Will Shop for Chocolate: Runfessions November 2021


We are fast approaching December, so some shoppingfessions have crept into this runfession post. Mostly revolving around food & drink, but I could certainly share about all the clothes I have bought recently. All the sales in November and December always seem to get me. 

I shoppingfess . . .
I went to the grocery store one morning because I was out of my favorite chocolate. Do I have other chocolate? Of course! The  heart wants what the heart wants, right? It wasn’t the only thing on my list, but I probably would have put off the trip until another day if I’d still had my chocolate.

I really need to go back & get a few more boxes so I don’t need to ration again this year!

I shoppingfess . . .
I have become a hoarder. Of my favorite decaf green tea from Trader Joes. I was haunting the store for weeks waiting for it to make its appearance. Then I snapped up nine boxes. I’m hoping they still have some left so I can make it an even twelve (you know, twelve months).

I runfess . . .
Between helping my mom and the hiking the last few months, I haven’t been hitting those four runs a week. There will be more time in Winter, when I’m not hiking — assuming we get that new treadmill.

gwy yin pre run warmup
Working on hamstrings & hip flexors

I runfess . . .
I had some great runs last week. I also did way more Yoga than normal because I was trying to take advantage of Mr. Judy being out of town and filmed a lot of Yoga videos.

gwy digestion2
More leg strengthening

I even got to film early in the morning, when there’s almost no chance of the phone ringing (which had happened on a few other videos recently).

I runfess . . .
I have had to pull out my short sleeve Wonder Wool running top from the dirty clothes at least once. It may seem like I have lots of running clothes — and I do! — but there are some things I only have a few of. Good thing that wool really does wick away sweat, dry quickly, and usually not get smelly the way regular running clothes do.

Do you ever wear the same running top more than once? Not me usually, but with wool, I runfess occasionally

What one thing would get you to the grocery store if you ran out of it?

What do you have to runfess from November? Come join us


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25 thoughts on “Will Shop for Chocolate: Runfessions November 2021

  1. Working from home and on a declutter kick I do not get tempted by any of the sales on clothes.

    Races. Yes.

    I just gave away or threw away most of my tea. Lots of $$ wasted.

    If I ran out of coffee or oatmeal, I’d hit the store. That’s about it.

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      1. My air fryer is also my toaster oven and has almost taken over for my regular oven. We love it. The InstantPot is used all the time. So handy. And it’s no longer on the counter, except when in use, LOL!


      2. Don’t have a toaster oven either or crock pot or a ninja. Just the basics. Now that I have new counters. I only allow the coffee pot on it. Lol.


  2. So, what chocolate is worth a trip to the store for? The one thing I will go mid-week for is Half and Half!

    I runfess I will re-wear running outfits, in the winter, after short runs. Some combos are just perfect for the weather conditions ….

    Have you ordered a treadmill?

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    1. Someone is looking for a deal. The one I want is already a goo deal but . . .

      I like very dark chocolate. And one that I like comes in single pieces — I hate all the wrapping materials but I do like the portion control. I can get it online but have only found it at one store locally. Apparently I’m not the only one that likes it since it got wiped out. But they finally restocked & I scored. 😊


  3. Hmm… peanut butter comes to mind. So you drink candy cane green tea year round? It actually does sound intriguing… maybe I’ll see if I can get some (assuming they have any left after the hoarders have been there!)

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  4. People do seem to have their fave TJ items! Glad you found yours. I never wear my running clothes more than once. I sweat too much even in the winter time.Once I find a shirt or bra that I like, I tend to buy it in multiple colors. Hope you had a great thanksgiving

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  5. I use the chai latte’ Kcups (the store brand), but my local store doesn’t always have them in stock through the winter (which makes ZERO sense to me). So, I have to stockpile them or hit up another store (there’s one about 20 miles away). The Walmart “brand name” ones are alright, but just not the same recipe, and the readily available Keurig brand cups have a weird taste (which may be why those are ALWAYS in plentiful supply). A first world problem, but still an annoyance when the chai cups run out. Just this morning, I runfess I wore the same base layer for my run (it was 11F, so the sweating wasn’t too heavy for a short 2-miler).

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  6. I’ve actually been looking for a good decaf green tea and haven’t tried that one from Trader Joe’s. I’m heading there soon anyway so I’ll have to pick some up. I have to always keep almond milk on hand or my teenage daughter will go into a frenzy if we run out.

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    1. Well, I like it. I hate to recommend stuff like that because it’s such an individual thing.

      I make my own nut milk. But I runfess I do cashew milk because it’s easier than almond milk. No straining.


  7. I hoard TJs vanilla pea protein powder. They have it…and then they don’t. It’s so annoying. I’m completely out now. I do have a backup protein powder that’s almost as good.

    I just picked up my son’s inhaler at Walgreens and stocked up on my favorite Hershey’s nuggets. They were buy one get one half off…


  8. I loaded up o Starbucks Winter blend when Costco had it. It’ll last me all winter. Haha! Typically I won’t rewear stuff I’ve run (and really sweated) in but clothing from lighter workouts might get an encore.

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