The things bugging me: Runfessions July 2020


The main theme of my runfessions for July is the bugs, heat, and humidity. Ants don’t bother me on the run, but they do sometimes bother me on my Yoga mat (outside). Summer puts a lot more meaning into the phrase “what’s bugging you”, right?

shallow focus of gray and green insect
They’re so tiny. Yet so annoying. | Photo by Pixabay on

I runfess . . .
Nasal breathing does not protect you from the bugs. You’re not going to eat any bugs, but bugs will go for any orifice they can squeeze into. Yup, I’ve had bugs trying to fly up my nose! I’m not sure which is worse: having an insect fly into your mouth or your nose.

I runfess . . .
I thought I had had some major chafing underneath one of those pockets on one run. Nope, that’s where my frozen water bottle was and it was just red from the cold, LOL!

I runfess . . .
Even running just 3 x week it seems to be hard to get all my runs in. I guess if I didn’t care about rain, or humidity, or too much sun . . . just call me a picky runner.

I runfess . . .
I wasn’t super worried about Garmin going down. Of course then I read about how it’s also used in the aviation industry. Then I worried about my data being stolen, but heck, that’s just par for the course these days it seems. I do think the error message on the Garminconnect app shouldn’t have say “we’re down for maintenance, check back shortly” after 3 days . . . (or a week later — I’m still getting it sometimes).

So over early morning runs that leave me looking like my top!

I runfess . . .
I had made a pact with myself to get in my runs outside — pretty much no matter what. Until that last week in July, when I felt run down — not that I ran inside; I just thought why are you torturing yourself with more early, hot, steamy runs when you feel so run down?

So I didn’t. I realized that I did want to break up with running — just briefly (I wrote about not wanting to break up with running here). I still had to get up and out early to walk the dogs, but that is far less involved than getting up and out early to run.

Sometimes you need to break up with something to appreciate it again. No worries, I’ll be back out there again, sweating and slogging with everyone.

How do you enjoy your runs with the gnats buzzing around your head? 

Do you get out early to embrace the heat, or just endure it?

What are you looking forward to in August?

What do you have to runfess from July? Come join us


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39 thoughts on “The things bugging me: Runfessions July 2020

  1. For some reason, I have had ZERO issue with gnats this summer (I’m probably jinxing my self with writing that). Even on the bike, coasting down the steep hills (and going fast), I haven’t had anything flying inside where they don’t belong…yet. The Garmin crisis was an interesting thing to witness as an “outsider.” I use my Garmin more for tracking my mileage than anything, and have never downloaded/uploaded/synced the stats anywhere because I’m so old school.

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  2. “Sometimes you need to break up with something to appreciate it again” – so true, Judy!

    Running should, after all, be fun! If it’s becoming torture in the heat and humidtity then it’s a good idea to take a break. Running will always be there when we’re ready.
    That’s what I tell myself when I’m injured, too.

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    1. For me the break was much needed! Although my return to running yesterday wasn’t really fun either. I just don’t like running in the heat, never will, and getting up so early (well, getting out the door, getting up early isn’t that much of a problem for me) wears me down.

      I hope that your feeling better, too, Catrina!

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  3. I runfess I’ve been running a quick mile on the mill as a warmup before strength training and it felt oh so cool and wonderful compared to the steamy outdoors! We have caterpillars around here that are sort of fuzzy and colorful but are poisonous to the touch. No thanks!

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    1. I definitely think I’m going to be turning to the mill more in August.

      Wow, poisonous caterpillars? That would totally freak me out! I got freaked out by gypsy moth caterpillars when I was a kid — you could literally hear them eating the leaves when you stood under trees & it was so gross!


  4. As Kim said I have had no problem with gnats.

    It’s been hot but every morning I sit at my table and linger over coffee instead of running. Ugh. Noon running is tough. But I do it. And it’s done.

    I always feel better after a run even a slow sweaty one.

    I love summer so definitely not looking forward to August. That means the end in my mind.

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    1. Apparently you’re not the bug magnet you think you are, because I’ve definitely been struggling with them in July.

      I like summer but I have enjoyed heat & humidity & it definitely zaps my energy.

      You should still look forward to August, because it’s still Summer. Enjoy it while you’ve got it! The future gets here soon enough.


  5. You’re so good for making a pact with yourself to get your runs done outside. I kept all my workouts indoors this week because I just didn’t feel like suffering through the humidity.

    One of the reasons I don’t like summer is because of all the bugs, lol.

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    1. I think it was much more stubborn keeping my runs outdoors. Or maybe the influence of SM. I’ll still run outdoors in August — but I’m thinking less. I’d rather not have to take a break just because I’m worn down by the heat!


