Trying to Warm Up: Runfessions March 2022

Alternate Title: Running without a Bra

I runfess . . .
If you do Peloton cycling, have you ever noticed the ratio of cool down rides to warm up rides? At least 3 to 1, if not more. Why aren’t there more warm up rides? I’m using them to warm up for my runs but hey, both warming up and cooling down is important!

The protein bar in the pocket trick works here

I runfess . . .
I often stick a protein bar on the chest inside pocket of my jacket when I’m hiking at Olana. Otherwise you could break a tooth on that bar that’s been sitting in a cold car. So I decided to try sticking one in a side pocket while running one day. Unfortunately that didn’t do as good a job of warming it up. 

I never did take a photo of the thermos in the car, but you get the “picture”. Hopefully I won’t need a warm beverage after runs too much longer!

I runfess . . .
I have taken to bringing tea with me in a thermos when I run somewhere else on a cold day. It’s really nice to sip some warm tea immediately after a cold run. I don’t know why it took me so long to think of this.

I runfess . . .
When I’ve run into my running friends at the park, we both have to stop and pause our Garmins. Runners get it, right?

Grateful I can get away with a not so supportive bra. There can be benefits to being small on top!

I runfess . . .
I packed everything I needed to run in DE, even a couple of different outfits, because weather can be so changeable. Or so I thought. I got there and even though I could swear I had packed it, there was no running bra. Not running in the nice weather was just not an option.

Option A: no bra
Option B: slather on anti chafe stuff (which I had) and use one of the low impact bras I had brought

Obviously you can tell I’m not well endowed since I even considered Option A, but in the end, I chose Option B. I am happy to report it worked just fine with no chafing!

Do you have trouble finding a warm up ride on Peloton?

Or do you just never warm up for a Peloton ride?

What do you have to runfess from March? Come join us


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19 thoughts on “Trying to Warm Up: Runfessions March 2022

  1. I sweat more on my stationary bike than a run sometimes. I don’t think I’ve ever done warm up or cool down rides though.

    I think I would have gone to target and Walmart to buy a bra. I don’t need support but a sports bra is more comfortable.

    I would not pause my Garmin. Lol. We often stop and chat during our runs and laugh because the pace is never accurate because my friends don’t stop their watches. Of course I refuse to wear one unless I race.

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    1. The bra I wore was technically a sports bra — but not for high impact activities. It was fine; I was perfectly comfy & no chafing for the win. Apparently I need more than 48 hours to pack properly, although I’ve also proven I can forget stuff with more time. 🙂


      1. Fortunately my trips are planned way in advance and so I have a laundry basket on a bed in my spare room & throw things in sometimes a month in advance… but yes I could still forget things… that’s why there are stores lol

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  2. I do my own warm up ride or dynamic warmup off the bike before I ride. I used to carry dried apricots on winter runs and boy oh boy would those suckers freeze solid. The inner pocket is a necessity!

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  3. I am religious about warming up for strength and cycle classes. If I have already done a number of strength classes, I may jump right onto the bike. Otherwise, there is always a warmup class. Sometimes I use a strength for runners class as a warmup. I would never run without a bra!

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  4. I PeloFess I don’t think I’ve ever done a warm-up ride, but I have done only a few cool-down rides. I sometimes use them to flush-out the legs while I scroll social media (or crop/edit) pics. My favorite tanks have built-in bras, and are pretty compress-fitted, so I’d probably be alright if I skipped the “extra” sport bra…but I have never taken that chance for running ((yet)).

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  5. I forgot my sports bra on a trip once and I ended up running with my regular everyday bra. Actually, I was surprised how well that worked. But I am very small-chested – I am sure it wouldn’t work for everyone.
    Of course I stop my Garmin, Judy! Heaven forbid I record a wrong pace on Strava!! 🙂

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  6. I like your alternate title for this post! I also don’t have a huge need for a super supportive bra, so I’m sure I could get away with what you did. Or possibly no bra at all… but I’ve never tried that. Pretty sure it would be okay but it would feel REALLY weird.
    I never do the Peloton warm ups or cool downs. I do my own run warm up, and then just walk a little to cool down.

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  7. There are more cool down runs than warm ups too, but I don’t always do a formal warm up. I haven’t run in a regular bra, but am lucky that I can go to Duane Reade and buy a cheap sports bra
    Inside pocket also works to keep phone warm ebough to power on

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  8. I’ve taken a few warm up rides, but most classes start with a few minutes of warning up. Plus, I’ve walked Scooby first.

    I think it’s easier to lure people into a cool down ride — bike users get a pop up of suggested classes to do next. OTOH I noticed the German classes have all the 10 min post-ride classes — the English ones are 5 min.

    I couldn’t do a run without a bra!

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