” what things changes this decade. Fo sure a lot too.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. It’s amazing to look back 10 years and realize how much has changed! Mostly my boys. We weathered the teen years and survived. It was rough. I ran close to 30 half marathons and 4 marathons. Started the blog. Started working as a nurse practitioner. Was diagnosed with RA. Still running. Still working. Letting go of the boys, now men. Finally realizing that my parents are hitting that point where we have to worry about them….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You have definitely been through a lot this decade Wendy, & I so admire your fighting spirit. You’re an inspiration!

      I hope your parents age well. Obviously there’s a significant age difference between me & my parents, which is why I’m going through this now (although it can happen at any time).

      Love them (boys & parents) & just remember we’re all only here a short time, ultimately.


  8. Thank you Judy for sharing this post – I’ve been reading your posts for a while, but this decade summary allowed me to get to know you even more – what a ride you’ve had but what I love most of all is your ability to adapt to all the changes, to take it all in your stride. That’s not always easy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve been kind of surprised by the response! Believe me, like everyone, I have my moments of anger, frustration, tears, and sadness. Ultimately, though, I believe that we can always choose happiness.


  9. I am a big fan of you and your blog and I’m so happy to have found out over this past decade, though we still need to find an oppportunity to meet in person! I haven’t done a whole lot of reflecting on the past decade, but I know for sure that I have changed a LOT in 10 years! Now in 2020, becoming a mother, I know that will be a huge change for me and I’m looking forward to the challenge. I’m hoping for more growth in my career and when it comes to running, I’d love to do more trails and even an ultra one day! I hope you have a Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thanks, Janelle. You’ve definitely had many changes this decade & you’re going through one of your biggest. Priorities will shift. But you’ll also get so much love & reward (and a whole lot less sleep!).

      Hope you had a great New Years!


  10. Wow! Those are so many changes! Change and growth are so important, but it’s so difficult when there are hard times with which to deal. I am thinking of you in the year ahead and hope for the best with your parents. ❤

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  11. Thank you for sharing your walk down memory lane – I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! You’ve certainly seen a lot of changes over the past ten years and made me reflect back over mine. Our two sons graduated from college, one went on to get his MBA, we gained a daughter-in-law, gained a very special girlfriend to our other son, gained a granddog, lost my father, I started my blog and “met” many new blogging friends (you included), said goodbye to being able to run the marathon distance, surprisingly fell in love with 5K’s, battled through a few back injuries, started biking, and many other things that I’m sure I missed… Overall life is good and it is what you make of it. I feel very blessed!

    BTW, your two cats were gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You have certainly been through many changes as well! I agree that life is what you make of it.

      Thank you; the boys were very handsome. Brothers, yet totally different in personality. Even our pet sitters had trouble telling them apart, which I never understood — just the size difference between them was a giveaway!

      Liked by 1 person

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