  6. I am not feeling as many bugs this year. Sometimes one comes flying at me at 20 mph on my bike though! I don’t want to break up with running either but every July I am not usually enjoying it. Counting the days until fall!

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  7. The bugs have been tough here lately too :(. I do agree that breaks from things sometimes allow you to refresh and get back to it later with even more enjoyment 🙂


  8. The bugs have been annoying on a few of my runs, but not all of them. I get out as early as I can to avoid the heat. When I run alone I am out no later than 5am, but when I take my son in the stroller its more like 7am. Even at those early times I feel like I can’t beat the heat these days!

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    1. About the earliest I manage to get out is 6:30 am. That’s usually when I’m out. For a long run I really do need to eat something & have some time to digest. Short runs . . . well, I’m up early but somehow don’t get out as early as I should!


  9. I really only have one place where I sometimes run where gnats are a problem. There’s a water runoff site and always a swarm of gnats on the path beside it. I just swat them away, knowing it’s only in that little area. Here in NC, you pick your poison during the summer. Either you run early in the morning with near 100% humidity and slightly cooler temps or you run in the evening when the humidity is a bit lower but it’s insanely hot. Lately I’ve been running in the morning because my job has been flexible enough for that to happen but under non-COVID times I run after work. They both suck, though.

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    1. I’m surprised it’s not buggier down there! TX was awful; I could barely go outside in the summer.

      Evening running is definitely not my jam, although I have done it. Been a long time. I am a morning person so it’s definitely easier for me to get out earlier, but after a while it just makes me tired!

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  10. I think I might despise gnats more than any other bugs. I haven’t had a lot of problems this year – hope I’m not jinxing myself. LOL

    I’m looking forward to a trip to the beach in August! Hopefully, it will happen. Last year’s two-week trip in September got interrupted by a major hurricane. You just never know what storms will be rolling thought in late summer/fall.

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    1. That’s one reason even if we retire to a state that borders the ocean, we won’t live that close to the ocean. Let’s just say I don’t think evacuations with my husband would be pleasant. 🙂

      I don’t know what it is about gnats, but they really get to me! The were out in force for me again yesterday. 😦


  11. I’m working outside in a triage tent and have gone home a few times with mosquito bites. I think our portable air conditioner is attracting them.
    I haven’t seen any gnats yet but they really bug me! I’ve ridden through swarms of them. It’s so gross.

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    1. Mosquitoes are SO much worse than gnats! At least gnats don’t bite & you’re not itchy for days afterwards.

      I just wanted to say thank you for all you do. I really don’t know how you do it, but it’s appreciated.


      1. Awww, thank you Judy. People were so nice in the beginning, then they started being mean but they are back to being nice. I love it when people say nice things. Stay healthy!

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  12. How do you enjoy your runs with the gnats buzzing around your head? I hate them! They bite me so much that stretches after a run is torture. Just this week I got a wasp bite on my mouth & tongue.

    Do you get out early to embrace the heat, or just endure it? Endure it since I work so I typically run after.

    What are you looking forward to in August? My 28 year anniversary with my husband.

    What do you have to runfess from July? I am so over the COVID – 19 situation.

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  13. It hasn’t been the gnats that have been bothering me this summer, it’s those damn flies! I finally found some spray that helps. Haven’t tried it out on the IAT yet, tho.

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    1. Thankfully we don’t have biting flies were I live. I thought it was because I was doing trail runs, but yesterday’s run was buggy too. 😦 I’m definitely going to embrace the mill more in August. We all have to do what works for us, right?


  14. I get out early to get my run in before work and to try to beat the heat. I’m surprised I actually got used to our gross weather this month. Otherwise I have to limit my time outside because mosquitoes eat me up!

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  15. I do go out super early. I don’t beat the heat but I do beat the sun. That counts for something.

    Florida is home to all the bugs. Ill have to take a picture of my legs one days after a run. I look like flypaper from the gnats and noseeums.

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  16. Runrise, runrise, runrise. Of course I’m completely spoled/selfish in that I don’t have a human or dogs to worry about to run if & when I want, but quarantime has also taught me I an a solo creature. The gnats haven’t been as bad here as past summers, but the mosquitos are hangry!

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    1. You are one of the least selfish people I know! Even though we do have to get out with the dogs early, we’re still not catching the sunrise. Yet.

      With my other half home, though, it’s much easier for me to get out earlier to runs most days (even if he grumbles about it).

      Weird, gnats have been normal. Mosquitoes not too bad, although oddly one morning I woke up with two bites on a leg — before the hurricane!

      Seriously, how did they manage to buzz in underneath the blanket (especially with 2 dogs there)????


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